Introducing recording artist and producer Jay$

Jay$ (James Logan) is an American recording artist and producer from Huntsville, Alabama. He started in music at an early age and by 2013 he had his first recording deal on the table from Slip & Slide Records. Like many new artists he has taken a hiatus from music here and there. In 2018 he returned with a label of his own Rocket City Records, LLC focusing on artist development, marketing, and distribution. They have since gone on to have generated millions of streams and consistent show bookings. When it comes to his sound, Jay$, truly tries to stay unchanged by the new hip hop due to the fact that he grew up listening to T.I, No Limit, Nas, and others that have also stayed true to the music.

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Melissa Meeks Hopes To Use Prior Experiences As Empowerment To Help | @msmelissameeks


Melissa Meeks Hopes To Use Prior Experiences As Empowerment To Help People

You may know Melissa Meeks but if you don’t I’m sure you know her ex-husband American fashion model and Actor Jeremy Ray Meeks. Melissa Meeks is the former wife of Jeremy Meeks a convicted felon who rose to fame after his sexy mugshot was posted on the Facebook page of the Stockton Police Department went viral. The media nicknamed him ,”Hot Felon”. Melissa Meeks Hopes To Use Prior Experiences As Empowerment To Help People Who Aspire To Change Their Lives. Melissa Meeks is now controlling the narrative about her life and what is going on with it. She has already made herself well-known, building a solid platform. Now, this platform will be used to help others, as Meek has been fortunate to make major changes in her life. Continuing to make personal strides, Melissa Meeks has a new team, with CEO-ISHHH taking over as her publicist. With the new team in place, Meeks’ goal is to help people empower themselves. Many people have many struggles, and as a woman who has publicly struggled, Melissa Meeks wants to help women, along with anyone else, help overcome those struggles to create a better life for themselves.

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[Music Video] Kris J – Keep Going | @imkrisj @Currensy_Spitta @Matt_Barnes22

Georgia emcee Kris J, is already off to a fast start and 2021 just began. He was able to open for Curren$y in Atlanta during the Remedy+ Pop Up Show and was able to get Spitta to throw on and endorse some of his Class Of Stoners merchandise. Specifically the “This Is My Smokin Hoodie” which recently has been going viral because of a co-sign from NBA legend Matt Barnes. On top of killing the clothing game Kris’ music has been taking off as well. He has a partnership between his Class Of Stoners imprint and Playas Club Music Group and today they released a new single and video entitled “Keep Going”. This track was produced by Savannah, Georgia producer Trillmatic and its definitely something you can smoke and slide to. This single is available on all digital streaming platforms and YouTube.

Video Link:

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[Music Video] Champ Da General-Zooo York Giants ft. Jim Jones & Yung Ray

Bronx raised lyricist Champ Da General released the visuals to his single Zoo York Giants from his upcoming EP Trap Ghost Vol. 1. Teaming up with Hip Hop Legend Jim Jones, Zoo York Giants has the makings of a NYC anthem that combines strong raw lyrics with a catchy hook to create a memorable track.

Champ Da General’s upcoming EP Trap Ghost Vol. 1, invites listeners to participate in his journey through each dream and nightmare fueled with diverse and energetic beats that couples nostalgia with contemporary melodies.

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Bizz the Prince “Prince of Jersey” Available 1/22/21

Bizz the Prince “Prince of Jersey” Available 1/22/21

Available on All Digital Stores 1/22/21. Pre-Order Now on iTunes

1- Bizz the Prince “Part of Me”

2- Bizz the Prince “Haters

3- Bizz the Prince “Realest Spittin” feat. Kinetic9

4- Bizz the Prince “Let’s Go”

5- Bizz the Prince “Danger Zone”

6- Bizz the Prince “Get it Closer” feat. Omillio Sparks

7- Bizz the Prince “Monica Lewinsky”

8- Bizz the Prince “In A Minute” feat. Q Parker of 112

9- Bizz the Prince “We Shine” feat. Philly Freeway x DJ Kayslay

10- Bizz the Prince “Loving My Style” feat. JDYMONDS

11- Bizz the Prince “Drop it Down”

12- Bizz the Prince “Real Shit”

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[New Music] Money Makin Marco – Extra Drip

Money Makin Marco aka Cookieman drops his new single letting everyone know when he steps out, he rocks that ‘Extra Drip

Prod by

Available now

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Who is Tone Da Boss?

What inspired you to get into the music industry?

I started off as a Poet, just putting words together to express my feelings. Growing up as a black kid in Chicago we are taught to be tough, be a soldier, never really show emotion. But I was different, I was a very open and emotional child. In order to satisfy my need to express myself writing was my outlet. Poetry evolved into rap, and that got me to where I am today. Being apart of the music industry is simply just a bonus for me getting to speak my truth, enjoy my passion, and live the lifestyle that I want whether I was involved in the business or not.

How did your stage name come about?

My current stage name is Tone Da Boss. Which is derived from my first name Antonio. Da Boss was added because I believe in self manifestation of words. At the time I was 16 but I knew where I wanted to be in life, I know that in order to remember my path I need a constant reminder. If I call myself Tone Da Boss and other people address me as the Boss, then I have to live up to that name. It is my responsibility and now a requirement, otherwise I’d be letting the entire world down. However I am planning a name change. I have been Tone Da Boss for the last 16 years and I believe it is time to grow and evolve. I am on the verge of concluding my journey as Tone Da Boss and have nearly accomplished everything I set out to do. So a new me is on the horizon.

What are some of the most memorable moments in your career so far?

Meeting, performing, and recording with Wiz Khalifa was a hell of time it was right before he really blew up. I remember having a song be featured on XXL for the first time and the moment I saw they posted it my laptop died. Performing in front of sold out crowds are always great but when it’s a show that we setup from booking the venue, promoting, and giving other artist opportunities to perform are the moments I cherish the most. And my most recent most memorable moment that I’m excited about is signing with my new manager Dj K Yung, which is a move that I should have pushed for sooner but I feel now is the perfect time.

What have been some challenges?

Challenges I’ve faced in the music industry is getting nationwide coverage. Being in Iowa there is little to no entertainment presence. Everyone leaves to get more attention and exposure. While that seems like an impossible situation to some, I looked at it as an opportunity to take advantage of. If I become one of the pioneers to take over in this state and provide opportunities for other talent here then I’ve done my part. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to really put my state on the map and to give back to those who feel like there is no hope.

What are you looking forward to in the coming year?

The 2021 plan is to fully embrace the new name. To evolve, to become who I am meant to be and embrace the L’s I took in 2020 and make the Losses into Lessons.

What blessings came out of the pandemic for you?

My entire album “Antonio” is a product of the Pandemic. Before Pandemic I was focused on managing and writing for other artist. Once the Pandemic hit it put life into perspective. I went through a divorce, a custody battle for my daughter, i had to sell my dreamhouse, i left my job of 10 years, I spoke at several BLM protests, a storm destroyed my new house and left my family without power for weeks. Yet it was all a blessing, 2020 and the Pandemic provided me clarity, it showed me that everything can be taken away in an instant, it made me ask what am I living for and am I pursuing my dreams. I wasn’t, now I am. I am a better father, a harder worker, and I’m back to being an artist.

What are you currently working on?

I’m working on several projects at once now. My next release is my Antonio Album which features my songs Free, Fear, Stuck Inside and Anxiety & Depression (which are all out now). Antonio tells my story from beginning to present day including a death of the Tone Da Boss character.

What else can we be on the lookout for?

I also have a mixtape I’m excited for with Dj Whoo Kid where I cover all the G-Unit songs that got me into rap to begin with.

What advice would you have for anyone who wants to join the music industry?

Be ready to invest, however don’t make everything you do about money. Some opportunities I received is because I did favors, I helped others, with little or no expectations on a return. Collaborate, advertise, learn the business, travel and network. Relationships are key. Sometimes it’s not what you know it’s who you know that gets you there, and after you’re there, it’s what you know that will keep you there.

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The Grynd Report kicks 2021 off with an exclusive interview from Michael Matthews, CEO of DigitalRadioTracker

The Grynd Report had the opportunity to sit down with DigitalRadioTrackers CEO, Michael Matthews. This interview is an in-depth look at how Michael Matthews started DRT, the benefits from using the service and more. Check out Mr. Matthews on issue 64 cover of The Grynd Report Magazine.

Thank you for spending time with us DigitalRadioTracker, please introduce yourself to The Grynd Report.

Thank you Grynd Report for having me. My name is Michael Matthews, and I am the founder of Inc.

You were founded in 2011, tell us how it all came about.

This all started one day as I was talking to an associate. You see, I come from a radio promotion background and we started to notice that more and more of the songs that we were promoting were being played on digital radio. At the time, it was referred to as Internet Radio. As we began our research, we discovered that no one was really monitoring the activity of songs on digital radio. As a record promoter, you always want to know what is going on with the songs you are promoting and be able to illustrate to your clients that you are working for them. In talking to some of the main monitoring companies, we found out that they were not interested in monitoring airplay on digital radio as well as some small-market FM stations. These stations are known to support new and developing artists and are much easier to garner airplay from. Being that this was a void in the music industry, we thought if no one wants to do it, maybe we should try and develop something. What started off as an internal software to show our clients that their song was being played at various levels of radio, has now turned into a global monitoring company – DigitalRadioTracker.

Who can benefit from using your services?

DRT is utilized by artists, publicists, managers, promoters, radio station programmers, DJs, music industry executives and more! The global airplay data that DRT collects is very useful to artists and record labels because they can use the information to book shows and tours, set-up interviews, sell merchandise or promote their songs to other radio stations to secure more airplay. Artists and record labels can also use the airplay information to assist in collecting royalties on their music and further build their fan base. Or they can use the data to develop promotional strategies and learn which markets to further promote as well as monetize their brand.

What genres of radio stations do you work with?

DigitalRadioTracker prides itself on working with many genres of music. The main genres we monitor are Pop, R&B/Hip-Hop, Country, Gospel/Inspirational, Adult Contemporary and Rock. However, we also monitor a small number of Jazz, Americana and Blues stations. We also track an array of Terrestrial FM, Satellite and College radio formats from around the world. DRT’s primary focus is monitoring digital streaming radio stations globally.

You currently track over 5000 radio stations; how can new stations get involved?

We are delighted by many the requests we have received from stations wanting to join our community. DRT does not discriminate on the size of a radio station or how many listeners it has. We are about building a strong broadcasting community that represents a true voice as to what music is being played. If a radio station is interested in being monitored by DRT, they can simply register for a free DRT Account on our website. Once registered, login to our web portal and select a monitoring plan from our “Buy Packages” section. We will contact the station to complete the monitoring process and tracking will start within 48-72 hours. Radio stations from any territory globally can sign up to be monitored by DRT.

Are your services available worldwide?

Yes, DigitalRadioTracker understands that technology has changed the landscape of the music industry. We are now in a global industry. It is no longer about a song’s local reach. It is all about what a song is doing globally. DRT monitors over 45 million song titles a week in more than 125 countries around the world! Music industry professionals can access DRT’s database from anywhere in the world via our user-friendly web portal.

Describe to artists how important it is to have their music tracked by a service like yours & how they can get started.

It is vital for an artist to have their music tracked by third-party monitoring companies such as DigitalRadioTracker. I cannot express the importance enough. In the music industry, one of the hardest things to obtain is getting validation as an artist. A song’s analytics is one of the main ways the music industry determines whether an artist is trending or not. It can also be used to determine how successful an artist or song may become. DigitalRadioTracker is the only monitoring company in the world that does not require any special encoding or fingerprinting. By using its proprietary software, DRT can track songs from the first time it is played! Other monitoring sources cannot monitor a song unless someone sends the song to them to be encoded first. This is especially important as spins are often missed on songs which can affect promotional strategies and royalties on a project. One of the unique things about DRT is that we also track different versions of a song such as a feature or remix. Other monitoring companies simply merge the song detections under one file. DRT has simplified the process in getting a song tracked. Get your song played at least one-time on any of the 5000+ stations that DRT monitors and a DRT file will be created on that song. Register for a free DRT Account on our website and then login to our web portal to generate a DRT Report at any time on your song. It is that easy!

It is a brand-new year, what is new and different that we can expect from DigitalRadioTracker in 2021?

As technology continues to expand with devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, DigitalRadioTracker plans on monitoring more digital streaming stations on these devices. We plan on increasing stations that are streaming in millions of cars that now have Internet Radio. DRT’s goal is to be the first broadcast monitoring company in the world to track specialty shows such as DJ mix-shows, ministries, talk shows and more!

Any words of advice to our readers?

We recommend to everyone interested in airplay data to utilize our free artist/broadcaster searchable database. Simply register for a free DRT Account and take advantage of this great tool to research which songs are receiving current airplay. As for the artist reading this, do not overlook digital streaming radio as it is making a great impact on new music discovery. There are thousands of digital streaming radio stations around the globe who are willing to support and break your music.

Where can we follow you online?

You can follow DRT on Instagram/Facebook @DigitalRadioTracker and Twitter @DRTRadioTracker.

Be sure to visit

Rising star Clay James finds new talent in Savannah, introducing Big Smitty | @Kingston_Smitty @WhoIsClayJames

Rising star Clay James finds new talent in Savannah, introducing Big Smitty

Big Smitty is from the Carver Village community in Savannah, Georgia. He’s known for his lyrical ability and relatable lyrics which paint a vivid picture from the eyes of Savannah’s inner city millennial generation. Coincidently Smitty’s neighborhood is not far from where Playas Club Music Group’s CEO Clay James grew up, and this is what initially caught James’ eye a couple years ago. Clay says, “I grew up in Cloverdale and Smitty’s neighborhood Carver Village is literally right next to mine. So when people started telling me about him I felt obligated to give him a thorough listen. He impressed me off first listen so I been helping him the past couple years and building a relationship with him. But I told him it’s time to take it to the next level because if 2020 has taught us anything it’s that time is precious and tomorrow isn’t promised so why wait on anything?” Smitty has garnered a buzz in Savannah from his mixtapes Kingston 1 & 2 as well as his freestyles on Instagram. Clay believes Smitty has something to offer to hip hop and his future is bright. Get to know Smitty by catching up on his previous music on all digital streaming platforms. Check out Smitty’s “Free Smoke” visual below.

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Radio and Media Guru, TampaMystic launches new radio station ‘The Hype 87.3’ | @TampaMystic

Atlanta, GA 1/8/21

Radio and Media Guru, TampaMystic, CEO of Mystic’s Entertainment LLC ended 2020 strong with a major power move. Officially launching ‘The Hype 87.3’ Radio Station which is geared towards helping independent an unsigned artists get heard.

TampaMystic teamed up with Digital Radio Tracker to make The Hype 87.3 an official reporting station. This also accompanies the formation of The Hype Media Group LLC.

This comes as no surprise though, TampaMystic has spent the last decade masterminding new business ventures helping the independent hip-hop community.

Streaming the hottest new Hip Hop and R&B, check out the new station

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