[New Music] Deetrxll – “Coke Boy”

Dylan Rhine, who goes by the stage name Deetrxll, celebrated this year with some great news about his music career. He recently released a new song “Coke Boy”, which has peaked at # 18 on Apple’s UK Top 100 Hip Hop Chart.  Deetrxll has put a lot of work into his music career behind the scenes. However, he wasn’t handed this opportunity easily. What a lot … Continue reading [New Music] Deetrxll – “Coke Boy”

[New Music] Marto – “Innocent”

19 year-old Vancouver artist Marto has shared a fresh new visual for his song “Innocent”, produced by Joshwa. The artist, whose music frequently blends idiosyncratic experimentation with relatability for an engaging, progressive listen, continues his streak of prolific releases with “Innocent.” The track’s forward-thinking style and colorful sonics make it a suitable soundtrack for the digital age, and its new accompanying visual does well to enhance its energizing … Continue reading [New Music] Marto – “Innocent”

[New Music] Morgan Pirtle – “TS4L”

Chicago-based artist Morgan Pirtle has shared a refreshing new single called “TS4L.” She grew up surrounded by the sounds of Ella Fitzgerald and Carole King, which inspired her to eventually pursue a degree in Vocal Jazz. Her in-depth studies of the genre inspired her to naturally blend jazz with other contemporary influences, painting ethereal and impactful soundscapes with her music. Pirtle’s latest single captures her poignant, sharp … Continue reading [New Music] Morgan Pirtle – “TS4L”

[New Music] G-Smith – “Like Me”

Rising rap-sensation G-Smith maintains his ferocious pathway to the top by continuously releasing additions to his massive discography with a consistent taste of Energetic and forceful, stylish, yet militant lyricism with a Louisiana soul influenced assembly. From Hip-hop to pop G-Smith makes vibrant records, Incorporating pop & hip-hop on his latest Ep., A 7 track project entitled “what about the ladies”. The lead single “like me” sets the tone for … Continue reading [New Music] G-Smith – “Like Me”

[News] Producer Peigh Jones Signs Artist Deal With MTD Bass

After 20 plus years in the industry as a producer, artist, musician and bassist Peigh Jones signs with one of the biggest names in handmade instruments Michael Tobias Design.  “I’m just grateful for the opportunity, I’m very blessed and I don’t take this endorsement lightly. I was first introduced to MTD around the age of 10 when one of my mentors had a Tobias Signature … Continue reading [News] Producer Peigh Jones Signs Artist Deal With MTD Bass

[New Music] Ram Dass – “Siddhartha”

SAN FRANCISCO, CA. September 9, 2022  – Ram Dass releases a three-track EP, “Siddhartha” as a preview to his upcoming album “The Unimaginable” on Spirit Voyage Records.  On Siddhartha, he presents a collection of purely instrumental tracks to bathe you in a sea of profound calm.  You can feel the movement of sound and silence on Siddharta as if the instruments are breathing.  Ram Dass … Continue reading [New Music] Ram Dass – “Siddhartha”

[New Music] YB – “Wings of An Angel”

YB has returned once again with the deluxe version of his stellar album WINGS OF AN ANGEL. YB is originally from Pine Bluff, AR, and has been steadily building a catalogue of infectious, powerful hip-hop releases that showcase his sharp lyrical ability and keen sense for engaging songwriting. WINGS OF AN ANGEL [DELUXE] is his latest full-length offering, following up the original album release from … Continue reading [New Music] YB – “Wings of An Angel”

[New Music] Rich Ash – “Update”

Rich Ash is an upcoming artist and producer from Detroit, MI who has the full package. Lyricical, witty, luxurious, creative, optimistic are a few ways one might describe him. The music depicts life lessons, struggles, blessings, success, and plethora of other things. Rich has pioneered his path in the music world with catchy street music that proudly illuminates his hometown and hood. Rich Ash has … Continue reading [New Music] Rich Ash – “Update”

[New Music] Jeweliet – “Prescription”

Jeweliet is a New York City-based R&B and Pop artist. I was born in Brooklyn on September 30, 2003, and currently living in Staten Island; coming from an Italian-Chinese descent, my love and appreciation for music started at three years old. “My eccentric and positive outlook on music has influenced my style while creating. Some of my biggest inspirations are Lauryn Hill, Rhianna, Travis Scott, … Continue reading [New Music] Jeweliet – “Prescription”

[New Music] J.J. Tha Wikid 1 – “Get Up”

Born in Minnesota, raised in Indiana, J.J. (J.J. Tha Wikid1) started writing rhymes as a teen in 1995. He started producing beats in 1998. He was the producer and a member of the hip-hop group WSM (Wikid Style Music) for several years. Then was the producer and member of the hip-hop duo J.J. & Whydhe Write. Now J.J. is making new history for the 1st … Continue reading [New Music] J.J. Tha Wikid 1 – “Get Up”