[New Music] Haze OPC To Drop New Single “All White” (Feeling Godly)

The Art of Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of Art passed down from generation to generation. Every culture have stories and sayings that has survived some horrendous times. It’s safe to say some were forbidden, hidden, and sacred. Haze OPC is a one of one artist that has the gift of storytelling used to convey messages using his lyricism so the listeners can … Continue reading [New Music] Haze OPC To Drop New Single “All White” (Feeling Godly)

Zeal Static – “Different Ways”

Fresh from a hiatus of about 2 years from the music scene, Zeal Static is back transformed and ready for action with his latest single release “Different Ways”, which comprises Drill and Trap elements. This track shows the articulate and poetic prowess of Zeal Static and conveys his ambitious come up and hustle. As the rap and hip hop scene has tremendously changed and evolved from what … Continue reading Zeal Static – “Different Ways”

[New Music] Lil 610 – “Percs” ft. Kankan & Swami Uchiha

Dreamy soundscapes and heavy rhythms back up the undeniable versatility of rapper and artist Lil 610, amidst dozens of original releases and an ever-expanding audience reach. Based out of Philadelphia, Lil 610 unites passion, talent and work ethic, delivering a string of singles in recent years, each promising personal insight, style, confidence, and a fresh anthem for the contemporary scene. From the outright presence and … Continue reading [New Music] Lil 610 – “Percs” ft. Kankan & Swami Uchiha

[New Music] J75 – “Shark City Kid”

Jahleel Rogers aka J75 is an Independent Rap artist from Virginia Beach, Virginia. He is a combat Army veteran that got out of the military to pursue his love and passion for music. He has worked with Artists like ONE SON and producers like DJ Cassanova, Khalid Salaam, DJ Ty Infamous, Douglas Rogers and Big Fella. He has performed at various small venues in Amarillo, … Continue reading [New Music] J75 – “Shark City Kid”

[New Music] Yaway Martian – “Sorry Not”

Yaway Martian Best known for his creative and artistic approach to rap, Yaway Martian is a sensational Hip Hop artist. He released his first E.P titled, “Cetus Star” in 2015, ushiming him into the American indie rap realm. Yaway, popularly known as Yannick Bishop Mutombo was born on May 2, 1990. He fell in love with Hip Hop at the age of 9 and presently earned a … Continue reading [New Music] Yaway Martian – “Sorry Not”

[New Music] Tian Boothe – “CP Original”

Singer-songwriter Tian Boothe released her latest single, “CP Original” in May 2, 2022 on all major platforms. This song is the pop artists first r&b/trap single. She is well known for her single “Shattered Dream” and is currently working on her Album for “E. R. Emotional Release”. The music video for “CP Original” is set to release at the end of May. Continue reading [New Music] Tian Boothe – “CP Original”

[New Music] JTLR – “The Thickies”

JTLR consists of group members MC Jonny T & Lyric Richardson. The two define their sound as a hybrid of pure Hip Hop & 90’s influenced R&B. JTLR is a musical experience with throwback nods to feel-good vibes and sensible lyrics. Their newest release “The Thickies” celebrates women of size and their acceptance. The self-produced song comes in a fun piano-keys-driven mix and a smoother R&B … Continue reading [New Music] JTLR – “The Thickies”

[New Music] Mayjah Payne – “No Payne No Gain”

Marc “Mayjah” Payne proves to be one of Hollywood’s most promising talents as a professional recording artist, published author, creative beat-maker, diligent producer, and entertaining storyteller. As a talented lyricist and charismatic performer Marc “Mayjah” Payne not only delivers quality rhymes with catchy melodies, but he also is a piano virtuoso and makes some of his own beats. Growing up in the diverse streets of … Continue reading [New Music] Mayjah Payne – “No Payne No Gain”