Sonic Joy Records’ collective, Night Creed delivers their latest single, “Bittersweet”

SONIC JOY Records and Producer-John Meisel present “Bittersweet”-the new single of their international Urban project NIGHT CREED. “Bittersweet” is the 5th international single by producer and songwriter John Meisel. It epitomizes a unique sound and style that could be described as intense, full of passion, and inspiring moods, providing a massive listening experience.

NIGHT CREED features powerful, complex rhythms, ultra-modern sounds, and last but not least-displays awesome studio singers ranging from rappers to an array of impressive female and male vocalists. The Sonic Joy Records’ collective has delivered other projects like “Icebreaker, Take Me Higher, Love Me Now and Fly With Me.”

SONIC JOY Records has an impressive roster of artists and projects. It includes LEON PHOENIXTROPIC FORCEENIGMATRIXDANCE EUPHORIA, and MYSTIC FLOWERS. Be sure to connect with SONIC JOY Records on social media platforms and digital music platforms.











[New Single] Smurf Da Vinci – Curtis Snow

Most people can agree that Atlanta is the Mecca of music in the south & with artist like Smurf Da Vinci it looks like it’s its going to stay that way. The young melodic Atl rapper has jumped back on the scene with a new hit single called “Curtis Snow”. This track is so smooth it has even grab the attention of some labels.

Stream on YouTube https://youtu.be/O2MEwYj4yz8

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NewReligion’s album “I’m Me” set to be released November 25th

Lawrence Moore better known by his stage name NewReligion along with his movement, NeverFitINN which stands for never conforming to society and living freely. NewReligion creates many genres of music. He is a singer, songwriter and record producer originally from Alton, Illinois. His debut album titled, “Ways”, was considered R&B and Pop. He’s had songs broadcasted on the radio, has opened up for Caskey, and also performed in the Miami Indie Fest. NewReligion has worked in the Chop Squad DJs recording studio. He is currently producing a new album, “I’m Me”, which is set to be released November 25th along with clothing to help the promotion of the album. Several local artists, rappers and singers, are featured on the album. Long days and nights were spent creating the instrumentals, recording and mixing the final product. Stay tuned and in the meantime follow NewReligion on social media & streaming platforms !




Social media

Snapchat: @lmo_nfi

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Instagram: @lmo_nfi

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/newreligionnfi/

Contact info Phone:6185125432

Email: neverfitinn@gmail.com

Entrepreneur Spotlight: No Reach No Problem ‘Dash Pouch’

Palm & Co Dash Pouch Commercial


Entrepreneur Spotlight: No Reach No Problem ‘Dash Pouch’ Made By Bowie State’s Amber Palm I love when I have the opportunity to speak to creators and inventors, especially amongst young innovators like Baltimore native 17 year old Amber Palm! The intention is pure and purposeful, to protect drivers behind the wheel. With a gifted mind and passionate heart she created the ‘Dash Pouch’ in thought of her brother Travis Custis, a young black man who at any moment could become the next Philando Castile or Freddy Gray. Her fears fueled the creation of the ‘Dash Pouch’ with wanting to prevent ways of experiencing an escalated traffic stop. With today’s political tension around the election, repeated killings of blacks after encountering the police and protests, Amber feels it’s needed now more than ever. Her target demographics are college students, African Americans and just expanding across the country. When I asked about her challenges as a young entrepreneur she said, “Getting the product manufactured and dealing with the demand was at first overwhelming but easier.” The product is easily assembled by attaching the adhesive to your designated area on your dash. The ‘Dash Pouch’ is intended for multiple experiences whether the officer asks the driver or reaches themselves, the focus is to support hands remaining visible. She aims to complete her Business Administration degree at Bowie State University and expand into marketing as well. Some other interests she holds are in the arts like drawing and rapper Megan Thee Stallion. She wanted to share that it’s difficult being an African-American woman today because we don’t get enough support. With her family being a big support system especially her mother, sister and brother along the way, Amber has completed pop-up shops, media press and as she describes, “a sense of peace.” You can find Amber Palm & the ‘Dash Pouch’ on IG via @theerealamber and @dashpouch! Support a black owned business today!

• Palm & Co •

Phone: (443) 916-4759

Email: palmandcoservices@gmail.com





[Music Video] Chazo2x – Under The Weather ft. Vado

“Dreams only work if you do!” According to Chaz professionally known as Chazo2x if you aren’t living by that, then you must expect a silver spoon to feed you which is why he grinds daily and lives by this as a reminder to never stop working for any and everything in life. He’s a fire sign with fire bars that’s Fresh to the streets Born and raised in Red Hook Projects, Brooklyn New York. Father to two children and sibling to Nine relatives Multi-talented rapper got hot quick for his song titled “Train To Go” featuring Philly’s own AR Ab. With no intention to make this a career Rapper Casanova supported and influenced the “2x” after personally hearing Chazo and telling him to add it for flavor and that’s when he knew that he could take it to the next level. After various club performances, and the Made in America tour Chazo was a hot topic and he was quickly featured on Hot 97, This is 50, Def Jam & more which is something many artists work years to achieve. Keep up with Chaz on Instagram @Chazo_2x


Lifetime TV Marrying Millions Watch Party 11/14/2020 | @lifetimetv

Marrying Millions: Desiry NOT APPROVED by Rodney’s Mom!


Watch Party event will be hosted by Desiry Hall, Bill Hutchinson, & Brianna Ramirez of Lifetime TV’s hit series Marrying Millions Get ready Dallas,Texas 11/14/2020 This event is to benefit families who are food insecure. Please bring canned goods & non-perishable food items to be donated to north texas food bank Our gratitude for your time & support. The watch party, 12N-9P/12N-1P guests green carpet arrivals Virgin Hotels Dallas, Texas RSVP: rsvp@kgPR-LA.com Five new couples join the series with returning favorites Bill and Brianna from Dallas and Gentille and Brian from Las Vegas. From the creators of 90 Day Fiancé, Marrying Millions follows relationships where one partner is incredibly wealthy and the other is definitively not, leading the couple to face intense scrutiny from family and friends and questions about whether it’s true love…or true love of the money and lavish lifestyles. While these love stories may sound like modern-day fairytales, they are not without major challenges as the couples must try to bridge their vast differences and fit into each other’s worlds.

Lifetime TV Marrying Millions




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