[Single] Omega Tha Kid – Intel | @omegathakid

Omega Tha Kid admits to battling his inner demons while dealing with social & moral inequality while pursuing his dreams in his latest record titled ‘Intel’

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[Single] Blaze Gotti – The Cut (Prod. Beat Dilla)

“The Cut” is a story about going threw a ruff period in life were you get to a point of feeling that everyone has doubted or turned there back on you. Knowing we’re you come from an what you’re made of, you have no choice but to resort back to “The Cut”, Which represents a place of solicitude. Were Your only option is to be resilient, strong an focused. “The Cut” is a Statement that anywhere you put me I’ll Stand Tall.

(Prod. Beat Dilla)

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[Single] Flu God Squally – Flu Season

Miami native, Flu God Squally, returns with a new single “Flu Season”. The single originates from his brand F.L.U, which stands for, Fly Life Uncensored and was formulated with the help of his older brother. Ever since, F.L.U. has played a major part of who he’s becoming. The fact that Squally is so well-rounded musically, his ability to paint a vivid picture lyrically makes his music marketable amongst many fan bases and demographics. “Flu Season” mentions designer drip, jewelry, money, and women; things most young guys his age are interested in. Squally’s memorable hook serves as a smooth transition into each verse. As the anticipation for summer builds, this tracks upbeat feel gives listeners the perfect song to vibe to.

In the past, Flu God Squally has performed all over Atlanta. He has used the platforms of Atlanta Hip Hop Day, The Sweet Auburn Festival, SXSW and the A3C Music Festival & Conference to gain exposure in order to boost his fanbase. These experiences have helped towards making and maintaining a unique sound and style of music that will leverage much success in this ever-changing music industry.

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[Single] King Turp – Got Smoke? @iamkingturp

Rapper King Turp is on his way to moving to No.1 on the charts and becoming one of your favorite artist in such a short period of time. Signed to Risk Takerz the label, King Turp is one of the chosen few. The rapper born Keevin Turpin is known in his native Jacksonville Florida as an emergent artist. With a diverse sound, King Turp makes both hard tracks for the streets and comparatively lighter jams for parties. Turp speaks his pain through music, while expressing his purpose and drive. Witnessing his father and brother in prison, Turp is working towards change. As his mom being his biggest motivator, he plans to stick to his craft and never quit. King Turp will release his freshman project “Reality Check” March 2019.

Single Download Link: https://www.virdiko.com/album/got-smoke

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