SplashyD’s new album ‘Thank Vlad’

Middletown, NY artist SplashyD’s new project ‘Thank Vlad’

United Masters Album link SplashyD – Thank Vlad

1. Thank Vlad Intro https://audiomack.com/sp-da-og-1/song/thank-vlad-intro

2. Practice https://audiomack.com/sp-da-og-1/song/practice

3. Silence https://audiomack.com/sp-da-og-1/song/silence

4. Here We Go Freestyle https://audiomack.com/sp-da-og-1/song/here-we-go-freestyle

5. Concrete Rose https://audiomack.com/sp-da-og-1/song/concrete-rose

6. AAU Ft Benny Bill , Riot https://audiomack.com/sp-da-og-1/song/aau

7. Family Ties https://audiomack.com/sp-da-og-1/song/family-ties

Label – ColdHearted Ent “CHEnt”

IG – @splashforshort

Youtube – Splashforshort

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