[NEW MUSIC] BILLBOARD G – “T.I.Me” | @billboard_g

East Coast Lyricist, Billboard G’s Sophomore Album “T.I.Me” is setting streams afire

Billboard G born Amir Rashon Williams on February 5, 1989, in Newark, NJ has made a name for himself in the underground hip-hop scene. Before the release of his sophomore album “T.I.ME” (this is me), Billboard has been able to share stages with some of the world’s biggest artists such as A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, PNB Rock, Ja Rule, Fetty Wap, and plenty more. Additionally, He made it on primetime television with an appearance on “The Steve TV Show.”

Billboard G

Being a full-time father, artist, and business owner is no small task for someone who manages and publicizes his music career. His influences are Jay Z, Eminem, Drake, Lil Wayne, and DMX- just to name a few. The album “Billboard Bound” is the freshman release that did 25k streams on all platforms combined.

Even with the drive and dedication and two-year absence after the “Billboard Bound” release, BBG manages to build his fanbase, perform on 30 plus shows in 2019 and work with TikTok influencers to promote his sophomore release. Additionally, the release amasses 100,000 plus streams on all streaming platforms, talk about sticking to your guns. The next and last major lyricist is right here- in front of your ears- now go out there and look up, the incomparable BILLBOARD G!















[New Music] Lil Sicc Tex2Cali (feat. Justice Damien)

Texas native Lil Sicc is back with another classic for the West. Dropping hit after hit with no effort, Lil Sicc creates an instant buzz with his new single “Tex2Cali”. The track features Justin Damien and some pound for pound bars that shows Lil Sicc is here to stay.

Justin Damien a prodigy of Club Sicc’s also from Texas leaving a mark across the West Coast Alongside the “Texas Boy’s” of Club Sicc’s.

With a Boss Mentor’s work ethic such as Lil Sicc the Whole team is warming up, so get ready for back to back mad heat! The vibe from this new release screams “Y’all thought I was finished”. Tex2Cali is a forsure personal playlist placement in our books.

Watch on YouTube https://youtu.be/J91YfGqNfFs




Click below to listen to Tex2Cali 


 Written by Mia @app0_o @ratalentent | @juelsofrome – jorpr.com

Introducing Atlanta Label Owner, PaidJake

Jarvis Welch – Bio

Driven by his passion to help music grow in his community, Jarvis Welch, better known as PaidJake, decided to pursue his career in the music industry. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, his professional journey started in 2015 when he began representing gifted artists across the country.

Growing up, PaidJake was inspired by legends such as Escape the Fate, Lil Baby, and Blink 182. Their ability to produce brilliant music and stir emotions fascinated and encouraged him to learn more about the music industry. His focus on the intricacies of music production was developed by watching experts such as Ike Turner and Jay Prince.

Atlanta City Records

PaidJake’s desire to create unique, bold, and uncompromising records, combined with his entrepreneurial spirit, inspired him to create Atlanta City Records in 2018. Through his company, he hopes to collaborate with like-minded artists while supporting their vision with his expertise and knowledge.

Offering record label and music industry services, Atlanta City Records aims to align artists with a purpose whileencouraging their professional development. Through this platform, PaidJake hopes to enhance music knowledge in his community by creating opportunities for young artists to learn and grow.


Atlanta City Records strives to provide opportunities to young and creative artists who are looking for a platform to celebrate their craft and polish their skills. The label enjoys working with talented and creative individuals from around the globeand helping them achieve their dreams. Currently, Atlanta City Records is working with Flame Gotti, Yung Frost, and Asia Marie, three young artists, brimmed with the passion to create awe-inspiring music.

Future Aspirations

Throughout his career, PaidJake has encouraged artists to take creative risks and reach for greatness in their work. While hehas made a name in the music industry owing to his successful record label and outstanding management style, he hopes to establish and run two production companies in the future.

Stay Connected

Instagram https://instagram.com/paid.jake_?igshid=g7z9bfnftz9r

Website- Www.PaidJake.com

Write Up – http://voyageatl.com/interview/meet-jarvis-welch-atlanta-city-records-direct-management-south/

Atlanta City Records Instagram https://instagram.com/atlanta.crecords_?igshid=tp6988ccuvzd

Website- atlantacityrecords.com

Artists on the Label **Flame Gotti – Instagram https://instagram.com/worldwidegotti?igshid=ezf5zaauyjhc

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/track/4CbTvdE8LLJenIaLGsoKS2?si=1xM1cuvCSNq4BEXkSv2PAQ

**AsiaMarie – Instagram https://instagram.com/asia.marie___?igshid=16ncmlzvlw2i4

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/track/206fGh9Sdm2pbdhDh2UF4V?si=wXp1CM7sQ2eYX90ChedmRQ

**YungFrost- Instagram https://instagram.com/iamyungfrost?igshid=11cyvn4d18y1k

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/track/1j5fHvgUNZFTQrr9aLUpnd?si=Ui7kQYGERNeXr1bb50iMKw

[New Music] Gramzunkut – Siamese | @Gramzunkut

GTzEnterPrize presents:

Bronx, NY artist Gramzunkut releases his new single ‘Siamese‘ prod by 24k

Available now


Stay Connected

Twitter @Gramzunkut

Instagram @Gramzunkut

At face value, Gramzunkut may seem like a simple drug reference…but only to the simple minded. For the “five borough thorough Don” Gabriel Baez (Gramzunkut), the message embedded in his chosen moniker reflects what the artist and man, Gramzunkut, has consistently contributed to hip hop over the last three decades: truth. Truth is potent. Truth is raw. Truth is shocking, and it is not something for which people are always ready.

Gramzunkut’s hard and uncompromising lyrics demonstrate the reality of surviving New York City’s violent street life, grinding and criss-crossing the country to carve out a name in the promotional world of the fiercely competitive 90s hip hop scene, and navigating the sheeps, the wolves and those disguised as either to transition from a label artist to an artist owning a label. Such tracks as “Lyrical Therapy” and “Lackin” that embody the desperation, sleepless nights, and unsettled celebration experienced on the long road to making it as a hip hop artist…in real life. The lyrics, like the narrative, are real, raw and uncut, and right now, it is time for what is real.

Major stations, such as Hot 97 and Power 105.1, in NYC showcase Gramzunkut’s music, because the raw truth is what people demand in this day and age. People are ready now for the truth, and they want it unfiltered and raw. People want Gramzunkut.

[NEW EP] Philly Blocks – “Mr. 17th” | @PHILLYBLOCKS

Midwest Hip-Hop Artist, Philly Blocks drops his latest project “Mr. 17th” on major stream platforms

Philly Blocks is a name that is slowly emerging from out of nowhere. To the masses, he may still be on the rise, but to his emerging fanbase, he’s a superstar. Louisville, Ky native, “Philly Blocks” is here with his highly anticipated EP “Mr. 17th.” PB teams up with DJ Murph and Ben Staxx to present the 6 track project on the Spinrilla and Spotify platforms. 


“I’ve always had an East Coast delivery and being heavily influenced by many East Coast rappers. I chose Philly as my surname. As for Blocks, it stems from a brief stint in the streets as a youth.” ~ Philly Blocks

Narrated by Dj Murph & Ben Staxx, Philly Blocks packs a punch with his E.P featuring the singles-” Clinton Era, and “C.E.O.” The Crown Prince of the Ville also teams up with fellow artist Cino Fresh for the new record “Movie.” 

So peep the new EP and connect with Philly on social media and digital music platforms everywhere.







KID FLEXX drops a couple of bombs with his release “What Do You See” Lyrical Hip Hop at its finest! Bars….on repeat! As Flexx expands his soundscape, he is gradually emerging as a promising artist. While making a mark in the regional hip-hop circuit, his creative accomplishments are sure to reach every corner of the world.

Follow him on YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to interact and listen to his dope work.



[New Video] Digga Famous FT StarLevel – Be With Me | @Digga_Famous

Digga Famous has not been slacking this year, though he’s been a bit more tactful and maintaining 2019’s momentum. The rapper was busy all year with the release of singles and videos. Even after the release of “don’t want beef”, he’s continued to apply pressure with singles back and forth. In the song, which features StarLevel is definitely a banger.

Earlier today, Digga Famous returned with his latest offering, “Be With Me” piano keys and the charge of afro hip hop, serve as the foundation to the track as Digga Famous deliver love finding bars. Music video accompanied the song’s released by @DiggaFamous @starleveltv

Digga Famous has been making lots of noise out of Texas, dropping off his “don’t want beef video” this year and gearing up into the release of his new mixtape. With a couple of songs out from the forthcoming X42, Digga Famous, along with his drip name “StarLevel has just come through with yet another banger to get us hyped. Dropping the video for his new single “Be With Me” today, Digga Famous, StarLevel up the momentum he started with his new song “Be With Me” As always, the rapper gets deep in his emotions to pull out this track. flowing smoothly over a chilling Afro hip hop beat. Follow StarLeveltv & @DiggaFamous on his new IG.

‘Be With Me’ FT StarLevel OFFICIAL VIDEO https://youtu.be/brfzHUD9MpA

Stay Connected Twitter: @Digga_Famous Instagram @Digga_famous backup @diggafamous @starleveltv

[NEW MUSIC] COACH PEAKE – “10 YEARS”|@peake864

“Coach Peake Announces New Album Coming in October”

South Carolina native, Coach Peake has just announced that he’s dropping a new album in October. Between promoting artists on his label UpFront Recordings, and taking a swing at acting on the big screen, Peake has put together 13 songs for his new album. The project is set to be titled “Value” and will contain features from South Carolina rappers: 63 Huncho and Rock$tar Ced. The production on this album will come from producers such as; DTM Life, Purls, Tory On The Beat, and a few others not mentioned. 

Coach Peake

A few weeks back, Coach Peake released the DTM produced track “10 Years” on AudioMack. The official lead single of the album hasn’t been announced- as of yet. Be sure to connect with Coach Peake to remain in tune with all of the details on his social media and digital music platforms.










Coach Peake