[WATCH] SEDDY HENDRINX – “45” |@seddyhendrix

Seddy Hendrinx recruits A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie to cruise around NYC in new visuals for “45”

Seddy Hendrinx

Seddy Hendrinx managed to get a rare feature from the man himself, Highbridge’s A Boogie. While Seddy Hendrinx is a rising star out of Florida, anyone that can drag A Boogie out of the shadows and hold their own deserves a spot on this list. ‘45’ is off Seddy’s album that dropped on Friday, ‘Sayless’ – a really strong 7-track project with an impressive feature list also including G Herbo, Gunna, 24hrs, and another appearance from labelmate Jack Harlow. The talent and versatility of Seddy’s smooth vocals, every bit as hip hop as they are R&B, combined with the direction of Generation Now (See: DJ Drama, Don Cannon, Lakeshow, Lil Uzi Vert) – this 7-song feature flex is only scratching the surface of what we’re sure to see from Seddy Hendrinx in the coming year.

“The title is self-explanatory. I’m not trying to do too much or too little so I’d rather just Sayless. Let the music speak for itself.” – Seddy Hendrinx

Seddy Hendrinx exercises raw emotion in each verse and every hook. Holding nothing back, his confessional lyrics and catchy cadences cut deep as he details struggle in real talk. The Florida Boy Entertainment/Generation Now/Atlantic Records artist makes a connection by way of catharsis on a series of upcoming releases for 2021 and beyond.

“I try to engage with my songs,” he proclaims. “It’s every emotion you can experience. I’m just a young, humble, crazy, and wild project kid with a fucked-up temper—but a wonderful heart. I’ll always tell you straight up how I feel. This is street soulful real deal pain music.”

Seddy drew on a fair share of hardships to get to this point. “I went through every phase—homelessness, racism, bullshit, and everything,” says SH. A turbulent childhood came to a head as his family ran out of options and moved into a homeless shelter as he entered high school. At the age of 15, he became “a full-blown juvenile delinquent” with stints in and out of the county. Despite professing fandom for Tupac, Lauryn Hill, André 3000, DMX, Future, and Erykah Badu, rap never seemed like an option until he witnessed the murder of his best friend Johnell in 2016. Gunned down at a party, Johnell’s last words struck a chord with Seddy, “Ball out for me”. “I had to stand up for him. I wasn’t going to let anyone disrespect his wishes, so I started rapping.” In the end, Seddy’s voice will resonate for a long time to come. “I want you to know to understand my pain and know I understand yours,” he leaves off. “It’s okay to cry. I’m here to remind everybody they’ll get through it.” Be sure to connect with Seddy Hendrinx on his website, social media, and digital music outlets.





[WATCH] JOHNNY CROWN-“If You Were Wondering”

Johnny Crown releases official music video for”If You Were Wondering”

“If You Were Wondering” is the first single off Johnny Crown’s latest EP “Fear Don’t Live Here Anymore.” The new video from the rising star is dedicated to all the doctors, nurses, health care and front line workers in these trying times. The latest album “Fear Don’t Live Here Anymore” is an affirmation of the times during the Covid-19 pandemic and everyone is scared and panicking. Johnny is pushing forward to inject love into our atmosphere through the vibration of music with the intention to eradicate fear.  

johnny crown

Johnny Crown is an emcee from Brooklyn NYC, whose style and voice will leave a lasting impression. At the early age of 12, Johnny saw his older brother rap and make his own beats, and instantly gravitated towards the art. Many years later, his brother gifted him with his own recording set-up. And the rest was history. 
From there on, Johnny learned how to write, record, and even mix his own to his liking. Johnny Crown released three projects in 2019 alone “Drunk”, “The Coolest Prince In The Jungle”, “Shine Your Light” and “Star Crest” – with different inspirations behind each album. “Drunk” is an ode to being intoxicated off of life, “The Coolest Prince In The Jungle” is an Afrobeats influenced album, and “Shine Your Light” was an awakening album. And the latest album “Fear Don’t Live Here Anymore” is an affirmation of the trying times during the Covid-19 pandemic and everyone is scared and panicking. Johnny is pushing forward to inject Love into our atmosphere through the vibration of music with the intention to eradicate fear. 

Not only is Johnny a proven talented musician, but he is also a comic book creator, a children’s book author, an actor, a stand up comic also a mentor for Tina’s Angels and Richard’s Warriors, a non-profit organization created by Beyoncé’s mother Mrs. Tina Knowles Lawson and her husband Mr. Richard Lawson.

With Johnny Crown’s sound best described as modern hiphop, it’s clear his influences are those of the same ilk. His main influence is, of course, the person who manifested this all of him, his older brother. In turn, his older brother was also influenced by those Johnny listened to as well. Those include Jay Z, Notorious BIG, Sade, 2pac, Nas, Big L just to name a few. Classic albums like “Illmatic”, “Blueprint 2” and “Lovers Rock”, were vital to Johnny’s artistry as a whole; down from his delivery, to him performing in front of a crowd.  Not only does Johnny pride himself in the lyricist aspect of the genre, but also in story-telling. And his music projects all of those abilities. 
A self-described renaissance man, jack of all trades, the Los Angeles-based artist is ready and focused to unleash an onslaught of projects in this new decade. So keep your eyes peeled for all that he has in store, and follow Johnny on his journey to the top, as he places a “Crown” on himself within Hip-Hop. Be sure to connect with JC on his website, social media, and digital music platforms.






East Coast Native BT The Artist’s latest single “Change” reflects on 2020

From defying all odds to dropping well laced lyrical rap freestyles of amazing songs to becoming a fast-rising Rap sensation in the music industry. The breath-taking Bryanne Toney has won the hearts of fans and music lovers across the world and he has become a household name for the effortless delivery of amazing vocal dexterity, lyrical flows, well-laced metaphors, and notes that constantly melt the hearts of his listeners anytime. BT as he is popularly called hails from Dorchester Massachusetts. 

BT is a four-year graduate of Fisher College in Boston, MA with a Major in Psychology. The rapper is well-known for his drop-dead freestyle performances that grab attention in moments the audience cannot comprehend, giving them a euphoric east coast feeling of rap legends like Lost Boys, A Tribe Called Quest, MOS Def., Black Sheep, and Keith Murray that keeps them asking for more. Complimenting with his deep flows, he always has a positive message to every of his rendition. 


With inspirations like Q-Tip, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Busta Rhymes Kevin Hart, Will Smith, Ice Cube, Dwayne Johnson(Rock), Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, David Ortiz Tom Brady, and Drake, his deep rhymes and storylines perfectly blended with flexibility and quick transition of incredible flows leaves you stunned every time he grabs the microphone to perform. Ever since he started performing, his lyrical ability to perform has been continually far beyond reproach-you will always want to see him perform again and again.

BT puts so much passion in his music and it’s clearly shown through his music all the time. In 2018, BT performed at the statehouse for Governor Charlie Baker to open the URBAN classic a National Baseball Tournament where he rendered an exhilarating performance. Currently, BT works at the Base in Boston. The Base is an organization where they play a key role in shifting the national mindset and re-imagining pathways for a successful urban youth. He is also involved in community activism where he was serving at-risk youth. BT is also an actor who is set to be starring in 3 feature films, To Be Free (Drama), Who Stole My EBT Card(Comedy) and City Ball(Drama) is set to be released in 2020. 

In January of 2019, B.T The Artist released an album called “Better Days.” The tracklist contains “Better DaysGutter, For You I Will and Problem. Shortly after the release, BT delivers (Looking for a )Hunny,  L.I.TT., and All the Risks. In 2020, he releases the singles- “Change“, ” Streets Activist” and “Don’t Know Why.” If you want to catch up on BT’s inspiring moments, his performances, and new music, stay glued to his social media platforms for more.  











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South Carolina Rapper The Real 9 Shots shuns all the haters with his latest single “F U Thought”

If you put your mind to it, your dreams and aspirations will come true. Rap Artist “The Real 9 Shots” strives for a notable spot in the world of hip-hop. Born as Brandon Donaldson in Bamberg, South Carolina, the Denmark artist is surrounded by music on the radio and videos on BET and VH1 his entire life. It all begins at the age of seven when he starts rapping at one of his cousin’s birthday parties. His uncles, cousins, and friends use to rap, sing, and dance all the time which inspired him to do the same. Some early influences growing up were Tupac, Notorious BIG, Master P and the No Limit camp, DMX, Warren G, Ice Cube, and N.W.A. At the age of 16, he begins writing and rhyming at an unstoppable pace. 

The Real 9 Shots has been building a name for himself with positive family influences. He spends a lot of time investing in sharing and influencing others with his positive ideas, mastering his video editing, and most of all-rap. The Real 9 Shots has worked with several hometown artists such as Looney, Benji, Mack Mane Da Flame, JoviBoy, and BreedReed – just to name a few. Additionally, he has been seen performing on stage at the Denmark Dogwood Festival, a popular family-oriented event held at the Gazebo, downtown Denmark. The Real 9 Shots is heavily-influenced by Kevin Gates and Chief Keef and has studied their music that relates to the same struggles and pain.

the Real 9 Shots

“Over the years, I’ve come to learn how to monetize and build strong foundations and fan bases on social media. With that, I have become a viral sensation.” ~ The Real 9 Shots

With 4+ years in the game with no signs of slowing down at all, The Real 9 Shots’ focus is taking on challenges that social media and hip-hop has to offer. Under the direction of his label and management team-United Music Mafia, The Real 9 Shots is destined to become a more influential entrepreneur and rapper. In 2020, TR9S delivers two chart-topping singles, “F U Thought and Thots” that achieve over 90,000 streams on Spotify. On his forthcoming mixtape “The Voice of the Kid”, he skillfully hints that he’s coming for the prize by delivering energetic storytelling and truth. Jaymin Shah said that No one is to blame for your future situation but yourself. If you want to be successful, then become “Successful. The Real 9 Shots has the motivation that is going to get him closer to his dream. Stay tuned.




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[Music Video] Marko V – Boss Around (Prod by @1youngpurpp) | @RTBIS_V

Marko V – Boss Around (Prod by @1youngpurpp) (Shot by @DubaiFilmMakers)


Unsigned Chicago hip-hop artist “Marko V” drops off his new visual “Boss Around”. As his buzz continues to grow, and he allows the music to speak for itself Marko V takes us to Dubai in his new visual “Boss Around”. Take a moment, and watch Marko V’s new video “Boss Around” above. Listen to Marko V’s new single “Boss Around” on all digital platforms.

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Email – Markovsbe@gmail.com

SnapChat – @SBEMarko

Instagram – @SBEMarko

Twitter: RTBIS_V


International Rock Star Kip Macklejar releases his single “The Coal Miner’s Daughter”

Kip Macklejar

Kip Macklejar is an up and coming rock artist based out of Copenhagen, Denmark. With
a love for classic rock and a fun, energetic sound, Kip Macklejar is one of the hottest names in
the rock genre!

Although Kip Macklejar is a young artist, he grew up listening to what many might now
consider “the oldies.” Kip Macklejar has always been obsessed with bands like Led Zeppelin,
The Beatles, Cage the Elephant, and Frank Zappa. Kip Macklejar can remember seeing the
Rolling Stones play at age 13 and being so excited by the concert that he signed up for guitar
lessons the very next day. This love for rock music comes from the deep connection between
rock music and Kip Macklejar’s personality. For Kip Macklejar, rock music—much like life—is
all about going against the grain and being as unapologetically fun and original as possible. In
making his music, Kip Macklejar remembers the inspiring attitude of the rock legends before
him, while striving to make his music authentic and original in unique ways

Kip Macklejar’s sound is a blend of upbeat rock and blues rhythms, resulting in a funky
sound that pays homage to its classic rock roots. Perhaps the best example of this sound is the
2020 single Alligator Swamp Monster. The viral track has gained attention on internet playlists
for its playful and funky energy that gets listeners feeling like a badass!

Currently, Kip Macklejar is working on the release of the upcoming EP, The Coal
Miner’s Daughter, which will be released as a three-part song and feature accompanying
animated music videos that bring the story within the songs to life. Kip Macklejar hopes that the EP will help him show off his lyrical storytelling abilities, while also helping him to further develop and mature his rock/blues sound. In the meantime, Kip Macklejar is excited to meet new fans and to continue spreading good vibes with his unique music!







Rapper Glenn Terrill teams up with singer LaTrece Love for his single “Misunderstood”

glenn terrill

Glenn Terrill is a unique multi-dimensional artist from Hayward, California. Glenn draws inspiration from musical pioneers such as Kendrick Lamar, Tupac Shakur, Nipsey Hussle, and many more and adds it to his own sound to try to pave a lane and offer a new sound coming out of the Bay Area. When listening to Glenn Terrill’s music you may not know what you will hear him speak about but what you will always get is Passion, Honesty, and different outlook on the world.




Midwest Crooner True Confidence teams up with Rapper Nobi on his latest single “Ride For Me”

True Confidence is also known as Tracy Amadou Ba. He is an African-American R&b, Hip-Hop & Soul, Singer, Songwriter, Pianist, Producer, studio engineer, and actor. Born August 17th, 1998, and raised in Columbus Ohio.  


“I just want to inspire people with my music. I want them to feel the emotion I put on the track- just like it’s right in front of them”.

True Confidence started writing music at the age of five but didn’t start recording and releasing music until 2013. His passion for music came from his mother. Some of his favorite artists include. Ne-Yo, Musiq Soulchild, Michael Jackson, Usher, and most recently Khalid & Kyle. As well as other R&B/Soul legends. TC’s music library includes the EPs “Nu Yu Nu Me,” “ I Am True Confidence,” and the singles “Times Up,” Fake Love,” and “I Know”-just to name a few. The smoothness and silkiness of True Confidence’s voice is something needed in today’s times. Be sure to press play and connect with him on social media and music platforms. 










Jevin Lamar – Big Homie (Official Music Video) @jevinlamar


Jevin Lamar – Big Homie (Official Music Video)


Dayton, Ohio musician residing in Los Angeles, California Jevin Lamar released a new project called Jevin Lamar. His cousin Thomas “TeeJay” McNichols Sr. died in a mass shooting in Dayton. Jevin Lamar had recently released tracks like Still Holding On, in his memory. Have a listen. Let’s not forget the innocent victims of that horrible day. Make sure you stream, download, and listen to his new musical project Jevin Lamar by Jevin Lamar available on all digital platforms.

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https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyHx1qgaRO90EQCUiNeLhGA https://open.spotify.com/album