[New Music] Lette Weaver – “Bend Over”

A sexy masterclass in music making, “Bend Over” surprisingly starts with a colossal eighteen-second introduction.In the iconic opening, influential producer Kiingbz reveals compelling sound elements. Beyond that, captivating singer and songwriter Lette Weaver makes a beautiful entrance into the sizzling track. On the steamy hook, the mouth-watering vocalist gorgeously sings seductive lyrics. Even though the lust-filled chorus speaks directly to the listener, the provocative verses … Continue reading [New Music] Lette Weaver – “Bend Over”

[New Music] Leonardo Prakash – “Bring Up Water”

TULUM, MEXICO. August 26, 2022  – Leonardo Prakash’s single, “Bring Up Water” was inspired by his sister’s journey to becoming a healer.  He was amazed at how joyful  it is to recognize your inherent gifts and follow that guidance in your life.  “Bring Up Water”is an acoustic folk song written to inspire happiness and hope. With a sound reminiscent of the greatest folk records of … Continue reading [New Music] Leonardo Prakash – “Bring Up Water”

[New Music] Ajeet, Peia and Nessi Gomes – “Alive”

BOSTON & DUBLIN  – August 23, 2022 – The second single, ‘Alive,’  from  Ajeet’s upcoming album ‘Let It Breathe’ presents a trio of songstresses  Ajeet, Nessi Gomes and Peia. Their voices circle each other like the songs of the underworld dancing with the songs of the angels. There is a haunting beauty in the darker moments juxtaposed by the brightness of the dancing of lightness.  A diverse river of strings creates an … Continue reading [New Music] Ajeet, Peia and Nessi Gomes – “Alive”

[New Music] Ram Dass – “Trust in the Blue”

Ram Dass’ single “Trust in the Blue” continues the journey of recovery from the loss of his infant song.   SAN FRANCISCO, CA. August 5, 2022  –  In the face of an existential crisis, most of us have no idea where to turn. For Ram Dass, music has been his healer.  Diving into music and songwriting has given Ram Dass the outlet he needed to process his … Continue reading [New Music] Ram Dass – “Trust in the Blue”

[New Music] Leonardo Prakash – “Keep the Faith”

French-Mexican musician and producer, Leonardo Prakash, debuts his first single “Keep the Faith” with Spirit Voyage Records TULUM, MEXICO. July 29, 2022  – Leonardo Prakash’s debut single as a singer-songwriter, “Keep the Faith”, draws from his influences in West African, Turkish, and Latin folk music as well as roots in American rock to create an earthy and captivating sound. Known internationally for his unique skills on … Continue reading [New Music] Leonardo Prakash – “Keep the Faith”

[New Music] Ajeet – “Blooming”

Irish-American songstress and eclectic music producer, Ajeet, emerges from loss and deep reflection with her musical seeds sprouting into a vibrant and diverse garden with a new single, Blooming.   BOSTON & DUBLIN  – Ajeet’s latest single, “Blooming”, released on July 22,2022, from Spirit Voyage Records. As we emerge from what felt like a long and deep winter,  Ajeet’s “Blooming” floats into the world as an invitation for freshness, a … Continue reading [New Music] Ajeet – “Blooming”

STEPNEX Sticky post

STEPNEX releases “No Limit To Love” under the label Millennium Kollektiv

STEPNEX’s “No Limit To Love” is a unique House Music track inspired by the Love of Music   Adding a refreshing and refined song to the music industry, STEPNEX is geared up for the release of “No Limit To Love.” This new single is going to make hits in the music world with its trendy vocals and upbeat tunes. The beat drop style used in … Continue reading STEPNEX releases “No Limit To Love” under the label Millennium Kollektiv