[Mixtape] Tyke B & Hygi Da Goat – My Brother & Me

My Brother & Me by Tyke B and Hygi Da Goat (A collab for the history books)

Hygi Da Goat and Tyke B have put together their best collaboration known to date with the release of over 10 titles on the highly anticipated project titled My Brother and Me. With well known industry production and high quality engineering this mixtape is sure to continue to go viral. Hygi Da Goat represents Mozley Park which is a early 20th-century residential neighborhood, located approximately three miles west of downtown Atlanta. Hygi Da Goat’s sharp, thought provoking and catchy lyrics combined with Tyke B make this a one of a kind project. In 2011 Tyke B was shot in a random act of violence and decided to move back to Atlanta with his family. From that time until now, Tyke B has been a force within the underground hip hop scene. With features with artists such as KapG and Sy Ari Da Kid, Tyke B has become a main staple in they city for the hottest new music. This new collaboration is hitting on several levels with songs like Lil Bae, Gang, Pain Away and over a dozen more bangers.

Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GsleZMWT5I
Spotify Link: https://open.spotify.com/album/574KciIK2dGFjzTvy0ZplQ

Social Media Links (Instagram)
Follow Hygi Da Goat @hygidagoat
Follow Tyke B @tykeb

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