Tone Tana

[NEW MUSIC] Tone Tana -“Bongiorno Baby” |@ToneTana83

East Coast Lyricist Tone Tana delivers his latest compilation “Bongiorno Baby”

Tone tana

Tone Tana, born as Tony Crespo is of Puerto Rican descent. He’s from a Housing Projects called the Southfield Village in Stamford, Connecticut. Music was a getaway, an escape from the deflated dreams that you hear about in the projects. His influences are Wu-Tang, Jay Z, Nas, Pun, Mobb Deep, CNN, and an array of merengue and Salsa. Tone Tana’s favorite album is N.O.R.E. by NORE. 

Tana went on and dropped “Back 2 The Wall” last year and is following up with the “Bongiorno Baby” release on 9/26 of this year. The tracks “Weather Storms and Free” are said to be perfect for relationship highs and lows. While “The Intro” captures the raw, lyrical content that Tone Tana thrives on. “Bongiorno Baby” is an artistic moment of Donatello painting his neighborhood. “Bishop” is a tribute to Tone Tana’s late brother and Floatin’ keeps him in the tides with today’s youth. Be sure to connect with Tone Tana on social media and digital music outlets.