[Single] Pedti P – Life As I Kno It

Pedti P is a artist from Cori, a town outside of Pittsburgh where he grew up his whole life.

Growing up listening to projects such as “KIDS” by Mac Miller and “Kush and OJ” “Flight School” by Wiz Khalifa. Since then he was hooked on that lifestyle. He started rapping at parties/ friendly gatherings but when all the attention went to him that’s where he thrived. Pedti wasn’t a athlete, or a out going life of the room type of person but when a beat would come on, he was the only star in the room. Since 14, Pedti knew why he was put on Earth. Practicing and practicing his songwriting grew. At 19, he wrote a entire project, scrapped it and started it over. He did this 3 times before finally being set on and confident with “97’ Mixtape” dropping this May. In 2019,he started getting shows, performing the project in various locations around the country. Seeing that people are moved by the music. He dedicated his whole life to his music and he’s mentally ready to take on the entire industry by himself.

Stream on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/48kBqUyKGbiSLd5m81eIyg?highlight=spotify:track:7jnkkCOwkv37FdjyVaMOUT

Follow on IG @pedti_p

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