Transformational Truth

[EVENT] Transformational Truth Conference is coming to Atlanta

Come for Realness, Prepare for Greatness at the Transformational Truth Conference


Get ready for a powerful, intimate, life-changing experience! Here women and men in all phases and from all walks of life are welcome. Get ready to meet in truth, as Apostle Cheryl and Jessica James deliver powerful messages rooted in love, testimony, and filled with evidential techniques they both have used along this journey called life.

transformation truthApostle Cheryl is the founder of Crossroads Christian Ministries, an Apostolic Training Center in Prattville Alabama; where she equips and undergirds believers throughout the United States and provides apostolic covering and counseling to those who are being equipped for ministry, personal growth, change, and kingdom leadership.

She has the experience of being a daughter, sibling, wife, mother, divorcee, friend, enemy, pastor, teacher, life coach, accountability partner, and Apostle.


This Conference is guaranteed to change the minds and directions of those who will be in attendance. Truth is the key to transformation and when the truth is believed and received- you will transition into the real position of your destiny. This is a transformative place, planned from pain, sorrow, joy, and thankfulness… now brought to all who are ready to go forth in total transformation, rediscovery, renewal, and reinvention. We can not wait to see you there!

Are you ready for the truth?

tranformational truth