[Single] Stillsahr – Self Made (feat. Bravo)

Sahr Ellie, known as Stillsahr an upcoming Artist from Adelaide, South Australia recently released “Self Made” Ft Bravo, which has been trending majorly! The track “Self Made” was actually recorded 3 years ago, around the time Stillsahr started rapping. Although the trending track was release this year! Sahr Ellie states that he can definitely see the improvement in his ‘Rap Flow’ and ‘Lyrics’. which reflects his high work rate.

The most recent achievement is recording his first music video for the track “Yea” ft Gii fazo, a close ‘homie’ who also is an upcoming Adelaide Artist that has been lighting up the drill scene with his music. One of Gii Fazos songs “masked up” has done exceptionally well since it’s release early this year. Gaining thousands of views on YouTube.

Stillsahr expresses that his vision is to put Adelaide on the map, “There’s so much talent within the city that’s not being heard. We have a variety of rappers and entertainers. For example, “The Slackers” which is a YouTube channel based on public interviews and vlogs in Adelaide. So for me, making it would be a bridge for me to put my homies on” (stillsahr, 2020). His track “Yea” has done the most streams for him on Spotify which makes the video release date even more hype.

Stream on YouTube https://youtu.be/9tIWcEn-4yA

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