[New Music] Chelon Musiq – “God is Worth It”

Chelon Musiq was born and raised in the Hampton roads area of Virginia. She is a single mother of her son, O’mon. Chelon started singing at the age of 5, but it wasn’t until she was 13 that she decided to share her gift with the world. Chelon has been singing ever since. She has the heart for Gods’ people, especially the youth. Which pulled … Continue reading [New Music] Chelon Musiq – “God is Worth It”


Gospel Rapper Holy Blade delivers a message with his latest single “Christ Mission” Holy Blade is a songwriter, recording artist, and warrior of God who is delivering a message to the masses of the world through his music. So far, “Christ Mission” and “The Remix” featuring Juggernaut and Akaleshnus have amassed over 10,000 on Spotify alone. “A warrior of God who is enlisted in the … Continue reading [NEW MUSIC] HOLY BLADE – “CHRIST MISSION”



J.Walker of TLD delivers a message on his latest single, “The Light” Junior Walker, known as J.Walker of TLD, is a UK-based Christian rapper, songwriter, and producer. He is a solo artist and the foremost member of “The Lion’s Den”- the record label. At the age of 5, he had a troubled beginning in life leading to being in police custody. Growing up without a … Continue reading [NEW MUSIC] J.WALKER OF TLD – “THE LIGHT”| @Jwalker_tld

[Music] Shari – “HARK”

*INSPIRATIONAL SINGER, SHARI* SPIRITUAL HOLIDAY HIT SONG, HARK Shari’s(Sha-ree) quest for worshiping God began at a young age; because, evenbefore she knew what worship was, the spirit had her heart. As a younggirl who enjoyed devotional time at church in Baltimore, Maryland,Shari found not only curiosity, but a hunger for a closeness with God.Shari found freedom in the high place of worship that would soonbecome … Continue reading [Music] Shari – “HARK”

[Video] Nikell Ariel – Only God

‘Only God’ Hits Home with Nikell Ariel, Showcasing Raw Honesty ATLANTA – Never losing sight of who she is, Nikell Ariel gets honest with fans in her latest single, “Only God,” which focuses on being truthful with yourself and your circumstances. The charismatic, soft-spoken singer and songwriter embraces her past by sharing her struggles and melodic undertones throughout the song. “I’m into just keeping it … Continue reading [Video] Nikell Ariel – Only God

[Video] The Stewarts – Faith

Gospel-Duo The Stewarts Give God Praise In Upcoming Single “Faith” September 20th- The chart-topping gospel duo The Stewarts are back with incredible music to make the year 2021 much brighter. Made up of brothers Del and Garry K, the group has charted several of the biggest playlists of the country, their music reaching nearly half a million listeners. Deemed in 2020, The Stewarts were seen by … Continue reading [Video] The Stewarts – Faith

[Video] Bsenjo – Risen Lord

Besenjo and Harlem Gospel Choir offer blessing to the world with new single ‘Risen Lord’  WASHINGTON, D.C. – Anybody who listens to the music of East Coast R&B artist Bsenjo should be blessed. With an otherworldly vocal ability and uplifting lyrics, this young artist on the rise is showcasing an impressive talent that has led to multiple collaborations with big names in the industry. And she’s set to expand that notoriety … Continue reading [Video] Bsenjo – Risen Lord



Team God Entertainment’s Artist Roster is Heaven Sent Team God Entertainment is making a statement in the Gospel music genre. TGE is a full-service record label founded in the year 2010. With over 15 years of recorded music history, their passion for artistry in music is as relevant today along with a new generation of incredible artists that continues to further Team God Ent LLC’s … Continue reading [GOSPEL] MEET TEAM GOD ENTERTAINMENT | @TeamGodEntLLC

Transformational Truth

[EVENT] Transformational Truth Conference is coming to Atlanta

Come for Realness, Prepare for Greatness at the Transformational Truth Conference   Get ready for a powerful, intimate, life-changing experience! Here women and men in all phases and from all walks of life are welcome. Get ready to meet in truth, as Apostle Cheryl and Jessica James deliver powerful messages rooted in love, testimony, and filled with evidential techniques they both have used along this … Continue reading [EVENT] Transformational Truth Conference is coming to Atlanta