[New Music] Slim Baby ft. Boosie BadAzz – “Lost My Mind”

Fresh off his most recent big hits Period ft DaBaby and My Eyes Hurt Boosie BadAzz is right back at it in the Studio with Slim Baby for this new hit single. The Original Lost My Mind was dropped in 2019 and has seen great success in streaming. As of January 2022 Lost My Mind on Spotify has been streamed 860,000 time and counting. This hidden gem should really shine now … Continue reading [New Music] Slim Baby ft. Boosie BadAzz – “Lost My Mind”

[New Music] DJ Skyscream – “Paradox”

Toronto’s DJ/Producer “DJ SKYSCREAM” releases his new album “PARADOX” available on all major streaming platforms now. Skyscream has created a versatile blend of music with Dancehall, R&B, EDM, Pop, Hardtrap/festivaltrap, Rap, Grime and Latin.  He has landed himself on blogs and magazines such as THIS IS 50, Buzz music, Purple Melon, MusicTalentPool, OutThaBando, Commotion Magazine and more. He has been on radio stations such as … Continue reading [New Music] DJ Skyscream – “Paradox”

[New Music] Tiney Gamora X – “Ba Sambwe”

Rising artist Tiney Gamora X returns with a new hit single titled “Ba Sambwe”. Check it out below and follow her on social media for her latest releases. Connect: https://open.spotify.com/artist/55XCuA5w9338b494DKAljQ?si=HTHqARNJT…https://www.instagram.com/tiney_gamora_x_officiel001/http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCparihWH6SyQ-1AqPDv9EKA Continue reading [New Music] Tiney Gamora X – “Ba Sambwe”

[New Music] Chvrles Vnthony – “It’s Better This Way”

There are many ways to describe Chvrles Vnthony: unique, talented and charismatic. Above all, Chvrles Vnthony is the real deal. Using his strengths to combine art, story and song in perfect unison, the versatility and confidence is what built character. Chvrles Vnthony has been on a pursuit in defiantly achieving greatness over nonsense through consistent growth. 2022 is getting kicked off in a major way … Continue reading [New Music] Chvrles Vnthony – “It’s Better This Way”

[New Music] Nymrod – “Educated Thug Music Vol. 1; The Year Of The Narcissist”

Corry Paris Stokes — better known as Nymrod — recently released his long-awaited album, “Educated Thug Music Vol. 1; The Year of The Narcissist.”  The veteran rapper and songwriter shows off his musical form of vocal delivery that incorporates “rhyme, rhythmic speech and street vernacular in this 12-track album. Featuring musicians like Haddy Racks, Royal Flush and Manifest — just to name a few — … Continue reading [New Music] Nymrod – “Educated Thug Music Vol. 1; The Year Of The Narcissist”

[New Music] Pnpmar – “Said It”

Rising Gutter Flow Entertainment artist Pnpmar just dropped a hot new video titled “Said It” off his “For The Culture” album. Check it out now and follow him on social media for his latest releases. Connect: Instagram: https://instagram.com/pnpmar?utm_medium=copy_link Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/pnpmar YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/PNPX16 Website: https://msha.ke/pnpmar/ Continue reading [New Music] Pnpmar – “Said It”

[New Music] Kodoku to Release New Hit Single “Toxins”

Eric Yang always knew he would be prolific while growing up in a small town in North Carolina. Learning various instruments such as guitar, piano, and drums growing up, Eric knew music was his passion. Shortly after, Kodoku was born. Having big dreams in a small town may be more ambitious than most, and Kodoku suffered consequences. He was an outcast during his high school … Continue reading [New Music] Kodoku to Release New Hit Single “Toxins”

[New Music] THAKUR – “Daylight”

An explosive hip-hop duo who has been called the ‘male/female essence that has been missing from the industry’, Marrio Marshall AKA Big Yo, and New York-born, New Orleans raised, Toni Hickman, have announced their new partnership as THAKUR with the release of their seminal debut single, ‘Daylight’. While Big Yo and Toni have already made their mark on the industry as solo artists, their collaboration … Continue reading [New Music] THAKUR – “Daylight”