Mac & A.K. – “King of the Grind” |@mac_and_ak (MUSIC)

Mac & A.K. delivers their latest single “King of the Grind” on major platforms Mac & A.K.’s first release of the year was “Gasoline“, which was well-received and is currently at 98,861 streams on Spotify.  The newest single is “King of the Grind” and thus far has accumulated over 27,000 Spotify streams. It is the followup to their previous collaboration  Don’t Play With ME” featuring … Continue reading Mac & A.K. – “King of the Grind” |@mac_and_ak (MUSIC)

[NEW MUSIC] LIL 40 and MOOSKIE 200(@MOOSKIE200) – “ATTACK”| @Krugermanlil40

Lil 40 and Mooskie 200 – Outstanding Members Artists releases their Debut Single, “Attack” on all Music Platforms Once again, Outstanding Members’ Artists Lil 40 and Mooskie 200 team up to bring you their single “Attack.” As you may know, rap artists from Chicago deliver clear messages in their music. The message in “Attack” is quite clear and skillfully produced by Loot G. The drill … Continue reading [NEW MUSIC] LIL 40 and MOOSKIE 200(@MOOSKIE200) – “ATTACK”| @Krugermanlil40


Pkilla Musik delivers the visual to his single “Loving On You”  Pkilla Musik`s Breakout Song “Loving On You” has reached the ears of millions. With over 1 million streams, Pkilla Musik is not scared to grab his fans with witty phrases and smooth words. Pkilla Musik`s song “Loving On You” has smooth upbeat futuristic waves and sound`s that stimulate the mood. The song is produced … Continue reading [VIDEO] PKILLA MUSIK – “LOVING ON YOU”| @pkillamusik1

[MUSIC VIDEO] LIL E.B – “DEEBO” | @trayzfrmz1000

East Coast Rapper Lil E.B drops his latest visual to his single “Deebo” Lil E.B is a 22-year-old rapper from Washington D.C and has been rapping for 6 years consistently. He took interest in rapping because a friend’s brother used to rap. He was shown how to flow and how to write rhymes. Lil E.B took it from there. After viewing his videos, he’s been … Continue reading [MUSIC VIDEO] LIL E.B – “DEEBO” | @trayzfrmz1000


Foss the South Florida Rapper delivers the live visual to his single “Remember” South Florida, Palm Beach County artist Foss releases a new party single with his trap/melodic sound. The single “Remember” gives an extravagant vibe as well as a laid-back sound. It is definitely something that can make waves on TikTok. The single was produced by a local producer Heathstone known for his unique … Continue reading [MUSIC VIDEO] FOSS – “REMEMBER” | @Foss000

[NEW MUSIC] Outlaw Muddbaby – “T’UPP”

Outlaw Muddbaby Continues To Impress With His Lyricism & Energy-Filled Latest Hip Hop Release ‘T’UPP’ Outlaw Muddbaby, also known as Antwuan, grew up in a small town in Mississippi and began rapping at a young age. His classic southern sound is reminiscent of artists such as 8Ball & MJG and Tupac Shakur, with songs such as ‘Way Up’ and ‘Rodeo Off’ off his latest EP, … Continue reading [NEW MUSIC] Outlaw Muddbaby – “T’UPP”


YoungSweets, The West Coast Artist applies “Pressure” with his new EP YoungSweets is a Hip-Hop and R&B artist from Bakersfield, California. The type of music he makes is for anyone who has struggled – currently struggling – or will come across a struggling situation. Since 2020, YoungSweets has accumulated a vast amount of tracks in his music library and most of them have a spot … Continue reading [NEW MUSIC] YOUNGSWEETS – “PRESSURE” | @YOUNGSWEETS1300


Deep Thought delivers his latest single “The Dead Cherry Blossom” on all major streaming platforms  The world we have created is a process of our thinking. When the artist/producer Deep Thought aka the “Sound Sculptor”  is in the music lab, he creates music that allows you to escape in it. Whether it is an instrumental or a song featuring OG Bey Harris, you will be … Continue reading [NEW MUSIC] DEEP THOUGHT – “THE DEAD CHERRY BLOSSOM” | @__deepthought

[NEW MUSIC] Darrell Kelley – “Violence and Hate”| @_darrellkelley

Darrell Kelley delivers another message-filled song titled “Violence and Hate” Last month’s release of Darrell Kelley’s blazing “Gun Reform” (released worldwide on the Viral Records label) decried the raging gun violence plaguing the United States. The Boston, MA native delivers similar messages in his songs like “Vote Him Out,” “Insane in the Ukraine,” “The Coronavirus,”and “AHMAUD.” Mr. Kelley currently resides in the sunshine state of … Continue reading [NEW MUSIC] Darrell Kelley – “Violence and Hate”| @_darrellkelley

[MUSIC] Def Poet MC – “Gotta Tell The Truth” | @DEFPOETMC

Def Poet MC Delivers His Latest Single “Gotta Tell The Truth” Def Poet MC started performing at a poetry club called (S.P.E.A.K.), short for Student Poets Eloquently Articulating Knowledge, at Florida International University in 2010. Little did he know that he had begun his journey to becoming a renowned rhymester in the musical sector. Since then, he has decided not to turn back. He is an … Continue reading [MUSIC] Def Poet MC – “Gotta Tell The Truth” | @DEFPOETMC