Nuage~Soul calls out the pretenders with new single “Rap Cap” @oohitsnuagesoul

Growing up you learn to use your imagination in ways to occupy your mind for other thoughts. The older you get the different ways you choose to use your imagination. In some ways it will also lead you to pretending, but in the streets pretending is a lie that can get you exposed or worse.

Nuage~Soul is not about pretending, anything that you can imagine in the streets is real life situations. When someone not familiar with the streets pretends that they are you quickly get exposed by those who live it for real. Nuage~Soul and Producer Chase Ran It Up did just that with new single “Rap Cap”.

This single expose those who pretend to be who they are not, especially when they want to become rappers and talk about the things that was never seen or experienced. Nauge~Soul breaks down between the real and the fake. You can’t truly understand the life of a hustler unless you live like one. “Rap Cap Niggaz ain’t bout what they rap”.

Too many pretenders in a world of real life, and at some point, someone will get exposed. Listen to “Rap Cap” by Nuage~Soul now on all digital platforms

Twitter: @oohitsnuagesoul

Instagram: @TheGodOfVybez

Available now

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