Darrell Kelley

[NEW MUSIC] Darrell Kelley – “Violence and Hate”| @_darrellkelley

Darrell Kelley delivers another message-filled song titled “Violence and Hate” Last month’s release of Darrell Kelley’s blazing “Gun Reform” (released worldwide on the Viral Records label) decried the raging gun violence plaguing the United States. The Boston, MA native delivers similar messages in his songs like “Vote Him Out,” “Insane in the Ukraine,” “The Coronavirus,”and “AHMAUD.” Mr. Kelley currently resides in the sunshine state of … Continue reading [NEW MUSIC] Darrell Kelley – “Violence and Hate”| @_darrellkelley

Detroit artist Marcel Anthony releases his new single ‘Pulling Up’

Marcel Anthony releases his latest single ‘Pulling Up‘ available on all streaming platforms https://unitedmasters.com/m/62b5eda46dd1426571a24b09 https://music.apple.com/us/album/pulling-up-single/1631715146 https://open.spotify.com/track/3r3B99NU2SP4hZuPNxRlUs Stay Connected https://www.instagram.com/therealmarcelanthony/ Booking https://www.instagram.com/iambiggvon/   Continue reading Detroit artist Marcel Anthony releases his new single ‘Pulling Up’

[New Music] Jai-Jagdeesh – “Here Comes The Rain”

Jai-Jagdeesh released the second single, ‘Here Comes the Rain’ today from her upcoming album through Spirit Voyage Records. This song is the sound of the calm within the storm, the sound of pain and mourning.  Jai-Jagdeesh journeys from grief and rage to serenity in “Here Comes the Rain.” Inspired by a devastating event in her life, her words are like a stream of tranquility amidst the … Continue reading [New Music] Jai-Jagdeesh – “Here Comes The Rain”

Charlee Lynai


Charlee Lynai is serving a dose of reality with her new project “Leveled” Charlee Lynai the 4EYMG R&B artist treats her craft with care and compassion, sharing a piece of who she is in every song. She’s many things and in her project, she discusses the struggles to the successes of being a musician, wife, a new mother, and everything in between. It’s these aspects … Continue reading [NEW MUSIC] CHARLEE LYNAI – “LEVELED” | @CHARLEELYNAI

[VIDEO] Faith Walker – “Good 4 Me (20 After 4) Remix” @taotrecordings

Kick back and blaze up to the late Faith Walker’s “Good 4 Me (20 After 4) Remix.” The single/video is presented by Taot Recordings with production by Joebi-wan and featuring Ikee Mula and Thirsty McGurk. The track exudes chill vibes and aesthetics. So whether you’re searching for some tranquility or a spark of creativity press play for the best of both worlds. After long hours … Continue reading [VIDEO] Faith Walker – “Good 4 Me (20 After 4) Remix” @taotrecordings

[Music] Jaraiyia Alize’ (@JaraiyiaAlize) – “Ready To Go (Poooooounddd Towwwwwn)”

Jaraiyia Alize has fast become a hot topic for all music fans especially R&B and Hip-Hop fans. Today, the Danville, Illinois, native artist will release her third project and first of 2022. It is called “Ready To Go”. Jaraiyia Alize has been approaching the R&B and hip-hop limelight for months, and now, it seems, she’s bathing in it. Jaraiyia Alize will soon be in the … Continue reading [Music] Jaraiyia Alize’ (@JaraiyiaAlize) – “Ready To Go (Poooooounddd Towwwwwn)”

[New Music] Khemistry “In My Eyes ft Alonda Rich” & “Tables Turn ft Tha Writa”

Khemistry Sets The Vibes WIth New Music “In My Eyes ft Alonda Rich” & “Tables Turn ft Tha Writa” Women in Hip Hop are often looked at with skepticism about their abilities as lyricists. Khemistry used those doubts to fuel her ambition. Believing that SHE must create a path to her goal has been her blueprint. Khemistry was born in Hinsdale, IL on November 15th, 1988. … Continue reading [New Music] Khemistry “In My Eyes ft Alonda Rich” & “Tables Turn ft Tha Writa”



Jovan Marie aka “Honey” delivers her “Til The End” single written and produced by Father MC Jovan Marie (or ‘Honey’ as her alter ego is often referred to by family, friends, and fans alike) was born in Vallejo (CA). This cancer-born 90s baby is the middle child between 2 rough and tumble brothers, which is evident in her intrinsically suppressed inner tomboy energy that juxtaposes … Continue reading [NEW MUSIC] JOVAN MARIE – “TIL THE END”



Phoenix, Arizona Artist Lost Flyer releases his latest single, “Black Widow” Lost Flyer (Fly for short) is an artist currently in Phoenix, Arizona. Born in Rockford, Illinois, Lost Flyer always appreciated music. Inspired by the likes of Usher, J. Cole, and Drake, you can see right away the influences in Fly’s music. He released his first song while studying at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, … Continue reading [NEW MUSIC] LOST FLYER – “BLACK WIDOW” | @lost_flyer

[Video] Chantel – Henny Brina | @Chocahontas187

Inglewood-native Chantel is on a hot-streak as she releases her new video ‘Henny Brina’ which was directed by Ashley Eberbach. Henny Brina is a reflection of Chantel’s work with FOX’s ‘So you think you can dance’ and ‘Empire’. ‘Henny Brina’ is also available on all major platforms. Hit her social media and follow her path to success! Run up the new clip below! Follow Chantel on … Continue reading [Video] Chantel – Henny Brina | @Chocahontas187