Tony Backwoodz remembers a real one in his new single “Deep End” @bigbaccy14

Life has its many ups and downs and there are a lot of things you can’t control. Somethings you can’t control is the day god decides to bring you home. Even when you not ready, you have to be ready and sometimes it drives you to the “Deep End”

Tony Backwoodz is an artist out of Pittsburgh, Pa Mid-Atlantic Region where he experienced someone, he considers a real one be called back home. Perfectly titled “Deep End” Tony talks about the life and good times him and his partner had when in the streets. When you with your homie you move the streets and grow up together dreaming of the dope life.

“Deep End’ breaks down those experiences with his Dog and the pain of him losing his life almost drove him to the “Deep End”. To understand his pain, you have to live the way he did. This is truly pain painted in music form and with the new visual you feel the pressure even more.

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