GRW – Love Is The Action

International vibe pairs with Rock/Pop stylings on new single from GRW 

NASHVILLE, TN – Genre-outlaw GRW is a Nashville-based artist who has been creating new global sounds for the better part of the last decade, and his most recent single “Love Is The Action” is yet another smash hit that’s sure to find its way to a worldwide audience. Created in collaboration with Jamaican singer Nyanda – former band member of Brick and Lace – the Reggae/Electro Pop/R&B single invites listeners to consider different ways to love one another. GRW said it’s an important song for these difficult times, and that he hopes anyone who hears it takes some inspiration and feels compelled to do exactly what the song encourages: show love through action. 

“The message is love is something you do instead of something you say,” GRW said. “Unless you actually show it with your actions and how you live your life, it’s meaningless. Love is what you do. It’s deep. It’s spicy. It’s real. Ultimately this is a song about how human beings treat each other, but also how we treat mother nature and everything around us. It’s a big message all around.” 

GRW (which not only is an anagram of his name Gary Russell Wertz, but is also a play on the word grow) – is a regenerative farmer and animal rescuer who lived in California for many years before moving to Nashville to pursue music full-time. He and his family (Lisa Austin and daughter Lorretta) continue to grow and care for the earth in their regenerative farm/animal rescue home in Tennessee, and he considers that aspect of his life just another outflow of his creative disposition and personality.  

Since his time in Nashville, GRW has been a featured performer at The Bluebird Café and other legendary local music venues. His studio, Sacred Dog  – which he started in California – has been re-established in Nashville and he has had the opportunity to work with artists like Kyle Ranson, Dave Catching of Eagles of Death Metal and Junior Toots, son of Toots Hibbert , among others. His work in the music industry has led to some amazing collaborations, including his most recent Reggae Fusion song “World Upside Down” featuring the legendary Junior Reid. 

With “Love Is the Action,” GRW gets to continue that string of successful collaborations by working closely with renowned singer Nyanda, who has toured the world as a musician and was signed to Geffen Records. GRW said Nyanda brings an international flare to the table and helps to create a sound that can be embraced by a wide variety of audiences from all parts of the world. 

“I’m trying to create world fusion music,” GRW said. “ To bring in all cultures and reach across different cultures and countries to create a new sound. I incorporate elements of global sounds into many of my productions. Every culture on Earth has made music worth dancing to or crying to or tripping out on. I find inspiration in all of it – from Howling Wolf to Japanese Garage Punk to Ravi Shankar and Eric B. and Rakim and Patsy Cline. It’s All Good. A song can be inspired by many flavors and it’s genetic memory descended  from many different ancestors. So, with me, you never know what you’re going to get, but you’re going to get something made with love. And hopefully a melody that gets stuck in your head and a few words that have a little meaning for you.” 

“Love Is The Action” is currently available across all streaming platforms, and a new dance single “Wicked City” featuring Junior Reid will be released this August. GRW said he plans to continue releasing more music in the coming months, and is excited for a wider audience to discover his sound.

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TOWSLEY takes ‘Deliberate’ and bold steps with raw yet inspirational new EP 

SPRINGFIELD, MA – TOWSLEY is an unconventional musician with an equally unique introduction to music. At only 4 years old – after seeing a live bluegrass band – she knew that music was in her future … but she had to convince her parents of that fact. Begging them to buy her a guitar almost every day for a year, they finally relented and purchased what would become the first of many instruments that this talented artist would master. Mostly self-taught by ear, TOWSLEY developed a unique sound and style that caught the attention of anyone who heard her. With an astounding voice and an intriguing guitar style, she was soon being sought after for new music. Growing up in the church, she found her way into ministry as a worship leader and church music director. But she eventually left this path behind after coming out as a lesbian.  

As with many others who have made that bold announcement to their families and community, TOWSLEY faced a lot of backlash and disappointment. Her response was to walk away from music and flee to the military. She enlisted with the U.S. Army, and for the past three years she’s been serving in Italy. It was during an especially dark and depressing time for her during the 2020 Pandemic and ensuing quarantine that she turned back to music as a source of therapy. And in the midst of that anguish she found her love for writing music again.  

Out of that process comes her latest EP “Deliberate.” The five songs on the project perfectly express the meaning behind the name of the EP – a mantra, of sorts, for her life moving forward. Each of the songs on the project were chosen for a reason, with deliberate purpose and intention to bring listeners on a journey. She deliberately chose songs that highlight and expose different aspects of who she is as a person through stories with which other people can relate. And she puts those ideas against a style that has been compared to Amy Winehouse, Florence + The Machine and even Adele.  The debut single from the EP, “Damaged,” is a perfect example of how this blend of ideas and sounds comes together in intriguing ways. 

“All of the songs on this EP came from that place of isolation,” TOWSLEY said. “I was in a dark period of time trying to find some light and reconnect with my passion for writing. With ‘Damaged,’ I get very raw and show people who I am as a person. We’re all damaged, and this is my story of how I’m damaged. We’re all damaged, but that doesn’t mean we’re damaged goods. It’s an important message I want people to hear. You’re not alone. We’ve all been in a dark place and a little broken, but that doesn’t mean that’s the sum of who you are.” 

With a drive to connect with people and the desire to be a voice for marginalized communities – especially the LGBTQ+ community – TOWSLEY hopes that listeners will feel a connection to her music and find inspiration to live their most authentic lives. With influences that range everywhere from jazz to blues to folk to Pop to classical to metal to rock to Gospel and everything in between, she has a vibe and stories with which fans all over the world will be able to relate.  

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OnSight Brazy delivers his new EP “Hard Bodied” on several digital music platforms

Onsight Brazy was born in Louisiana and raised in Florida. Recently, the artist’s beloved mom had to fight a battle with cancer and tragically passed away. This was a very tragic and trying time for the artist, who grew up without a father figure, and really bonded with his mother in a deeper way. He is always hoping to make his mother proud, and he does his best to be a great parent himself with 4 kids (3 boys and a girl!). 

Onsight Brazy’s love for his family is also a strong drive, which inspires him to make it in music! Everything he reflects on a beat you feel. He brings true pain and realness to his music with his captivating lyrics, flow, and own style. There’s almost no doubt he’s got something in his versatile arsenal you’ll play on repeat. Be sure t connect with Onsight Brazy on all social media and digital music platforms.


Facebook: onsight.brazy.7

Instagram: b_b_enterprise & osb_brazy

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SoundCloud: b & b enterprise

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Onsight Brazy


Adam Nuckels – King Is Home

Adam Nuckels finds life post-pandemic with genre-bending new single ‘King Is Home’ 

Pittsburgh, PA– In the words of veteran Adam Nuckels, “Post military life has had its challenges.” Having served two tours of duty in the Middle East during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom – and 12 years of service in total – Nuckels left the military in November 2017 facing an uncertain future. A close friend, Dustin Lonadi, had passed from a rare form of brain cancer after serving his time in Iraq and Afghanistan, and between that tragedy and the mental challenges from which Nuckels suffered, life was extremely difficult. Like many other veterans struggling with similar issues, Nuckels at first turned to alcohol to numb the pain. His depression deepened and he even attempted suicide multiple times. The journey got dark at times, but along the way he found some great support and has pro-actively been working toward full mental and physical recovery. One of the biggest things to help him through has been creating music. 

In 2020, Nuckels launched Deadonfeet Records, and began zeroing in on a full-time career as a recording musician. He learned more and taught himself the ins and outs of the music industry, and today he writes, composes, produces, and performs all his own music. He has eight songs out across all streaming platforms, and his latest hit is a song called “King Is Home.” 

Nuckels showcases natural vocals and an aggressive energy as he blends a variety of sounds on this hot new track. Embracing a kind of 1930s throwback vibe – a “Bonnie and Clyde outlaws-in-the-West kind of vibe” he said – the song serves as an announcement, of sorts, to the world that Nuckels is here to stay when it comes to music, and his talent is something to which people should pay attention. 

“I’ve been pre-judged my entire life,” Nuckels said. “Through my music, you get a picture of who I am as an individual. This song shares that with people. It’s a song about letting go of my past and moving on. I bet all chips on myself when the Pandemic struck, and I’m pursuing my dream.  I’m doing what I was always meant to do. This song is the story of that journey.” 

Nuckels said he knows people will appreciate how he blends three or four genres into one with each of the songs he creates. And across it all he showcases a unique ability to rap over the top of any beat. The end result is a new genre of music, he said, with such an original vibe that it’s almost hard to describe. From influences of Metallica, Slipknot, and The Doors to NWA, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Three Six Mafia, and DMX, Nuckels incorporates a lot of different sounds and styles. And he plans to keep showcasing that sound with more singles over the course of the year.  

“My life will be reflected in my art and my music,” he said. “It’s a story. I don’t want people to deal with the life I’ve been trying to conquer, and my music will help them with that. It’s real and authentic and straightforward, and I believe that can help and inspire a lot of people.” 

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King Is Home LINK 

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Kevin Young – Did Just That

Kevin Young celebrates graduation from street life into recording career with motivational new single ‘Did Just That’

PALM BEACH, FL – Kevin Young is a new artist on the scene who skillfully balances his aggressive, tenacious roots with passion and emotion that shine through every track. From hardened accounts of hustling in the streets, to dance-friendly club anthems – and even slower R&B-infused sounds – his diverse style showcases his own rich experience in life. His most recent display of that talent is the new hit single “Did Just That.”

Self-described as motivational and positive, the mid-tempo track with some energy explores Young’s journey from street living to his current life as a professional recording artist. Having been in-and-out of juvenile detention during his teenage years, and in-and-out of jail as a young adult, Young has made it a habit of overcoming the odds through dedication and continuous hard work. This single explores the tough decisions he’s had to make along the way, and celebrates the good things that have come as a direct result of walking the straight-and-narrow.

“I’m determined to become a rising star in the rap and hip-hop world, and beyond,” he said. “This is the song that tells people how I graduated and shifted from street living into a different life – into more positive things. It’s motivational, and I know people are going to appreciate the genuine-ness of my music. I have a variety of different songs, and through all of them people will see that I’m really genuine.”

Young also emphasized that his sound is very diverse – something he puts on display from song-to-song. He has dance/club songs, hardcore street songs, positive and upbeat songs, and even songs for the ladies. And though when he speaks he has a gravelly, raspy voice; his singing and rapping voice is clear and often times melodic. Ranging in the higher registers of a tenor, Young’s voice displays a rare natural talent that is undeniable the second listeners hear it. It’s no wonder, then, that many people have noted influences like Future and Kevin Gates when they hear Young’s songs. He takes that as a compliment, and hopes to be able to immolate their work ethic and self-motivated success when it comes to his own career.

In addition to “Did Just That,” Young has a forthcoming project called “Cartel Life.” It’s a project that intentionally shows off his ability to be diverse, with every song on the tape showing off a different style or sound or genre. He’s also excited to be joined by some big-name features on the project, including Kevin Gates and King Los. Ultimately it’s a project that explores the life he was living before he got into music, and by reflecting on the street life and some of his past experiences he hopes to be able to inspire others to pursue their own dreams and avoid the pitfalls that he fell into along the way.

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Zero Kares – It Is What It Is

Zero Kares leads listeners on journey of self-discovery with emotional new single ‘DNA’ 

IRVINE, CA – Zero Kares is an artist simply trying to find true love. But forces – some under his control and some not – will not allow him to reach it easily. Every song he creates and every word he utters is another footstep on his journey to fulfill that dream. And his latest single, “DNA,” is yet another chapter on that quest. 

Born from disappointing relationships of the past, “DNA” explores the ways in which negativity can be contagious and how often we take on the characteristics of our significant others, even when we should not. 

“Some of my partners in the past have had very toxic DNA, and in a lot of ways it rubbed off on me,” Zero Kares said. “When both DNAs are toxic, there’s no way a relationship can go how it should. Your DNA is toxic, and now mine is toxic, and now we either have to deal with that toxicity or over time we’ll become poisoned. This song is very raw and emotional – not in an angry way, just edgy in its emotionality. It is what it is, and we need to acknowledge it and work through it or we’ll never grow and take that next step in the journey.” 

A lot of Zero Kares’ music is raw. He likes to play with big sounds and use those vibes as conduits for his emotions – bringing listeners along with him on the journey of self-discovery as he overcomes his own limitations and defeats the forces working against him. His style is very melodic, but it also bangs really hard. Some have described it as a mixture of The Weeknd and XXX Tentacion. And against that backdrop he shares messages and experiences of things he goes through in life.  

“I’m creating music that helps people ride that emotional roller coaster people go through,” he said. “I’m trying to enhance their life experiences. If you’re going through a situation in your life and one of my songs clicks with you, then maybe that helps you understand how someone else might feel. Or maybe it will get you hyped to go through whatever you’re going through. Or maybe it will just help you know that it’s all gonna be OK.” 

That kind of attitude permeates the music that Zero Kares creates, and serves as the defining mantra of his persona. It’s less a name that encourages people not to care about anything in life, and more a name that inspires people to live a carefree lifestyle. Bang to his music and you’ll get through whatever life throws at you. “Just live your best life and enjoy whatever you want to do,” he said.  

“DNA” is currently available across all streaming platforms and is the first from a new EP that will be a mix between EDM, Emo-Punk, and R&B. He said that project should come out later this year, and will serve as a showcase of his diversity – incorporating sounds from influences all over the world.  

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Arkansas artist GIC Bang releases his new music ‘Bout Da Paper’ | @GICBang

GIC Bang is an independent artist born in Blytheville, Arkansas and raised in Luxora, Arkansas. He is a part of his hometown’s label, Dope Hustle Ent. & under project management with Authentic Empire. GIC Bang developed his passion for music during his early teenage years and is looking to infiltrate the night club scene with his new hit single, Bout Da Paper. Within 5 yrs, he looks forward to being able to help local Arkansas artists become nationally known, and becoming a business mogul within hip hop. Check out ‘Bout Da Paper’ on all digital streaming platforms.

Follow on Social Media: @GICBang

Honcho Eazy – Get Treeshy X Flex

Honcho Eazy showcases Drippy type of sound on new EP ‘Blue Magic’ 

BRONX, NY – Milton McDonald’s story is your story. Surrounded by concrete jungles and glorified street life, the artist who goes by Honcho Eazy was determined to monopolize any opportunity he was given. His ambitions come from the same place as legends like Jay-Z, Fabolous and DMX. Growing up in a single-parent home with multiple siblings encouraged him to be the “one who made it.” He’s an inner-city child with Hollywood dreams, and he’s living out those dreams with a fast-rising and successful music career. 

His latest EP “Blue Magic” is causing quite a buzz in the music industry and gaining and ever-widening global audience thanks to its blend of unique sounds and styles. Self-described as “Drippy type of music” Honcho Eazy’s brand incorporates the pain and poverty of the projects alongside a modern and catchy sound that is undeniable. He makes Drippy, dance-ready music that captures the pain of life’s hardships but simultaneously helps you forget your worries. 

“I’m very creative and different,” he said. “My content is real-life things that have happened, but I’m able to create a different feeling and tell a different point of view of poverty. I have a different, Drippy, unique sound. When people hear my music they’re going to know I’ve overcome a lot of situations and now I’m a person who lives like a boss and overcomes like a boss and aims like a boss.” 

With “Blue Magic,” Honcho Eazy showcases four songs that display this unique sound and style. It starts with “Love Standards,” which has a groove that many of the ladies have loved since its release. He calls it his “proclamation of my standards on love,” and an exploration of what it takes to love yourself first before entering into a healthy relationship with someone else.  

This is followed by “Drip Step,” featuring his younger brother Q-God. He said “everything about this song is different,” and as such it’s a track that lets people know that he’s coming different with his music. It’s a hype song that turns pain into something good, while presenting a different point of view on the world.  

The third track on the EP is “Allstar,” which is Honcho’s most bragadocious single on the project. It’s literally a song that shows how confident he is with his craft. As a display of raw talent and ability, “Allstar” is the perfect single to put himself on display. 

The single that’s been getting the most attention, however, is the last track on the album called “Get Treeshy X Flex.” Honcho said it’s really two songs in one, and combined they make for the most hype energy on the entire EP. It has a more “popular” sound, he said, with a party vibe that will certainly get audiences up on their feet and dancing.  

“Treeshy can be related to many different things,” he said. “Everyone in New York knows what the word means, so I decided to get more creative and crafty with the word – putting my own style of Drip to it and giving it more feeling and meaning. And then I paired it with ‘Flex,’ which is more of an empowerment type of song. Ultimately it’s me talking about how I got to where I got to and inspiring other people to do the same.” 

Honcho said “Blue Magic” is actually only one of three EPs and a full album that he has complete and plans to release this year. “83 With A 30” will be the next release, which should drop before the end of the summer.

To listen to Honcho Eazy’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links:

Instagram: _drip_83honcho 

Snapchat: Honcho_Yeezy 

Souncloud: Honcho_Eazy

Alxndr Blue – Seasick (Feat. Don Quez)

Stand-out producer showcases his own music with new double-single release 

STOCKTON, CA – Eric Alexander Hall – better known by his stage name Alxndr Blue – is an American singer, songwriter and producer. For the last few years he’s carved out a niche within the music industry as one of the standout producers currently working in the game, operating under the name OFASHO. He’s collaborated and worked with many big artists in California, and now he’s ready to showcase his own artistry with a handful of new singles. 

His first official showcase of his sound to the world will be a double-single release of “Right Now” and “Seasick.” Though different in tone and vibe, the two songs play off one another with content. Alxndr Blue calls them a duality of love, with “Right Now” focusing on the positive and happy sides of a relationship with a woman, while “Seasick” focuses more on the toxic things that can come with an unhealthy relationship.  

“I wanted to display some versatility and range with this release,” Alxndr Blue said. “Both of them are similar in a way because they’re summer songs. They’re different but similar. I wanted to put them together because it’s like opposites attract. One of them you could play riding in the car, and the other you could play at a party.” 

Alxndr Blue said “Right Now” has more of a Pop/Alternative feel to it, whereas “Seasick” has more of a mellow, moody vibe. Both of those styles are indicative of the sounds he has perfected as an artist, though they merely scratch the surface when it comes to the bevvy of genres and mashups he brings to the table as an artist.  

Like many musicians, Alxndr Blue started on his journey of becoming a professional musician when he was a child. He would create raps in his bedroom, and had his own little setup for recording. What started as experimenting with Garage Band grew to become a full-fledged producing and songwriting career in his late teens and early 20s. He has since built up a name for himself on the production side over the past decade. But he’s always had the itch to create his own music, and today he’s finally taking that opportunity to show the world what he’s got. 

“I think I can go any direction with my music,” he said. “I really want to dive into so many different lanes. I want to do Pop and Hip-Hop and R&B – you name it, I want to dive into it. There are no boundaries. There are no labels. I’m just an all-around artist who uses music to make people feel emotions. If it’s a time when they’re going through something sad, they can listen to a sad song. If they need something to make them happy, they can listen to one of my happier songs. That’s what music has always been for me. And I’ve always gravitated toward the artists who are more vulnerable. I want to be that for other people. I want to be the artist that someone grows up listening to and becomes a fan forever. I want my music to live longer than me.” 

Alxndr Blue said he has a number of songs he plans to release this year, and will next be offering acoustic versions of his already released singles before the end of the summer.

To listen to his music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 

Listen to “Right Now” on Spotify 

Listen to “Seasick (feat. Don Quez)” on Spotify