Coming 5/15 Maliyah Chance – new single ‘Too Late’ | @maliyahchance

The highly anticipated new single from Maliyah Chance ‘Too Late’ will premier on 5/15 on all digital outlets.
Prod by @1adope from Atlanta

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Growing up, Maliyah was always singing before her own realization of her passion for
entertainment. She always experimented vocally by pushing herself to the limits and fine tuning
her voice to what encaptivates her sound. Her biggest inspirations throughout her childhood
came from Adele, Rihanna, Amy Winehouse and Aaliyah. In conjunction with the artists that
have had an impact on her musical inclination, their influences helped with structuring her style
of singing. Listening to Adele at the age of 12 was the very beginning of Maliyah’s self-
development as an artist; Adele being one of the very few artists she deeply connected to
stylistically and emotionally. This progressing discovery of her sound and the capabilities of her
voice enticed many local artists to collaborate with her in her city as well as gain traction from
her Instagram account. In the year of 2017, Maliyah dedicated her varied posts to Instagram
once a day and in the process, captivated the attention of Jaye, her current manager of Skye Jaye
Entertainment, who linked up for several days of recording to complete various songs and my
first single Too Late, which is set to release May15th 2019. Although jazz, soul and R&B have all
played a role in Maliyah’s continual love and passion for singing, this stemmed from her
mother’s influence in music. Her mother advocating for Maliyah’s goals and ambitions has
pushed her beyond her minds content and through rough times of adversity; her mother’s
phenomenal uplifting spirit was one that strengthened her assurance as an artist.