Pittsburgh rising star Jayko delivered his newest project entitled ‘Round 2’

Pittsburgh rising star Jayko delivered his newest project entitled ‘Round 2’. This music is available on all digital streaming platforms and definitely worth a listen. Expect a lot of big things from Jayko the rest of 2021 and beyond!


Twitter: @OfficialJayko

Instagram: @THEREALJAYKO100

HollyGME releases his new project ‘Family First 4’

Coming off his solid single “Clipped” Queens artist HollyGME released his new project Family First 4. Some of the production on the album includes Young Devante, So Special, Swede of 808 Mafia, Buckroll and many more! Based on the current reviews, this album has gritty beats, splendid wordplay with a habit-forming flow! The features included Atlanta’s own Euro Gotit, Lakeith Rashad, Jusz and Kevin Hues. There is rumors floating around saying HollyGME is currently working on a Deluxe for F4F and we hope those rumors are true! Here’s the link and I KNOW you will enjoy it!


Download & Stream Elegense – Sisterly Love II

Elegense – Sisterly Love II


Elegense – Sisterly Love II

1. Straight Two Da Bag

2. Love Gone Rain

3. Washed Up

4. On Go

5.  Wit It

6. Wanting You

7. Mama Pick Up

Bottom2thatop Records releases another mixtape from Elegense Sisterly Love II by Elegense. Elegense previous mixtape hot single “Joog” peaked at #34 on iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap charts. Elegense will be releasing more music, and music videos. Be on the lookout for new artists Elegense. Bottom2thatop Records, one of the industry’s pre-eminent independent record labels home to a multifaceted and diverse range of artists, and more; fast becoming one of the most successful record labels worldwide. Tell us what you think of the music.

Download & Stream Elegense – Sisterly Love II






https://topmixtapes.com/mixtapes/view/Elegense-Sisterly-Love-II.518755.html https://certifiedbootleg.com/audio/elegense-sisterly-love-ii-by-audiopush-mack-listen-download-stream/







Bottom2thatop Records


Atlanta based indie labels delivers a new collab ‘INFAMOUS HUSSLE’

THE INFAMOUS HUSSLE (Dave Skillz, YBA Coop, Big Blujay, Trap Whiz)


Infamous Sound Music Line just dropped off a compilation project showcasing the Atlanta based indie labels talent, and we weren’t dissatisfied. We get a good feel as to what these guys are pumping out of the studio with 2021’s “INFAMOUS HUSSLE”. Periodically the label will drop off these comp projects as a forefront to something else to shortly follow, so expect a barrage of music for the remainder of the year. Project includes production from INFAMOUS’ own COOPMUZIK “All Eyes On Me” and a familiar sound from KONA BEATS “Finer Thingz” along with others, and the notable records here are “PPP” (Big Blujay), “DRAG RACE” (Dave Skillz, Trap Whiz, Big Blujay), “FROZE” (YBA Coop), “CONFIDENT” (Trap Whiz), and “WE NEED MORE” (Dave Skillz). You can stream the 11 track project “INFAMOUS HUSSLE” on all platforms.

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New Album ‘See The Sun’ by Jeremiah Bonez

‘See The Sun’ is a Hip Hop/Rap project from Jeremiah Bonez (@jeremiahbonez). The release of this album is inspired by the recent times we’ve experienced as humanity and what it means to be an individual; to be your own person and live your life the way that you want to, because life is too short.

The title ‘See The Sun’ was inspired by a line from a Tupac record, ‘So Many Tears’, where Tupac laments: “Will I survive until the morning to see the sun?/ please lord forgive me for my sins cuz here I come/“. It is a story about the journey of being yourself, no matter what the circumstances are around you, making sure to see the next day… to see the sun and survive.

‘See The Sun’ is a 6 track album with features from Von The Cool Crook (@insert________here), King Sleez (@tallz.eye.view), Kendra (@kendraellamo), & Rahleek (@rah_news). The production on the album was handled by GTONTHETRACK (@focus_on_the_big_pic), Isaiah A.M.(@isaiah.am.music), & Tryna Live (@trynaliveprod), TruHefner/Tha 10th Man (@aaron_gant). Additional Production, mixing and mastering by Beats By Mills (@beatsbymills).

Artist link https://linktr.ee/JBonezFK

See The Sun EP link https://unitedmasters.com/m/605226e3a226c77eecc18723

New Clay James verse released on @snoopdogg & @djfunkyATL mixtape “Weed Strains & Bigger Brands” | @whoisclayjames

New Clay James verse released on Snoop Dogg & DJ Funky mixtape “Weed Strains & Bigger Brands”

Georgia emcee Clay James links with Backwud Marc on a cool laid back track entitled “Eldorado”. This song is definitely something you could smoke and ride to. It’s track 31 on Snoop Dogg and DJ Funky’s new mixtape “Weed Strains & Bigger Brands” exclusively on Livemixtapes presented by The Coalition DJs.


Salt Lake City rapper Theby M drops off his new mixtape ‘I DID 2’ | @theby_m

Salt Lake City rapper Theby M drops off his new mixtape ‘I DID 2.’ With a theme of an outsider making it happen and making a difference in the oversaturated Hip Hop music scene, the tone is set by imposing album cover.

At 40-minute long, the mixtape opens with Baby Bela –  a catchy, blended duet featuring Angelino artist Louie V. Navigating through adversity and self reflection, Theby M offers a diverse body of work that sheds light on his artistic and innovative talent.

Stream the 13-track body of work below, and give Theby M a follow on Instagram to stay up-to-date with his music.

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DJ Kawon Presents ‘We Move Different’ Vol 3

DJ Kawon, CEO of Kawon J Media and The Mixtape Show returns with Volume III of the series ‘We Move Different.’ The 13-track project features new music from legendary Father MC along with exclusive tracks from top-notch emcees throughout the globe. Stream/download ‘We Move Different Vol III’ below.

We Move Different Vol. III by DJ Kawon Presents: Listen on Audiomack

[Album] Marley G’z – BAGHDAD 2

New from Marley G’z – BAGHDAD 2


Intro Video https://youtu.be/PP26SU8Ie14

Stay Connected https://www.instagram.com/marleygz60

Marley G’z , is a Hip Hop artist from the birth place of Multi platinum recording artist PARDISON FONTAINE. NEWBURGH NY. Newburgh Ny, is a city 60 miles North of Manhattan. Growing up in this povery stricken city left Marley G’z with little choice but to learn to survive in the jungle where he was raised. As a reference,the NY based rapper stated in his Song “INTRO” that he is from “a place where the killers get killed”. With no economy other then the streets Marley G’z paints a vivid picture of what takes place in the hood he is from. With all the melodic tunes & drill rap dominating the musical sound right now. Artist like Marley G’z is a breath of fresh air to the culture and a popular choice for those that in love with Gangster rap. Strong story telling with catchy punch lines seperates the New York artist. Stay tuned. Baghdad 1 & Baghdad 2 on all streaming platform now. Take a listen to HIP HOPS next Savior. It’s G’Z!!

Move over Marshmellow… There’s a new faceless genius

New music producer EyeOnEyez is no rookie in the business of music. Having produced and recorded with Hip Hop heavyweights Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, the late Prodigy of Mobb Deep, TI and even legendary members of the Wu Tang Clan amongst many others, EyeOnEyez’s name and unique sound has been forever cemented in rap culture, respectfully.

EyeOnEyez’s desire to create trap music began in 2015. He learned to play bass and guitar at age 14 with aspirations to become a jazz musician. “Hip hop has always been at the forefront of my goals, so my love for music production drew me back to the studio.” Indubiously known for his unconventional basslines and live instrumental rifts and improvisations, EyeOnEyez was introduced to Wu Tang Clan’s Raekwon, who he continues to credit for his official introduction into the entertainment industry as a connector for the novice producer.

“Having money is great, but being famous is a liability.” -EyeOnEyez, on maintaining anonymity as a well-known producer and music influencer. When asked about his infamous red mask, EyeOnEyez lends to his mysterious, introverted nature. Debuting on the highly anticipated video featuring the late Prodigy as a way to maintain privacy as a public figure, EyeOnEyez described the eeriness surrounding the unreleased visual as “dark” and “creepy as hell”. After the untimely death of Prodigy, EyeOnEyez changed his mask from black to red, symbolizing the transition of his thoughts from a character in a music video representing evil and death to an introverted musical genius.

Stepping from behind the shadows of enigma, the masked super producer taps fellow trap artists, TI, 42 Dugg, Yung Dro and others to debut his first solo project, “Greed and Mystery”. “Greed is a driving force in the world behind many things; no one wants to appear greedy so they veil it in mystery, creating an uncomfortable feeling in society,” he explains, elaborating on the meaning behind the title. “Greed + mystery = creates perception of evil.” With breakout songs such as “We Paid” and “Look What I Got” featuring 42 Dugg, EyeOnEyez explains the inspiration behind the visual concepts. “For ‘Look What I Got’, I pulled ideas from my favorite TV show ‘Rick and Morty’ and classic film ‘Faces of Death’. I used many themes to bring my thoughts to life and used a simple story line to bring everything to life.”

EyeOnEyez continues to inspire an alternative genre of upcoming artists and musicians and offers simple advice: If you love music, you just do it. Most musicians are compulsive. Sometimes it’s against your best interest. Most musicians create music because we have to. It’s in your veins… in your thoughts…ingrained in your every moment of life. Never stop working on your craft. You never know where you may land… or where your imagination may take you.”

Available now https://open.spotify.com/track/7qgpIeVHYaaF7XkR4pebGc?si=joANyl9RS3uP7rf5ijP9_A