[Mixtape] Lee Gramz – Nun Personal | @gramzman28

Check out this 9 track project from Lee Gramz titled ‘Nun Personal’

Available on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/0QqlPUZtE6RmxUQEyRsf5M?si=dk_IPYF5RSiIgb9OAlx_4A

When you’re a hustler your only goal is to get to the money. The life of hustler, a grynder isn’t easy and it takes determination to get to the bag.

Lee Gramz explains just that in his new single “Tell Me Nun” off his ”Nun Personal” mixtape. Understanding that distractions, and haters will keep you away from the finish line. Lee takes a melodic beat with hard instruments and laid dope lyrics that go hard.

When you listen to this track you get the street blue print on what you should be doing to get to the bag. Bossed up, getting to it with nothing but hard hustle in front of you is Lee Gramz and his single “Tell Me Nun” only confirms where his mind is at.

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