East Coast Artist, Chill Nye releases His New Album Broke N’ Sad


East Coast native, Chill Nye shows diversity in his music by introducing different styles like Lo-Fi, Emo, Alternative Hip-Hop, and Rap. He has been playing guitar since high school- both electric and acoustic. Chill Nye took interest in producing at the age of 20. Generally, Chill buys his beats then works with producers who can cater to his sound.


Chill Nye plans on expanding on his next album will be less Emo and have more of a Pop-Punk type vibe. [*Spoiler*] The album may include a couple of acoustic songs-as well as- Hip-Hop and Rap. Chill Nye would like to incorporate as much of his musical talent into it. Additionally, he plans to work on some upbeat and melodic songs for the EP-to reflect the different styles-that helped and inspired me. In 2020, Chill releases three singles titled “Toyko, Spring Showers and I</3 Supreme[4,806 Spotify].” The four-track album “Broke n Sad” makes its debut on Soundcloud. Be sure to connect with Chill Nye on social media and digital music platforms.












Platinum Indies interviews artist Mr. Church

Thank you for spending time with us. Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us where you’re from?
My name is Mr. Church and I reside in Jacksonville, FL by way of Montgomery, AL.

Tell us the origin behind your name.
My name stems from my connection to ministry. I feel as though the church is catching a bad rap in the times we live in, and in some cases rightfully so. But not whole-fully so because there are some people like myself that truly have a heart for God and people and we want to get something to people and not out of people. With that being said I decide to re-brand this year and I changed my name from Rod Tha god to Mr. Church because I was inspired to represent the church in the right light. C.h.u.r.c.h stands for Change, humility, unity, righteousness, character, hope.

What made you decide music was your passion?
Music is a universal language but it is also the soundtrack to our lives. I acknowledge the impact that a song can have on our lives so as a minister I use music as a tool to reach people. The more I see my music help people in life the more passionate I become about it!!!

How would you describe your style of music?
My music is the Good News of Jesus Christ!!! It is Hope infused!!! I am a praiser with like a crunk, down south, Atlanta sound so my music if hype and it gets the people out their seats and their feet moving!!!

Tell us about the single you are currently pushing and where it’s available.
The single is titled “This My Year”. Its a declaration that 2020 is the year that my life turns around for the better. No matter how much adversity I face I am going to do the work to see a change in my life and this should be the declaration for everybody that’s tired of living a lass than life!!! Available on ALL digital platforms!

What else can we catch you doing besides Music?
I have my own ministry called ” Circle Of Life International Community”. It is a open dialogue ministry that is designed to heighten that people level of understand through open dialogue conversations about the bible. My prayer is that as people’s level of understanding rises then their application of the principals in the bible will become consistent, as a result, people will start to live a more victorious life!!!

What’s next for you?
Production of movies

Where can we keep up with you online?
Facebook: Mr Church or IAmTheChurch2020 | Instagram: mr_church2020


3YRD Releases Their Brand New Single “Detonate”

If you asked who 3YRD is and what kind of music they create, you may get some different answers. Although the majority of their songs stay within the hip hop realm, Louvis, Tone, and Bmo each bring their unique voices to the table. They try to stretch the boundaries of genres by using uncommon, cultural instruments to help bring their projects into a new-age life. Each project gives different feelings or emotions as they try to reflect the randomness of day to day life.

3YRD3YRD is a group of dedicated best friends that are fully committed to evolving, growing, and nurturing their music to help provide their fans something they can either sing, jump, dance, or even mosh to. The majority of their songs stay within the hip hop realm. 3YRD’s latest single “Detonate” blends fresh hip hop vibes with smooth beats that result in one of the slickest tracks of 2020.

Stretching the genre of hip-hop in ways that allow it to be more than just the expected, 3YRD’s latest adds to their ever-growing discography that showcases their modern take on beats, rhythm, and rhymes. For fans of everyone from Post Malone to Suicide Boys, “Detonate” hits all the marks of a great mainstream hip-hop track destined to take over the airwaves.


“Work hard in silence, let the music and success make the noise”

When it comes to 3YRD’s approach, diversity is key. Never the kind to stay stagnant and deliver the same dish-everything they drop is a new meal to consume. 2020 has already seen the release of their 11-track LP ‘I Do,” which features a myriad of audible addictions from “Wine and Dine” to “Way Back Home” to “Flip the Script.” Be sure to connect and add “Detonate” to your playlists.

For more information on 3YRD, please visit: https://3yrdmusic.com