[New Music] Yung Hen – “Old McDonald”

The music I make now is so different now. I have improved in almost every way possible since I my first song. I would say the biggest improvement is the quality. When I started going to studios my sound instantly got better. I first started memorizing other rap songs, then in high school began writing my own raps. I was inspired by eminem, Kendrick Lamar, … Continue reading [New Music] Yung Hen – “Old McDonald”

[New Music] RAINMANSTEEL – “Low Class”

RAINMANSTEEL is set to drop a hot new project titled “Low Class” July 22nd. Ater a year of drought of unreleased music RAINMANSTEEL returns with some of his best music! Check out the snippet now and make sure you follow him on social media for his upcoming releases. Connect:Instagram: @RainManSteelFaceBook: @RainManSteel Continue reading [New Music] RAINMANSTEEL – “Low Class”

[New Music] Morgan Gold – “Midas”

CHICAGO, IL. – “Do you need a break from your beliefs?” Morgan asks as she lures you into a post-modern, dazzling utopia; a universe forever altered by the “midas touch”. “MIDAS”, the debut album of Morgan Gold, is nothing short of a delicate and ethereal experience. Executively produced by her longtime partner, 730Skylar, the duo shines brighter than ever. Staying true to their cinematic and … Continue reading [New Music] Morgan Gold – “Midas”

[New Music] Adjnamedroach – “Never Go Back”

Adjnamedroach, born Bryan Andrew Dunn, is an artist you need to get familiar with. Adjnamedroach, also known as Roach, is one of the most promising artist’s from the South. He makes real music for those who have experienced the struggle and overcame it to become successful. The artist released his hit single “WTF You Want”, which gained 100k+ views on YouTube. Following the success of his last … Continue reading [New Music] Adjnamedroach – “Never Go Back”

[New Music] Jai-Jagdeesh – “Here Comes The Rain”

Jai-Jagdeesh released the second single, ‘Here Comes the Rain’ today from her upcoming album through Spirit Voyage Records. This song is the sound of the calm within the storm, the sound of pain and mourning.  Jai-Jagdeesh journeys from grief and rage to serenity in “Here Comes the Rain.” Inspired by a devastating event in her life, her words are like a stream of tranquility amidst the … Continue reading [New Music] Jai-Jagdeesh – “Here Comes The Rain”

[New Music] Fatboyshaun & Ricky Mapes – ‘Evil Twin’

Fatboyshaun and Ricky Mapes reunite for a small family reunion with their newest project Evil Twin. Shaun and Ricky’s chemistry is unmatched to a level of perfection with this release; what was once teased as a possible matchup on Shaun’s latest release has now been confirmed as the heavy-hitting dynamic duo that is Shaun & Ricky—or Evil Twin. You genuinely have no clue which of … Continue reading [New Music] Fatboyshaun & Ricky Mapes – ‘Evil Twin’

[New Music] Haze OPC To Drop New Single “All White” (Feeling Godly)

The Art of Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of Art passed down from generation to generation. Every culture have stories and sayings that has survived some horrendous times. It’s safe to say some were forbidden, hidden, and sacred. Haze OPC is a one of one artist that has the gift of storytelling used to convey messages using his lyricism so the listeners can … Continue reading [New Music] Haze OPC To Drop New Single “All White” (Feeling Godly)

Zeal Static – “Different Ways”

Fresh from a hiatus of about 2 years from the music scene, Zeal Static is back transformed and ready for action with his latest single release “Different Ways”, which comprises Drill and Trap elements. This track shows the articulate and poetic prowess of Zeal Static and conveys his ambitious come up and hustle. As the rap and hip hop scene has tremendously changed and evolved from what … Continue reading Zeal Static – “Different Ways”

[New Music] Lil 610 – “Percs” ft. Kankan & Swami Uchiha

Dreamy soundscapes and heavy rhythms back up the undeniable versatility of rapper and artist Lil 610, amidst dozens of original releases and an ever-expanding audience reach. Based out of Philadelphia, Lil 610 unites passion, talent and work ethic, delivering a string of singles in recent years, each promising personal insight, style, confidence, and a fresh anthem for the contemporary scene. From the outright presence and … Continue reading [New Music] Lil 610 – “Percs” ft. Kankan & Swami Uchiha