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Miah Fuego releases his latest single, “Fuego Bitch”

Miah Fuego, born as Jeremiah Gaskins is an American rapper and a member of the LGBTQ community. He is known for his punchlines, metaphors, colorful hooks, and sexually explicit lyrics. Before turning to a career in music, Fuego worked average jobs such as a McDonald’s cashier, a housekeeper, and a stripper on the side. At the age of 15, he left his parents’ house, then again at 17 to finish high school at Caroline High School, while living with friends.
Miah FuegoMiah Fuego begins as a singer, known as JDG but changes his name and his sound to cater to an adult audience. In 2016, he was discovered by D&R Management to assist with his career. During this time, the media outlets took an interest in his career. So, he interviews with radio stations such as; “Da Blacktop Radio”, “Lex in the City Radio”, and “The Daily Grind Radio.” In addition to that, he auditions for the Apollo and the Voice that year. During the peak, he won a modeling competition and.the crown for “YEA”.
The first song that helps Miah Fuego gain recognition is “Slow It Down.” The song was recorded prior to him coming out of the closet. Phenomenally, it charts in Europe on the ‘Euro Indie Music network. It becomes the most number one shared song on social media for a week then reaches the top 10 mark on the Reverbnation charts.
Miah Fuego’s biggest inspirations include very powerful rappers in music such as Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z, Big Sean, Tyga, Lil’ Kim, and many more. Miah Fuego stated his two most important goals in music are to “Open doors and bring gay rap into the light” and to “Be able to provide for my family and myself along with becoming a rap God and mogul.”
The song “Fuego Bitch” is available on all digital music platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Stay connect to Miah by way of Twitter and Instagram.

[NEW MUSIC] PRONTO VALID -“Alright” ft. JJ Fiction| @Valid_ThaRapper

Chicago Rapper, Pronto Valid teams up with J.J. Fiction on his latest single, “Alright”


Pronto Valid is a rapper and producer coming out of Chicago, IL. He started out with his music career officially with his 2018 EP, “Paradox.” Ever since then, Pronto has been working on new music and other forms of content such as vlogs and music videos. He is currently working on his album, “Beaches On Mars” set to release between late 2019-early 2020.






pronto valid



East Coast Hip Hop Artist, CPTime releases his latest EP, “Playground”


Cole Parkinson AKA CPTime is an Independent Hip Hop Artist from Pottstown, Pa. He specializes in motivation, creativity, and positive lyrics with a touch of aggression and passion to every track. From songs for specific sports teams and holiday tracks to the party music genre, this artist brings a new vibe to hip hop and rap.



CPTime’s latest compilation, “Playground” is filled with 14 tracks of self-testimonies and motivational messages. You can sense the passion for hip hop and the urge to inspire and motivate people in his music. ‘Playground’ is a hip-hop playlist that contains dope tracks and relatable content without the vulgarity and profanity. Check out tracks like “Rollin” and Count It Up” to get you started, but the entire EP is worth listening to.

“PLAYGROUND” is available on all digital platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and Google Play.

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AUDIO VIDEO: A.P.E.X. – Absolute (Prod. Retnik Beats)

Arkansas native, APEX is a 19-year-old rapper, who joined the Navy after becoming discouraged when rapping wasn’t paying. From a small town where rapping in the basement wasn’t a reality for this young artist, Apex creatively releases several tracks on Youtube

“Our house didn’t have a basement, so I just had to rap in my room.”

Be sure to subscribe to his channel and check out his unique sound on tracks like “Same Way” and “The Crystal Method”

[NEW MUSIC] READJ – Pap.Arazzi.Me | @Pap_Arazzi_Me

READJ –  Pap.Arazzi.Me 


Pap.Arazzi.Me is for GOD Alone

Pap.Arazzi.Me Ain’t no Hater 

Pap.Arazzi.Me is an Eagle 

Pap.Arazzi.Me can Dance out of any situation 

Pap.Arazzi.Me Ain’t got no shame 

Pap.Arazzi.Me Ain’t bulletproof, GOD is bulletproof 

Pap.Arazzi.Me Fears GOD Alone

[NEW MUSIC] Cephesto D.Grievous – “BNS: Straws On My Wrists” |@cephesto

Strange Eyes Black Wolf Cephesto has returned with his anticipated new Mixtape “BNS: Straws On My Wrists”. Featuring singles such as “Trap Harambe” and “Hoy Y Mañana” Cephesto’s latest project shows he’s continuing on the path to greatness. 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cephesto
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cephesto_/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cephesto/

[Video] Miala – Eden

Fresh off the release of her debut single “FNF”. Canis Majoris Entertainment in conjunction with Diamond Studded Records releases artist Miala 2nd single “Eden”. Miala is set for a breakout career she is a very talented artist.

Miala – Eden (Official Video) https://youtu.be/VXzrpJbCzf0

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