Rap Sensation, Beanz Valentino proves that Dreams can become true



If you’re in the Zamora family, real life is in music. Colorado-born, Patrick Zamora aka Beanz Valentino is the youngest professional rap artist out the Southwest. At the age of 5, Beanz chose music as his career. His Parents, the owners of Southern Royalty Studios, gave him the introduction to the New Mexico music scene.

With a passion for performing, Beanz exudes amazing energy during his performances. He owns the stage, each and every time. At eight years old, BV’s debut show opener for TI wowed the 10,000 attendees. Since then, he has opened up for E40, Snoop Dogg, MGK, and 2Chainz – just to name a few. In 2016, he would land an opportunity to create a song for Albuquerque’s arena football team, the Duke City Gladiators. Also, giving him the opportunity to perform during their halftime show.

It seems the future is bright for this young star. Beanz just released a song with ‘The Rap Game’s’ season 4 winner and So So Def recording artist, Street Bud. “Andale” is blazing on world wide web with its catchy lyrics. With aspirations to appear in season six, Beanz is preparing to release his first solo EP titled “Ball Hard.”

Beanz’ dream is to become a household name. You can best believe, you will hear about this young man for years to come.

Beanz Valentino

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