Tyler Trappy

[NEW MUSIC] TYLER TRAPPY – “MR. MAGOO”| @tylertrappy

East Coast Rapper Tyler Trappy delivers “Mr. Magoo”

Tyler Trappy (born June 16, 1997) commonly referred to as simply “Trappy” is a well-known rap artist and songwriter from Orlando, Florida who has been around the rap game for quite some time now. The rapper is also a comedian, entertainer, Instagram influencer, and Youtuber. The rap artist rose to fame, not only from his music but from a shocking video that went viral all over the internet of the rapper smoking a cigar and laughing while fire ants start crawling out of his mouth. Also, he is known for his live stream performances through social media by doing dangerously crazy stunts to earn money. 

Tyler Trappy

The reason why Trappy stands out as such a rare and interesting person, he is willing to get in front of an audience and do something nobody has ever done or seen before. Out of all the things people do for money and clout, most of us can agree that Trappy has done the most to keep the number of his views and his fanbase consistently rising. He knows how to grasps people’s attention uniquely with his original content that nobody has ever thought of doing yet. 

Some people may find that the rapper Tyler Trappy is a disturbed individual based on his image. Unlike most Hip-Hop fans know, Trappy suffers from a mental disorder known as Asperger’s syndrome. Asperger’s syndrome is a developmental disorder affecting the ability to effectively socialize and communicate. This disorder makes it very difficult for Trappy to articulate so he keeps his responses very short while interacting with people. Despite the disorder, Trappy manages to become very popular in the underground rap scene. Be sure to connect with Tyler Trappy on his website, social media, and digital music platforms.











Tyler Trappy


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