Tarah Who?

Tarah Who? (@TarahWho) – “Yay or Nay” featuring Faul [VIDEO]

Rock Duo Tarah Who? pairs up with Rock Trio Faul on their single “Yay or Nay” visual Rock duo Tarah Who? is known for delivering high-energy rock performances, compiling a substantial discography of music, and putting on an impressive show. The latest single, “Yay or Nay,” is out; it lives up to expectations. “Yay or Nay” is made in collaboration with Spanish punk rock band … Continue reading Tarah Who? (@TarahWho) – “Yay or Nay” featuring Faul [VIDEO]


[NEW MUSIC] EDUARDO – “TIME MACHINE “ | @eduardosingersw

Singer and Songwriter Eduardo takes fans on a journey with his single “Time Machine” Eduardo is a performer and singer-songwriter. Since early in his music career, he has traveled, playing music around the U.S. He has branched out of the Southeast to California, Texas, and New York, all while also recording and collaborating with different artists and in different genres. He has released two albums, … Continue reading [NEW MUSIC] EDUARDO – “TIME MACHINE “ | @eduardosingersw

[Video] The Corduroy Blue – Could it be?

Retro-Inspired, The Corduroy Blue, Defines Alt-Rock with “Could It Be?”   ATLANTA – A rising alt-rock band, The Corduroy Blue is taking fans on a nostalgic journey to some of the best sounds from the 90s to 2000s, coupled with today’s cutting lyrics and electric performances with flashes of Elton John and The Beatles. Taking inspiration from music ranging from the 1960s to the early 2000s, … Continue reading [Video] The Corduroy Blue – Could it be?

[Video] Purzia – Sacrifice

Purzia’s Debut Single, “Sacrifice” Focuses on Inner Demons PHOENIX, AZ – With raw vocals and mesmerizing lyrics, American singer-songwriter and music video producer Purzia is making a big splash with her debut single, “Sacrifice.” Dubbed as the WestsideMermaid, a nickname from childhood, there is nothing childlike about this 25-year-old artist. Purzia has the uncanny ability to blend her creative side with evocative lyrics to capture … Continue reading [Video] Purzia – Sacrifice

[audio] Building Down – Vapor

Alt rock meets modern-day vibes on new EP from grunge rocker Building Down  BOISE, ID – Nick Elliott is not afraid to speak the truth. His music is a perfect example of that. While he has nothing against love songs or the carefree lyrics of Pop music, his intention as an artist is to bring something deeper to the table. His music is the kind of music that … Continue reading [audio] Building Down – Vapor

[Video] Chris Birkett – Precious Love

Music industry legend Chris Birkett releases timely smooth rock love ballad  TORONTO, CANADA – One of the music industry’s premier artists and entertainers has dropped yet another hit single. Chris Birkett – whose music collaborations with A-list international artists include Sinead O’Connor, Dexys Midnight Runners, Talking Heads, Led Zeppelin, and more – has recently released a smooth rock love ballad called “Precious Love” that is burning like a wildfire … Continue reading [Video] Chris Birkett – Precious Love

Eric Roberts – House of Glass

Eric Roberts pours pain and anger into new soul-searching album ‘House of Glass’  INDIANAPOLIS, IN – The internal pain of a divorce has often been described as the most powerful and intense pain a person can endure. This is especially true of a marriage that has lasted well beyond 20 years, as was the case for Eric Roberts and his marriage of 23 years. Going through … Continue reading Eric Roberts – House of Glass

GRW – Love Is The Action

International vibe pairs with Rock/Pop stylings on new single from GRW  NASHVILLE, TN – Genre-outlaw GRW is a Nashville-based artist who has been creating new global sounds for the better part of the last decade, and his most recent single “Love Is The Action” is yet another smash hit that’s sure to find its way to a worldwide audience. Created in collaboration with Jamaican singer Nyanda – former band member … Continue reading GRW – Love Is The Action


International Rock Star Kip Macklejar releases his single “The Coal Miner’s Daughter” Kip Macklejar is an up and coming rock artist based out of Copenhagen, Denmark. Witha love for classic rock and a fun, energetic sound, Kip Macklejar is one of the hottest names inthe rock genre! Although Kip Macklejar is a young artist, he grew up listening to what many might nowconsider “the oldies.” … Continue reading [MUSIC] KIP MACKLEJAR – “THE COAL MINER’S DAUGHTER”|@KMacklejar

Zeynep Moore


Washington, D.C Artist Zeynep Moore releases the visual to her latest song “Where I Belong” Zeynep Moore is a Turkish-American singer-songwriter. Her sound is characterized by her own style of rock-influenced pop. “And I wake up and see that you’re gone. Stabbing my heart with a million thorns.  All the joys gone, everything feels wrong. Baby come back, you know where you belong~ “Where I … Continue reading [NEW MUSIC] ZEYNEP MOORE- “WHERE I BELONG”|@MooreZeynep