Jay Whyman

Jay Whyman – “In My Maybach” |@diamondback1974

Jay Whyman: The International R&B Artist releases his latest single “In My Maybach” Jay Whyman was raised in NZ and Australia. Jay is a former BMX Cycling Champion and grew up in the Motown era of music. Later Jay found a Talent for Songwriting. Jay eventually met and collaborated with Sam Hudson from Ikon Productions located in Brisbane.  Since 2020, Jay and Sam have been … Continue reading Jay Whyman – “In My Maybach” |@diamondback1974

Fabiano do Nascimento

Fabiano do Nascimento – “Trem-bala” [Music]

Fabiano do Nascimento introduces his single “Trem-bala” From the “Preludio” EP  Fabiano do Nascimento is a Guitarist, Composer, and Producer, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and based in Los Angeles, CA. Do Nascimento was born into a musical family, from a lineage that stretches back to his great-grandfather Ladario Teixeira, a blind saxophonist who contributed to the re-creation of the instrument by … Continue reading Fabiano do Nascimento – “Trem-bala” [Music]

Asher Laub

Asher Laub (@asherlaub) – “Atlantis” [MUSIC]

Violinist Asher Laub’s latest track makes its debut on all Digital Music Streaming Platforms Innovative electric violinist Asher Laub’s original track, “Atlantis,” was released in July via FD Productions. With over 13K views and still growing on YouTube alone, it only proves that the audience is enjoying this track. In this project, Laub takes the listeners on a journey where he exhibits his artistry and … Continue reading Asher Laub (@asherlaub) – “Atlantis” [MUSIC]


Greze releases new music ‘Melanin Moonlight’

‘Melanin Moonlight’ by Greze A Love Story played out through a few of the most popular Black Family sitcoms of the 90’s. Prod by BeatsCraze Stay Connected Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GREZE618 Twitter: https://twitter.com/greze?lang=en Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/grezekingkong/ Website: https://www.blackfarmerco.com Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7lnPbokwY9lCniujbXKZ2u?si=0AKylOwEQhSwjwbiBWNPaQ&dl_branch=1 Subscribe to the official Greze Gutta YouTube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAAl8u3NwVTAd0311JTXyIQ Continue reading Greze releases new music ‘Melanin Moonlight’

IL Boi and 23 KP have collaborated to create a track for music lovers across the world ‘7 Days A Week’

IL Boi and 23 KP have collaborated to create a track for music lovers across the world. 7 Days A Week has not only Hip Hop elements on the track but also a spicy salsa feel with a combination of R&b and soul.  Everything is all rolled into one great record for our fans. IL Boi and 23 KP along with background vocalist Whitley D … Continue reading IL Boi and 23 KP have collaborated to create a track for music lovers across the world ‘7 Days A Week’


[MUSIC] Def Poet MC – “Gotta Tell The Truth” | @DEFPOETMC

Def Poet MC Delivers His Latest Single “Gotta Tell The Truth” Def Poet MC started performing at a poetry club called (S.P.E.A.K.), short for Student Poets Eloquently Articulating Knowledge, at Florida International University in 2010. Little did he know that he had begun his journey to becoming a renowned rhymester in the musical sector. Since then, he has decided not to turn back. He is an … Continue reading [MUSIC] Def Poet MC – “Gotta Tell The Truth” | @DEFPOETMC



East Coast Artist Darrell Kelley delivers a message in his latest single “Gun Reform” Darrell Kelley’s “Gun Reform”, released globally on the Viral Records label, takes up this battle cry against the NRA and the seemingly uncontrolled flow of automatic weapons in every corner of this country. Kelley employs his lyrical skills to shoot from the hip with lines like “It’s hard to get a … Continue reading [NEW MUSIC] DARRELL KELLEY – “GUN REFORM”| @_darrellkelley


[New Music] Rocky Sandoval- “Deadstock”| @rockycsandoval

Hip-Hop Artist Rocky Sandoval Shares New Single “Deadstock” Hip-hop/R&B artist Rocky Sandoval has revealed his brand-new single, “Deadstock”. Born in the Philippines and raised in Tacoma, WA, Rocky has been on the rise for several years now with a string of successful releases under his belt, such as last year’s popular “Nineties Are n Be”. Known for his incredibly entertaining high-energy live performances, smooth vocals … Continue reading [New Music] Rocky Sandoval- “Deadstock”| @rockycsandoval



Music Artist CasoBaby’s New Single “Fake Lovee”makes its Debut on Spotify CasoBaby drops a new single named “Fake Lovee”. This is his first single that is released on Spotify. According to CasoBaby, “Fake Lovee” is based on you having fake people around you and them giving you fake love, but at the end of the day, you know where your loyalty stands, and you know … Continue reading [NEW MUSIC] CASOBABY – “FAKE LOVEE”| @CasoBaby1


[NEW MUSIC] FLOW4THOUGHT – “TOXIC”| @flow4thought

Flow4Thought delivers his latest single “Toxic” Flow4Thought born as Dezmonde Thomas developed his stage name and presence within the music scene. As the New Jersey native stepped into his new shoes as an artist, he embodied his new alias, Flow4thought. He describes the meaning behind the name “F.L.O.W.” is an acronym which stands for, ‘For Love of Writing’.  “I added 4 thought because I love … Continue reading [NEW MUSIC] FLOW4THOUGHT – “TOXIC”| @flow4thought