Haze OPC presents: Hot New Trilogy

Haze OPC is starting off the year dropping off a trilogy of singles. He’s shining more light and adding depth to his story, by taking the fans deeper into his mind and heart picking up from last years hit singles, while bearing it all showing his ability to reach different people. With the first single Light On Me (Conversations With The Father), he’s telling his struggles of fighting to overcome different obstacles that could set him back and how the story unfolded into a testimony. There comes a time during life when we’ve come to a crossroad or become awaken/aware and have to acknowledge certain things. That’s where the single Protect Me, Lead Me, Hold Me, Guide Me comes from knowing you’re fighting a battle beyond your understanding, needing help and guidance from GOD along the way. Quick Escape has a catchy hook and it’s one of the songs that’s different from what listeners are used to hearing from International Haze lately. Frustrations from day to day obstacles, rather it be from relationships, work, home or just wanting some alone time to get back focused and relieve some stress built up from the world. We all feel like we need a quick escape at times from something rather it’s a person, place or thing. Once again Haze OPC delivers on time records for times such as this.




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