The C.E.O. of United Music Mafia Sean Whitlow prepares to take 2021 by Storm

Sean “OG Big Sean” Whitlow is a veteran of the game that realizes there is still much more work to do in his career. This isn’t to say that he hasn’t achieved great success and passed seemingly insurmountable obstacles with ease. OG Big Sean has established himself as a constant player in the game, providing a fresh take on the genre lyrically and providing a great landscape for budding artists to grow over the years.

United Music Mafia’s focus is on creating and giving exposure to new talent-artists, producers, or DJs. Their objective is to provide artists with marketing and promotional facilities. Artists that collaborate with their label can expect both professional terms and privileges. 

United Music Mafia

“This campaign is very important for the company. My strategy is to build a buzz for the artists and United Music Mafia. The end state is when I go sit at the table with the majors, it’s not just me telling a story.

I will show them that they will get more than just an artist and a label. They are getting a team of like-minded business people that can generate capital and success.~ Sean Whitlow

Mr. Sean Whitlow and his team are preparing to release a series of EPs and singles that feature the artists on the label throughout the 1st and 2nd quarters. The untitled projects that will be dropping are as follows: 

February 8th – Pound, Jes-B 

February 15th –Gunsmoke 

February 22nd – Zee Bo

February 28th – Nulli Null 

March 5th – Quepe

March 12th – FSO 

March 19th – The Real 9 Shots 

March 26th – Rich Kirk

April 5th – Souljah 

April 12th -C-Dub Nigha

EPs releases are as follows: 

February 15th Florida Power and United Music Mafia

February 28th Corporate Street Hustlin

March 12th CV-19. 

All dates are tentative. The public will have access to the compilations after the announcement on UMM’s social media accounts and website. Additionally, there will be a private session for deejays to log into their zoom(to be announced). All music is scheduled for release on all digital music platforms. 

The music trend has changed a lot with time. UMM promises a whole lot of fun in the future with more and more concerts, parties, and showcases. Be sure to connect United Music Mafia and Sean Whitlow on all social media platforms and their website.










Introducing Atlanta Label Owner, PaidJake

Jarvis Welch – Bio

Driven by his passion to help music grow in his community, Jarvis Welch, better known as PaidJake, decided to pursue his career in the music industry. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, his professional journey started in 2015 when he began representing gifted artists across the country.

Growing up, PaidJake was inspired by legends such as Escape the Fate, Lil Baby, and Blink 182. Their ability to produce brilliant music and stir emotions fascinated and encouraged him to learn more about the music industry. His focus on the intricacies of music production was developed by watching experts such as Ike Turner and Jay Prince.

Atlanta City Records

PaidJake’s desire to create unique, bold, and uncompromising records, combined with his entrepreneurial spirit, inspired him to create Atlanta City Records in 2018. Through his company, he hopes to collaborate with like-minded artists while supporting their vision with his expertise and knowledge.

Offering record label and music industry services, Atlanta City Records aims to align artists with a purpose whileencouraging their professional development. Through this platform, PaidJake hopes to enhance music knowledge in his community by creating opportunities for young artists to learn and grow.


Atlanta City Records strives to provide opportunities to young and creative artists who are looking for a platform to celebrate their craft and polish their skills. The label enjoys working with talented and creative individuals from around the globeand helping them achieve their dreams. Currently, Atlanta City Records is working with Flame Gotti, Yung Frost, and Asia Marie, three young artists, brimmed with the passion to create awe-inspiring music.

Future Aspirations

Throughout his career, PaidJake has encouraged artists to take creative risks and reach for greatness in their work. While hehas made a name in the music industry owing to his successful record label and outstanding management style, he hopes to establish and run two production companies in the future.

Stay Connected

Instagram https://instagram.com/paid.jake_?igshid=g7z9bfnftz9r

Website- Www.PaidJake.com

Write Up – http://voyageatl.com/interview/meet-jarvis-welch-atlanta-city-records-direct-management-south/

Atlanta City Records Instagram https://instagram.com/atlanta.crecords_?igshid=tp6988ccuvzd

Website- atlantacityrecords.com

Artists on the Label **Flame Gotti – Instagram https://instagram.com/worldwidegotti?igshid=ezf5zaauyjhc

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/track/4CbTvdE8LLJenIaLGsoKS2?si=1xM1cuvCSNq4BEXkSv2PAQ

**AsiaMarie – Instagram https://instagram.com/asia.marie___?igshid=16ncmlzvlw2i4

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/track/206fGh9Sdm2pbdhDh2UF4V?si=wXp1CM7sQ2eYX90ChedmRQ

**YungFrost- Instagram https://instagram.com/iamyungfrost?igshid=11cyvn4d18y1k

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/track/1j5fHvgUNZFTQrr9aLUpnd?si=Ui7kQYGERNeXr1bb50iMKw


KevWreck Records continues to build their roster with Talented Artists

KevWreck Records ( Kevin Hamil) emphasizes Reggae (R&B & Dancehall) as well as Hip-Hop/Rap acts. All of KevWreck’s artists are encouraged to explore the limits of their creativity as well as to develop original sounds, concepts, and material that is consistent with the label’s identity and marketing ability. KWR’s roster includes artists such as ChezidekBommaMangoose– just to name a few.

KevWreck Records’ mission is to build a record company utilizing local, regional, and international talent that concentrates its initial efforts of record sales in the United States regions as well as a worldwide venture. KevWreck Records will concentrate its marketing and promotion efforts to support and developed recording artists to increase sales within the regions that the artists perform live. KevWreck Records will utilize the efforts to increase sales at the shows and within the retail stores in cities where the artist performs live. Be sure to connect with KevWreck Records on their website, social media, and digital music platforms.







kevwreck records