[WATCH] Nenjah Nycist – “You Know Who To Call”|@NenJahNycist

Nenjah Nycist returns to the arena with “Eastern Conference Champions.” After last month’s release – “I Love Reign,” Nenjah joins forces with producer Sum Total to release a 7- track album available on all streaming platforms. After recently losing his mother, Nenjah explores pain, growth and wisdom heavily assisted by Sum’s dusty samples, jazzy loops and head banging drums.

Facilitating the theme of being a champion (hence various sound bytes from Lebron James throughout the project), Nenjah tackles the sometimes ugly side of being a champion. Lines such as, “…but that’s cool I ain’t controlled by fear, no/ if I blacked on you it’s ‘cause I care bro,” exemplify the hunger of wanting one’s team to be great. With the only two features (rapper Rula Z, R&B recording artist Destinyy Nicole) being on the same track (“Returning”), Nenjah and Sum’s chemistry is built on the “less is more” mantra – from lyrics to production. Just in time for basketball season, “Eastern Conference Champions,” is the soundtrack for those who are still going strong even after enduring a tumultuous year.







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