Montgomery, Alabama artist, Rubberband OG delivers the visual to his single “B*tch I’m Lit”

Rubberband OG, was born Cortez Oates and raised in Montgomery, AL in the Tulane Court housing project. He began making music when he was gifted a drum machine on his 13th birthday. ROG worked independently for several years, posting videos for his early songs online to a growing audience.

In 2016, he caught the ear of Think It’s a Game Records and signed with the label, quickly dropping the Zaytoven-produced single “Hood Back” and hosting the Strictly 4 Traps and Trunks Project Baby Edition mixtape for the label. His 2017 mixtape, “Bout That Life”, included a moody single of the same name as well as guest appearances from YFN Lucci and Eldorado Red, and the next year he followed with subsequent mixtape The Streets Need Me.

“I didn’t ever really leave my neighborhood until a couple years ago, so my lyrics reflect my life and the things I have seen in my hood,” states Rubberband OG.

Dropping track after track, we bring to you his latest record “B*tch I’m Lit”, produced by BBoy Beatz. The title should already set you up for what’s sure to be a fun, high-energy, party track and Rubberband OG delivers. Be sure to connect with him on social media and digital music platforms.






[MUSIC] GOLDEN- “GOLDEN-ZONE”| @Haterzjustdoit

Southern Artist, Golden captures his listeners with his single “Golden- Zone”

The underground artist named Golden is from Birmingham Alabama with a Toronto-based sound. Coming from poverty with an absent father and mother, he grows up moving between Chicago, Atlanta, and his native land. Never spending much time anywhere hinders him from establishing real relationships. Most life events pertaining to his relocations are short term and translates into his relationships now. He has never been able to give any lady, all he can, in fear that it will all just up and disappear when he gets comfortable. 

GOLDENGolden has very few friends due to causing much trouble in his younger life. In pursuit of respect, he wouldn’t get due to wearing the same clothes and never having money or anything his peers had, which he turned to violence to do so. He thought, if they wouldn’t respect him, they would fear him. Due to abusive siblings and poor parenting, his emotional trauma has bled into his adult life. Trusting no one and very few people in his reclusive circle numb him to desire any relationship with anyone and even still distrusting his closest friends with the deep truth that everyone is temporary. Creative expression has been the only permanent force he has known to have never left him.

Golden uses music as an outlet to express his pain and make a better life for himself and the people around him. Be sure to connect with him on all social media and digital music platforms.


IG/ Twitter: Haterzjustdoit

SoundCloud: Golden


Atlanta-based Rapper, Damien Sane is taking the Independent Underground by Storm


When you’re a living confirmation that “Scars are proof that you’re stronger than what tried to kill you“ – your next move should be your best one. Born in Anniston, Alabama, Damien Sane is an intimately-layered artist with a message for Hip-Hop. During his career, he has managed to release several singles like “Man Named Marty, Hostile (feat. Allen Boi Yo & Tre Fre$hman) and Never Doubt Me (feat. Tre Fre$hman).”

damien saneRecently, the Atlanta native releases his latest single “Wish I Didn’t Say That” produced by UI. The song is about the difficulties of balancing a street life while in a relationship with a significant other. It is the introduction to the forthcoming single “I Can’t Trust Ya” scheduled to hit all digital music platforms on April 18th.

In 2019, Damien Sane performed in several arenas including Alabama’s- The Cookout Festival. Damien has found a way to attract a much wider audience through creative collaborations.



Damien has worked with other independent artists like Tre Fre$hman, Shanks Whaley, Heartbreak Chris, Lou Kane, and Gee Baby.

His most notable collaboration is with the multi-talented music producer Karltin Bankz on the mixtape series “Time Killer.” Bankz is known for working with artists like Doe B, YFN Lucci, Yo Gotti, and Moneybagg Yo.

Damien Sane, formerly known as Wesac Wingo, plans on releasing a full EP at the end of the year. Until then, he will be releasing singles on all digital music platforms including Spotify and Apple Music. We wouldn’t want you to miss out. So, be sure to connect with Damien on all social media and digital music platforms.







[EVENT] Transformational Truth Conference is coming to Atlanta

Come for Realness, Prepare for Greatness at the Transformational Truth Conference


Get ready for a powerful, intimate, life-changing experience! Here women and men in all phases and from all walks of life are welcome. Get ready to meet in truth, as Apostle Cheryl and Jessica James deliver powerful messages rooted in love, testimony, and filled with evidential techniques they both have used along this journey called life.

transformation truthApostle Cheryl is the founder of Crossroads Christian Ministries, an Apostolic Training Center in Prattville Alabama; where she equips and undergirds believers throughout the United States and provides apostolic covering and counseling to those who are being equipped for ministry, personal growth, change, and kingdom leadership.

She has the experience of being a daughter, sibling, wife, mother, divorcee, friend, enemy, pastor, teacher, life coach, accountability partner, and Apostle.


This Conference is guaranteed to change the minds and directions of those who will be in attendance. Truth is the key to transformation and when the truth is believed and received- you will transition into the real position of your destiny. This is a transformative place, planned from pain, sorrow, joy, and thankfulness… now brought to all who are ready to go forth in total transformation, rediscovery, renewal, and reinvention. We can not wait to see you there!

Are you ready for the truth?

tranformational truth