International Hip-Hop Artist, Majid Max teams up with Akor on his latest single “Khaste Shodi”


majid maxMajid Mohammad Hashemi is a Persian rapper and artist by the stage name of Majid Max. He was born May 6, 1992, in Isfahan, Iran. In 2009, His first single,  “Rahat Bash” was a collaboration with Persian pop star Morteza Ashrafi.  This song received many praises and featured on many Persian media outlets. The music video was selected as the number 1 music video by PMC(Biggest Persian TV for the Music video). His second and third songs were arranged by “Mehdi Moazam.”


Mehdi has arranged for Persian mega-superstar “Amir Tataloo” and again drew a lot of attention in both Persian and Turkish media.

His biggest release till today was a collaboration with “Mehdi Moazam” and the Turkish actor “Boracz Ozchivt”. After this release and all the media coverage in Persian, Turkish and Arabic media, his social media followers passed one hundred thousand and he gained recognization amongst Persian society. This leads him to Iranian jail for a few months as his style of music considers illegal by the Iranian government. but after this unfortunate accident, love of music makes him continue his passion for sharing his music with people around the globe.

In addition to his singing career, he also is a producer of many famous Iranian artists.
Persian rapper fans are advised to keep a close eye out for Majid Max this year, as he is coming with more songs, and you can expect something from him shortly, Majid Max simply does not take a break! Be sure to stay in contact with Majid on most social media and digital music platforms.










East Hollywood artist, Blazzphemy releases his second single, “Love Me” produced by Provision Beats.

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[VIDEO]Lil Unfufu-“A 1000 ONEZ”| @lilunfufu

Multi-Talented artist, Lil Unfufu unleashes the visual to his debut single, “A 1000 Ones “

Rapper/producer Lil Unfufu (born Gregory I. Pulliam) grew up in Jacksonville, Florida. Listening to all types of music and it shows in his body of work. He began rapping in the summer of 1991 when he entered his boys & girl club annual talent show (then rapping as Kid Duce). In 1993 Lil Unfufu won first prize at the same talent show winning a chance to be on BET’S teen summit, but a drug arrest and conviction sidelined his opportunity. However, he continued to write and rap in juvenile detention eventually, after meeting local producer Dru, he decided to do a 3 song demo that never made it out of the studio because he was arrested and sentenced again for drug possession.

Upon his release in 1997, he released his first single entitled “Thug T.K.O”. Later connecting with childhood friend and producer/rapper B.A. Barakas (Tavaris Thomas), the two joined forces and started their own independent label (BANG’EM ENTERTAINMENT) in 1997, releasing 2 projects in one year “Bang’em Where We Hang’em the Compilation” and “Murderer” his debut album, then rapping as Mr. Murder. The two albums did so well locally that their Bang’em Entertainment imprint landed an independent distribution deal through bankrupt distributor Southwest in 2002, to be distributed regionally.

Since his release though in 2011 he has been working harder than ever releasing his first mixtape “Still I Bang” a book entitled “Scandalous”, and a song a day mixtape series via the internet and countless other records. Also, in 2014 he released his RNR mixtape hosted by Dj Bigga Rankin.
Unfufu’s visual for his new single “A 1000’s Onez” from the forthcoming album entitled “A Song A Day Vol.6” is available now on all major platform.
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LIL Unfufu

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Multi-Talented Artist, Josephine Relli teams up with BrokeBoii on her latest single, “STEADY”

Josephine Relli (musician, actress, model) is making moves with a hot new R&B vibe, featuring BrokeBoii, which dropped on August 1st! She is forever an evolving talent – you can hear her growth since her last single, “Blink of An Eye”. While in LA she connected with Kayree Gale (rapper, model, actor, entrepreneur) from the rap group BrokeBoii, to bring us “Steady”!

The new single “STEADY” by Josephine Relli, Featuring BrokeBoii, will hit home to many who may be in transition, confident, unknowing, yet steady in pursuit of their dreams. Her musical style is somewhat out of the ordinary and a sound that is genuinely unique. If it’s not her intricate compositions or capturing lyrics that catch you, it will be her voice. It has a richness far beyond her years and a certain grit that helps her proclaim her song’s stories. With her songwriting skills, Josephine wants to reach as many people as possible, and by writing songs that can be subjectively interpreted in many ways. Actively, she is striving towards that goal.

All in all, Josephine Relli is diving headfirst into the music industry and her music library is proving that she is a contender in various genres. Be sure to listen and download on ALL platforms – available to bless your eardrums NOW! It’s a vibe you definitely want to ride and have on replay! Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.





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International Artist, SlickMick releases his new visual, “Shroom Henna”


slickMickBack in 2016,  while in Thailand,  the artist SlickMick got hit by a car. The result was several broken bones and having a bleed on his brain putting him in post-traumatic amnesia for several months. He loss the ability to make or retain new memories. Now three years later, he’s recovered, back in Thailand and doing the same old thing-music!

Recently, SlickMickC released the visual to “ShroomHenna.”  It seems as if the SlickMick is giving his listeners his truth about Mixing Shrooms with Hennessy to improve his memory.

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Hip-Hop Artist and Producer, Chill300 drops the visual to his latest single, “Hide”


Multi-faceted artist, Chill 300 has been interested in music since he was a youngster. Chill’s dad is the inspiration that piques his interest in beats. His dad was a DJ and was always working to provide for his family. When he was home, Chill would watch how his dad and DJ friends worked on the turntables playing music.

“My music is everything in my life right now it’s all that I have to release my inner feelings.” ~ Chill 300

Chill 300 slowly fell in love with the many facets of music which includes songwriting. and beatboxing. Briefly, it was a fascination but soon discovered that he could rhyme words instead.

Many artists are inspired by many mainstream artists, Chill isn’t one of those. His influences are not a specific person, thing or place. Oddly, his influence is the underdog whomever that might be.
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[NEW MUSIC] Dot Viera – “Awe Man” | @dotviera

Multi-talented artist, Dot Viera releases her latest single, “Awe Man”


Dot VieraTasha Viera, also known as Dot Viera is an immensely passionate Rap Artist & Songwriter who excels in the art of bending reality with her musical abilities. Growing up in the streets of Brooklyn, New York, she learned the art of expressing reality-based experiences through vigorous lyrics of Rap music. Dot Viera greatest musical influences came from the likes of Mary J Blige and Fantasia. Dot likes listening to dynamic music of singers such as Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Mc Lyte, Remy Ma, Eve Biggie, Tupac, Beanie Sigel, Jay Z, Memphis Bleek, and Dip Set.

A proud mother to a joyous young boy, Dot Viera embarked on her musical journey alongside the father of her son at the age of 17. Learning the art of expressive writing, she produced her first song “The Real Reason” with the Sauce Money. Growing up as an artist, Dot Viera established a name for herself and is currently in the quest of achieving success as a Rap Artist and Professional Songwriter. Be sure to connect with Dot on social media and digital music platforms.