Rising rapper Nyke Ness teams up with Manny Wave on his latest single, “Vicious”

Nyke Ness is the new kid from Maryland looking to set a new bar -made by DMV talent. The Dopamean Music Entertainment artist is making a statement on the East Coast and has yet to disappoint. The truth is “Nothing ever came without work – Nothing ever happens behind fear. It’s life, just live your dream.”

Recently, Nyke Ness put his playful bars to the test on his latest single, “Vicious.” The single features Manny Wave and If you haven’t pressed that link for Nyke -Go now and JUST DO IT!

Be sure to connect with Nyke Ness on all social media and digital music platforms. He’ll be coming to an ear canal near you.








Jalen McMillan shares his new song “Cash Talk” and fans are loving it!


“Cash Talk” which was previously leaked by a few McMillan fan pages already has 1 million plays on Jalen’s SoundCloud within the first day of uploading & it only seems to be getting more & more traction via blogs & other YouTube & Spotify playlists.


“Cash Talk” which features brilliant production from 606GUS and co-production by McMillan himself, shows McMillan’s unapologetic attitude towards people wasting his time. “Don’t talk to me unless you got that cash, don’t talk to me unless you got that bag” McMillan raps over the ’80s influenced hip-hop production.


According to McMillan’s management, “Cash Talk” is set to appear on “Jalen McMillan’s Greatest Hits VOL.1” set to release on December 20th, four days before McMillan’s 25th birthday.

Fans can follow Jalen via his website – JalenMcMillan.com

and Stream “Cash Talk” on his SoundCloud – https://soundcloud.com/jalenmcmillan/jalen-mcmillan-cash-talk





[NEW MUSIC] THE ATIF – “SOUL HACKER” | @theatifism

The ATif releases  “Half Past Death(Horror Themes) with the lead single “Soul Hacker” just in time for Halloween


The ATif believes in resonating with a niche. As a dedicated MJ Rock Tribute Artist- The @if garnered worldwide attention by his full-length MJ Rock Tribute Compilations. He unwrapped the Magical Jackson aura beyond the pop genre- he understood the depth of Michael’s compositions and acquired them with classic rock production gloss. Spreading a new essence and embarking on the vibe that Jackson once encapsulated. His admiration for Freddie Mercury, The Doors and Guns n Roses made him a real disciple of the classic rock era- where music could stand alone on its own without video and gimmickry. His songwriting is about untouched themes and groovy pieces- enabling the range, variety, and depth of his vocal skills beyond frequently fusing the nuances of rap. Feel the pulse of originality along with intuitive compositions that push the envelope- both in stylistic and technical terms. There is a swagger of joy with an occasional touch of darkness- angry, sentimental and even comic.


 “Hack Your Soul. That’s My Goal” ~ The ATIf

Based in Queens, NY, The ATif formed in one of the world’s most amazing music scenes, and they have a huge range of influences! ATif came up with their unique sound by combining their pure rock roots, with many exciting melodies and memorable hooks. On the one hand, The @if’s music keeps the authentic spirit of real rock music alive, but on the other, the band is always happy to experiment and expand their musical vocabulary with new, exciting tones. One of the most impressive features of this release is the punch of the production and the integrity behind the artist’s vision. The music sounds deep and direct, with huge melodies and even bigger soundscapes, adding so much depth to the mix.

The ATif’s sound can be rough and energetic, yet at the same time, very positive and easy to relate to. The organic textures of their instrumentals, as well as the presence of the vocals, really take the music someplace else, giving every song a characterful twist and a huge soundscape. This is alternative rock music at its finest, and the band’s no-frills approach enhances the listening experience.

The band has a special story, and their journey took a boost when the band first came to enjoy some notoriety with their unique version of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean, which was recorded as a rock tribute upon the artist’s passing. It didn’t take long for the band to reach a broader audience, and as a result, they were able to boost their reputation with many other cover songs. Their music is fun, dynamic, and easy to relate to, connecting with people from all walks of life!

With their music, the band aims to bring some good vibes to the audience, and share their passion with people all over the world.







The ATIf


The ATif


East Coast Rapper, Nudi Blockchain proves to Hip-Hop that He has Next

NUDI BLOCKCHAINNudi Blockchain is a rapper who resides on the east coast, The New Jersey and New York City area to be exact. His ties to the streets kept him in and out of the studio part-time. Nudi was born in New Orleans, raised in Bremerton, and beat the odds in Seattle, Washington. Although life for Nudi Blockchain was rough growing up, he stuck to the G-code and is making a presence in the underground scene. He moved to NYC/NJ in his mid-twenties and landed a sponsorship deal with All Access DVD, and the Dogg Pound Next Generation. He turned down offers from Tommy Boy Records and The Dogg Pound in order to remain in control.

Lately, Nudi Blockchain (also known as Boy Face) is doing big things. He has been spotted in clubs shaking hands with celebrities like 50 Cent. He got the moniker ‘Blockchain’ from being a cryptocurrency expert and owns a website for a cryptocurrency called bankkup.com. His new short film “The Perfect Song” just landed on Amazon Prime Video where he makes his acting debut. The film is written by Nudi and depicts how wicked the rap industry can be and features his songs and other east coast artists. During this time, he launches a site to sell his rap verses called barsforbeats.com and a Rolling Paper line called ‘Groovy Hooman’ rolling papers for the “420 hippies.” They can be found on Amazon and webuyblack.com.

Recently, his new single Slaptastik is a dope west coast track, with some killer east coast type lyrics to complete the perfect hiphop unity. “Slaptastik” reminds people that Nudi spends time in the west coast gang culture, and made his way to the east to set up business permanently. While his Spotify streams are steadily climbing, Nudi’s new single has similar expectations and will be available on 06/25. The single is produced by Frankgotthepack and packs that fire for streets!

Nudi Blockchain has been featured in the ‘Urban Magazine’ publication and is looking to book shows in the New York area. Follow the rest of his journey on social media and digital music platforms like Instagram and Soundcloud.



Instagram: @lixthesixtoy


Nudi Blockchain (also BoyFace, and Boy Face)


Brooklyn’s very own, Johnny Burgos releases his latest single, “These Hands”


Johnny Burgos is a multi-faceted singer, songwriter, and producer born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. His brand of future-soul embodies a raw uncompromising sound revealing beauty from pain, hope from despair and the will to keep fighting. With influences from Michael Jackson, Erykah Badu, J Dilla, and D’Angelo, Johnny’s music draws upon the core principles of R&B/Soul, while encompassing elements of Pop, Hip Hop, Reggae, and Blues. Especially influenced by his uncle and world-class percussionist, Andre Martinez, Johnny grew a fascination with the percussive rhythms of salsa and soul music, eventually manifesting into a devoted passion for Hip Hop.

I wanted to open up about the adversity I was confronted with on my journey, as well as the many modes of survival I relied on to get by, common to many inner city kids who seek a way out. ~Johnny Burgos on “These Hands”

JOHNNY BURGOSIn the early stages of his music career, Johnny Burgos co-produced beats with long-time collaborator and friend, DJ Skizz, for Hip Hop luminaries such as Mobb Deep and M.O.P. Soon after, Johnny would team up with singer, songwriter and close friend, Liza Colby to form the eclectic soul duo now known as The Gold Setting. His interests soon turned towards more organic arrangements as he developed his songwriting and a vocal approach that would become an integral element to his band project known as Bridge City Hustle. Johnny’s solo efforts launched in 2017, with support of campaigns by French’s Mustard and Samsung. In October of 2018, Burgos’ debut EP titled, ‘Love Through It All’ accumulates over 250,000 Spotify streams in a month from its an independent release.

“These Hands” makes its debut on digital music streams May 3rd. An incredibly soulful, uplifting and honest glimpse into his years in the making, Johnny Burgos pulls you into a story of survival and perseverance, which required all the strength and humility he had left in him to walk away triumphant. “These Hands” is a reflection of his own experience with perseverance and survival during some really difficult times in his life. Times, where I felt like my current reality, was something only of my wildest dreams and completely unattainable because of how dark things were then.   Be sure to connect with Johnny on all social media outlets and digital music platforms.







Sultry East Coast Artist, Stormi Maya creates a “Body of Work” Experience



The Bronx, New York native, Stormi Maya is a female MC/rapper has a message to convey. The newcomer is 23 years old and is ready for the rap game. Bringing her truth to the forefront is the calm to the storm. Her style takes you back to the old school 80’s – 90’s era while adding a feminine conscious touch. While in the studio, Stormi Maya records tracks that empower women. Also, she spotlights the black struggle and sexism; as well as embraces her sexuality and emits positivity.

Originally, Stormi Maya’s career begins as a model, modeling for exclusive lingerie brands and Playboy for two years.

Stormi MayaStormi Maya started performing in community theaters around New York City. In time, Stormi decides to become a professional actress in theater, film, and TV. Stormi has performed in many off-Broadway plays around the country and has directed theater.

She is a recurring character (Yennifer Clemente ) on Spike Lee’s Netflix Season 2 how “She’s Gotta Have It.“




Additionally, Stormi can be seen in a variety of Indie films, multiple Netflix productions and “Mostly For Millennials” on Adult Swim. Stormi Maya is represented by her manager (music) Donald Robinson Cole.


 “A woman knows her limits, a wise woman knows she has none”

Stormi Maya is definitely a triple threat and has entered the Hip Hop industry. During this short time of her career, Stormi releases her EP “Body of Work, “a collaborative project with producer Donald Robinson Cole aka Megadon.  As a diverse artist, Stormi has tracks that make you want to raise a fist for change then grind to sexual temptations.

Look forward to seeing more of Stormi, she is working on releasing back to back singles all year.

For Features and Bookings: Stormimayamusic@gmail.com







Midwest Recording Artist, Groovy Hoovy releases his latest EP, “Winter City Blues”



  Hip-Hop artist, Groovy Hoovy is from a suburb near the City of Cleveland, Ohio. Hoovy grew up listening to rock bands such as; Pink Floyd, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Sublime. Also, he listens to the major hip-hop influencers like Eminem, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, and Wiz Khalifa.
  groovy hoovy
Being a fan of all types of music, Hoovy found his love in the production of hip-hop in late 2016, just before he graduated high school. In 2017, Groovy Hoovy begins to pursue a career in the music industry and attends Tri-C to obtain a music production degree.
At the age of 18, Hoovy starts producing tracks and releases them. Although Groovy Hoovy has been making music that long, projects like “Hip to the Hop”, “Kraken (Remastered)” and “Bitches Bunnies and Bongs” makes a statement.

Best feeling in the world when you make money doing what you love ~ Groovy Hoovy


While attending school for music production, Hoovy performs at local venues within the Cleveland area. With a full studio set up in his home, it allows him to record music for his brand. Also, it will help other local artists in the area do the same. Groovy Hoovy’s goal is to create a new sound in his music, giving the listener a look at life from his perspective.
With hopes to grow and evolve, Groovy Hoovy looks at the future as promising and is looking to learn along the way. His latest compilation EP is filled with 5 tracks of dopey music. Tracks like “Call me Right Back Girl” is an ode to that random girl that he wants to just kick it. There is a message in the “Winter City Blues” EP about the senseless gun shootings and other topics.
Be sure to press play and connect with Hoovy on all social media connects.