Clay James signs management deal with Ferrari Simmons and Justin Hatney’s Two-Three Management Group

Clay James signs management deal with Ferrari Simmons and Justin Hatney’s Two-Three Management Group

Savannah, Georgia native and ATL transplant Clay James has been making a name for himself on the underground rap scene for quite some time. Discovered early by Outkast legend Big Boi, Clay’s lyricism and style gives you a breath of fresh of air as well as a sense of nostalgia in today’s hip hop climate where it seems like most artists are similar to one another. Clay has been recently going viral for his freestyles about Dogecoin which have received over 300,000 views on Twitter. Not to mention, he landed his first movie role in the highly anticipated film “Out On A Lim” starring Tray Chaney and Jamal Woolard which releases later this year. James’ last three singles: Keep Ballin, Fadaway, and Hold Me Down have all garnered national attention by getting looks from BET Jams and multiple MTV channels. Each song has more than 100,000 Spotify streams and 200,000 views on YouTube. Outside of his personal success, Clay started his own imprint Playas Club Music Group which houses buzzing indie talent: Kris J, King Elway, Big Smitty, and Respekk. He also has a new clothing line that is taking off called “Playas Only” which is spear headed by viral Tik Tok sensation and PCMG business partner Pimp Sweet Tooth. The skies the limit for Mr. James and this management deal should put him one step closer to becoming a global superstar. Catch Clay making a guest appearance on Ferrari Simmons’ “No Hook 3” single that is releasing soon. Until then, check out his music out on all digital streaming platforms and YouTube.

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Introducing Brooklyn artist, Jimmibones4president

Jimmibones4president is an up-incoming artist out of Brooklyn New York. He has released many projects on various platforms in the recent years and his most reason album “Kartel” had also just been released on all streaming platforms. It is his most recent work of music all made into an ep featuring his new up-incoming artist that are apart of his label Kartel LLC. The featured artist on his album Include Lambo Lae, 730 Breezy, and Double R Ace. The EP consist of 5 amazing hard hitting songs all containing the signature New York Drill sound that is so prevalent in today’s music, of course with their own little twist to it. All the beats are provided by in house producer JO beats and engineered by Lynx Mafia. Not only have all the songs been produced and mix and mastered in-house but as of today almost every song on the album as has accompanying video to it available on YouTube, with more to come. This is only the beginning for Jimmibones4president, President of Kartel LLC but it isn’t the end…….

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United Music Mafia Artist, Nulli Null pays Homage to his friend Luis Tovar in his latest contribution “Eddie Guerero”

Nulli Null started his musical journey in Saint Petersburg, Florida – one of the most violent cities in Florida-while visiting his family in the summer. As a teenager, he started using music as an escape from the harsh realities and eventually found a way of raw expression in songwriting and rapping. Music helped Nulli cope with stress during the difficult times in his life and now he wants to use it as a medium to help others going through mental health issues.

Nulli Null’s “Eddie Guerrero” is influenced by the death of one of his closest friends Luis Tovar. The loyalty of his vatos always respected how they move and value our friendships so to speak. Nulli dedicates the track to him, in the hook, he raps “R.I.P Luey, we were more than migos that’s bro like Chavo!” As in Chavo Guerrero, the brother to the late Eddie Guerrero Sr. “We were more than friends-we used to joke and call him the Latino version of me,” says Nulli. The Florida native wanted to pay homage to Luey and Eddie Guerrero while showing his Latino friends that he appreciated their loyalty and respects how they value their genuine friendship.

“Me and Luey had big plans with this music before he passed away” ~ Nulli Null

Nulli Null’s debut album “Youngin Blues of Betrayal” talks about the opposite of loyalty. On Eddie Guerrero, He displays his “Splangish” flow while comparing his life to Luey’s. He pinpoints the respect that he has for loyal friends and calls out old friends that weren’t as solid. Witty street metaphors can be heard in “Eddie Guerro” referencing the youngins in Saint Pete and how they stay strapped up while road running in them “stolos” (stolen vehicle). 

Nulli Null’s “Youngin Blues of Betrayal” is inspired by his personal life. It depicts the true story of a young man learning to confront his trauma-induced insecurities about friends and family while focusing on his desire to grow spiritually. The track “Pourin Liq” was inspired and created after his cousin passed away last year, 

With back-to-back hit projects, Nulli Null is rapidly paving his way through the Hip-Hop music scene. Despite being a new artist, Nulli isn’t afraid to take a risk and explore musical themes that other artists think twice before choosing. His smooth vocal delivery and unapologetic expression of emotions into the lyrics make a combination that one can hardly ignore.

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[MUSIC] Tekforce x Bill Beats “Trapped” | @tekforcerises

Hip Hop recording artist/producer Tekforce returns with the second single off his forthcoming ‘Child of the 80’s’ album, which is based on the old 80’s series called Robotech.

“Trapped” featuring Bill Beats is delivered during a fragile and uncertain time stemming from troubled America…The hook alone is set to resonate and give life to our weary senses. “Trapped! Ain’t no way that we are gettin out! Trapped! Didn’t know I’d have this many doubts Trapped! This is war we gonna fight it out Battle until we dyin/never cryin and we move about.”

The seasoned Texas-based artist, with an international growing fanbase, depicts the impact of racial and governmental casualties on the mind and body. Trapped, riding solo in the cockpit, is he bold enough…strong enough…to put his own life on the line to save his brothers and sisters and our children?

The classic Hip Hop cadences, cuts and scratches invigorate the revolutionized lyrical flow from Tekforce. Stream “Trapped” on Bandcamp below.

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Philly Blocks Ft. Cino Fresh “Movies”

Philly Blocks recruits Cino Fresh for “Movies.” The single/video is taken from his critically acclaimed EP titled ‘Mr. 17th.’

The Louisville Slugger is known for his cinematic visuals, and “Movies” is no exception! The feature presentation is Blocks’ life through his eyes, his lessons, and his driving force to survive. Vivid bars describe growing up with his family, the good…the bad…the ugly, a code to securing bags, and even cautious moves around multi-flavored thots! Watch “Movies” and connect with Philly Blocks and Cino Fresh below.

Stream/download the full EP here on preferred platforms.

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Award Winner Dell-P Vows To “Make Emceeing Great Again”

Who is Dell-P…For those living under rocks or for those who might need a simple reminder, the extensive accolades below are sure to spark some clarity.

Dell-P is a Hip Hop artist and songwriter, nationally and internationally famed for his exquisite lyricism, conscious rap, and wordplay. He is co-signed by such pioneers and legends as Chuck D, Black Thought, Wise Intelligent, Arrested Development, EPMD, Wyclef Jean, David Banner, Jay Electronica, and that is only naming a few.

The Philly vet carries monumental recognition dating back to 2017 including Philly Hip Hop Awards Album of the Year, PHL Live Hip Hop Artist of the Year, Black Gala Award winner, Black Power Music Award nominee, 2-time Spiral Award Winner (artist and album of the year), 2-time Indie Music Award winner, Philly Hip Hop Award winner for Alternative Artist of the Year, 2020 Top Indie Artist award by Source Magazine, as well as a 4-time Grammy considered artist. To add to that success, Dell-P has received music placement and an acting role in the 2021 film “When George Got Murdered”, coming to Netflix soon, and with a recommendation by Black Thought, he will be participating in The School of Thought Workshop/Showcase…The first-ever Hip Hop Master Class to be held at Carnegie Hall.

Dell-P’s latest Grammy considered album ‘MEGA (Make Emceeing Great Again)’ is available on major platforms as well as “By Any Means” and “Follow the Signs” videos, currently in rotation on BET Jams. There are some like minds out there hungry and this album feeds them properly. Once you take a listen to the music you will hear why Dell-P has been called “the best kept secret of Hip Hop” by XXL Magazine.

Stream/download ‘MEGA’ here on preferred platforms and connect with Dell-P below.
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Watch “By Any Means” and “Follow the Signs” from the ‘MEGA’ album

RizzindaBooth Is Claiming His Lyrical Throne

West Philadelphia spitta “RizzindaBooth” displays different styles, yet stays true to the essence of Hip Hop. He currently has three independent projects out (streaming on all platforms) including ‘GR8NESS’, ‘IMPRINT’, and ‘IMPRINT2’ with ‘686’ releasing soon…

As a youth raised by his grandmother, RizzindaBooth kept busy with a multitude of talents and started rapping by the age of 12. He always loved music and credits JayZ, Black Thought, T.I., Royce da 59, Pusha T, Jadakiss, and Drake as his influences. RizzindaBooth is a true student of the game and a skilled lyricist. His storytelling ability and lyrical excellence have been his forte and proven to be a winning formula.

Tune into IG TV to hear RizzindaBooth discuss projects, videos, producers, future career moves, and more.

Watch his latest videos “Loose Bars” and “Watch Ya Body” below.

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Introducing artist and model ‘Vibe’ aka Simone Miller

Vibe aka Simone Miller 25yrs old originally from Detroit, MI. Now currently reside in NW Arkansas .Although my path has never been a smooth one to walk down I still believe in taking chances. “No risks, no reward” right? Which is why I put myself out there to follow my passions Rapping and Modeling. Back home I’ve had several opportunities to display my talent at various shows which I also will be doing in South Carolina at the “All On Stage” tour. As far as my modeling career goes I am an ambassador for YouStella Boutique and I currently have other fashion agencies lined up. Like Veluntra, Espadra, Voncleir, Sphinx Vogue, Rsero, Sincere Sally etc,. I believe in giving back to your community, and developing strong relationships personally and professionally. Which is why I keep in contact with my day ones, never forgetting where I came from. I’ve volunteered at domestic centers back home and different churches here in NW Ark.

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New Music


Atlanta Native Don Gritty delivers the visual to his latest single “Waste No Time”

Surviving a past filled with unfortunate situations, Rap Phenom Don Gritty takes to the mic to express his journey and most of all, artistic creativity. Not falling into the statistical reality of his peers, Don Gritty finds healing in music. Channeling his love of the beat with his will to overcome Don Gritty redefines what it is to be phenomenal. His latest single, “Waste No Time” is from his latest 10-track compilation titled “L.I.F.E Deluxe.” 


Falling in love with music at an early age, Don Gritty looked to Hip Hop Greats such as 2 Pac, Jay-Z, and DMX to help perfect his cadence and help mold his artistic execution. Talent by Birth, Artist by Trade, Don Gritty shows the world what it is to Grow up with Gritty.

Hitting the Atlanta music scene from all angles, Don Gritty uses music as his blueprint for life. Taking his story to the track, he allows his listeners to relate to the man while falling in love with the music. A triple threat in his own right, this rapper, writer, and visual artist is a force to be seen. Make sure you stay tuned to what’s in store to the World of Don Gritty.












When you’re raised in a Southern household, you must set a foundation that will help take care of your future. Vicksburg, Mississippi native, Rashadsofly also known as Dailan Rashad Claiborne is a part of that structure. Rashadsofly is a talented Artist and Songwriter looking for a way to further his music aspirations. But first, he goes to college to pursue a career in physical therapy because the music scene was slow back home. Rashadsofly realizes that college is not for him, but as a back-up plan, he must finish college.


Finally, Rashadsofly graduates with a Bachelor of Science Degree and becomes a member of Alpha Phi Alpha which kept him away from the streets. As a member, it helped him open new doors for his music by performing at most of the events on campus. Although he graduated, Rashadsofly needed to complete four more years of school to become a Physical Therapist. Instead, he took his graduation funds and moved to Atlanta – where he knew no one – to make his music career work. 

Over the years, Rashadsofly hones his musical skills and is not letting up.As an independent artist in Atlanta- the music mecca – that hasn’t slowed him down a bit. He is influenced by and has been working with Hip-Hop’s elite artists such as; Project Pat, Lil Lonnie, and Jimmy Rocket. In 2018, Rashadsofly was asked to be in a tv show called, “Black Lightning” (S1 E11) which helped him gain some exposure to make extra money. Also, he received some major placements for his latest projects “#RashadSeason” and “#RashadSeason2.”

Rashadsofly is back and has his eye set on the prize with plans to collaborate with more major recording artists. His new single and visual “TOP featuring Tray Bills” is for the young generation. His new sound is catching a wave and is showing up on label and blog radars. Once you hear his music, you will understand that he is ready to be a star. Be sure to connect with Rashadsofly on his website, social media, and digital music platforms.