[Featured Artist] D Trump – The Artist behind the Name | @TharealDTrump


Born Donald Terrell Johnson, who would later be known as D. Trump, on January 4, 1985 in Birmingham, AL. In 2008, D. Trump (also nicknamed Trump for short) officially began his music career as a manager of independent artists across the state of Alabama. As a result, in 2009, D. Trump would later manage these artists under his own company, Open Gate Management, LLC. His love for music began to surface and in 2011; he stepped in the studio for the first time as an independent artist and not a manager. Without hesitation, Trump recorded his debut single, Dopeman Spokesman. During an interview conducted by Reverbnation about D.Trump, with a few music critics, this is what one reviewer had to say about his music:

“Usually people just throw together hip hop music and don’t take the time to carefully

place each lyric. Each lyric seems to be well thought out and well placed in the song. Big

props to this artist on making such a great track!” Reverbnation Reviewer

D. Trump takes pride in the lyrics of his songs and believes that all his music has substance. It is important for his fans to be able to connect with him on a personal level. Keeping them in the know on the latest happenings with D. Trump, projects that he’s currently working on and the like is essential to the great relationship he proudly has with his fans. Currently, he is working on his second solo mixtape entitled Alabama History; with plans to release in early 2015. Also, D. trump’s current single,Spill The Drank, is being heavily promoted, and he has just launched a national radio campaign for the single. The video for Spill The Drank released on Vevo in late October 2014. With the promotion of his current single, and the projection to have his second mixtape released in Early 2015, Trump also plans to go on tour in 2015. Well-known producers, B.Smith of Deceptaconz Productions, DJ Plugg, and Grammy Award winning producer Bolo, will also be on the mixtape. Alex Williams and Trump founded Bama Bread Entertainment, LLC in February 2010 in Birmingham, AL.

In 2011, shortly after creating their label, the Southern Entertainment Awards in Memphis, TN nominated them for Independent Record Label of the Year. At the SCM Awards in 2014, Bama Bread Entertainment,LLC was nominated for Record Label of the Year, and Trump was nominated for Slept on Artist and Mixtape of the Year. Bama Bread Entertainment, LLC was also nominated for Hip Hop Movement of the Year in 2014 at the Gulf Coast Real Talk Awards. D. Trump plans for his upcoming project to serve as a way of shedding light on the truth and struggle about what it is like to be born and raised in Alabama.

As an artist, D. Trump aspires to be recognized as an award winning, hard-working and professional Hip Hop music artist. D. Trump displays immense focus and extreme dedication toward working to become one of the greatest music artists of all time. D.Trump is diligently working on his latest project Alabama History Mixtape, and hopes to release it as early as February 2015. D. Trump appreciates all the love and support he has been receiving from his fans. His fans are his true inspiration.


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