[New Music] Rich Ash – “Update”

Rich Ash is an upcoming artist and producer from Detroit, MI who has the full package. Lyricical, witty, luxurious, creative, optimistic are a few ways one might describe him. The music depicts life lessons, struggles, blessings, success, and plethora of other things. Rich has pioneered his path in the music world with catchy street music that proudly illuminates his hometown and hood. Rich Ash has … Continue reading [New Music] Rich Ash – “Update”

[New Music] Jeweliet – “Prescription”

Jeweliet is a New York City-based R&B and Pop artist. I was born in Brooklyn on September 30, 2003, and currently living in Staten Island; coming from an Italian-Chinese descent, my love and appreciation for music started at three years old. “My eccentric and positive outlook on music has influenced my style while creating. Some of my biggest inspirations are Lauryn Hill, Rhianna, Travis Scott, … Continue reading [New Music] Jeweliet – “Prescription”

[New Music] J.J. Tha Wikid 1 – “Get Up”

Born in Minnesota, raised in Indiana, J.J. (J.J. Tha Wikid1) started writing rhymes as a teen in 1995. He started producing beats in 1998. He was the producer and a member of the hip-hop group WSM (Wikid Style Music) for several years. Then was the producer and member of the hip-hop duo J.J. & Whydhe Write. Now J.J. is making new history for the 1st … Continue reading [New Music] J.J. Tha Wikid 1 – “Get Up”

[New Music] Gio Genesis – “Wasting Away”

23 year-old New York artist Gio Genesis has shared a potent new single called “Wasting Away.” If you are a fan of stars such as Giveon, Khalid, and Daniel Caesar, you will be a fan of Gio Genesis’s soulful melodies and his story. His sound is very much inspired by them. Fresh Scoops describe his music as “a nostalgic sound with a conscientious take on … Continue reading [New Music] Gio Genesis – “Wasting Away”

[New Music] Cee Armel – “Cee The World 2”

Rapper Cee Armel; born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, has been making significant strides in the International Music Scene since his 2017 move to the Far East.  His silky delivery, vivid lyricism as well as his unique ability to switch up his flow with ease are just some of the reasons fans gravitate to his sound. A member of the New Jersey based “Lets Roll … Continue reading [New Music] Cee Armel – “Cee The World 2”

[New Music] AJ Reynolds – “Out The Box”

Hit after hit after hit… AJ Reynolds has proven himself to be a lyrical success as well as securing a spot on NBC TV’s ‘The Four’ to perform in front of Diddy, DJ Khaled, Meghan Trainor and also the world. Unfortunately, but in the humblest & positive way… AJ took the backseat for the last 4 years to perfect the craft of making Hits. During … Continue reading [New Music] AJ Reynolds – “Out The Box”

Sumo Lit drops his new EP “Lit SZN”

Highly anticipated EP Lit SZN by Sumo Lit released August 8th 2022 Sumo Lit drops “Lit SZN” and brings you that party vibe and go hard music again and again. The single “Love It” has been making waves and breaking out in several regions and building up steam. The upcoming 2nd single “Again” is the follow up that is going to take “Lit SZN” over … Continue reading Sumo Lit drops his new EP “Lit SZN”

4 releases his new album Tetrapohbia

Texas artist 4 released his new ‘Tetrapohbia’ album on August 8th 2022 Fear 4 as ‘Tetraphobia‘ contains straight pressure. This album has an impact that most can relate to being that he plays in the NBA and is now showcasing raw talent by letting you into his life!! He locked himself in the gym and the studio with oohthizaezbeat  who helped elevate and channel 4 … Continue reading 4 releases his new album Tetrapohbia

[New Music] Detroit Barbie – “That Ain’t My Thot” ft. FL Dusa

Detroit Barbie just dropped a hot new video titled “That Ain’t My Thot” ft. FL Dusa. The video features Fl Dusa and what critics are calling “fire p*ssy”. Her new video was directed by Lyfe set, design by Rocki, and shot by 8shotit. The turn up queen is what she is known for, but she is well respected for her hardcore flow and bold attire. The … Continue reading [New Music] Detroit Barbie – “That Ain’t My Thot” ft. FL Dusa

Mac & A.K. – “King of the Grind” |@mac_and_ak (MUSIC)

Mac & A.K. delivers their latest single “King of the Grind” on major platforms Mac & A.K.’s first release of the year was “Gasoline“, which was well-received and is currently at 98,861 streams on Spotify.  The newest single is “King of the Grind” and thus far has accumulated over 27,000 Spotify streams. It is the followup to their previous collaboration  Don’t Play With ME” featuring … Continue reading Mac & A.K. – “King of the Grind” |@mac_and_ak (MUSIC)