[Music] Samomillion – Balling like the NBA ft Madd.ching | @samomillion

Needing a good message? Some self-confidence? And maybe a vibe too? Well Samomillion has you covered! Samomillion’s record “Ballin’ Like The NBA” proves to be a rousing showcase of the artist’s potential. Rich in complexity and soaked in detail, “Ballin’ Like The NBA” does more than just create a vibe, it lyrically moves the listener with an underlying message behind the trendy delivery. The auto-tune is tastefully executed within the flow of the rap, alongside incorporated in a smoothly-connected vocals of his guest feature Madd Ching. SamoMillion is more than just your typical rapper. He’s an intellectual artist who knows how to create a unique path way for the listener to become more connected with the music. “Ballin Like The NBA” welcomes the listener with open arms to fill in the missing void! This track is nicely done, and the vibe is on point! SamoMillion & Madd Ching are sure to be a stars on the rise.

Prod SL The Don

Check it out on YouTube https://youtu.be/FN9fEcqN9DU

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