East Hollywood artist, Blazzphemy releases his second single, “Love Me” produced by Provision Beats.

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[VIDEO]Lil Unfufu-“A 1000 ONEZ”| @lilunfufu

Multi-Talented artist, Lil Unfufu unleashes the visual to his debut single, “A 1000 Ones “

Rapper/producer Lil Unfufu (born Gregory I. Pulliam) grew up in Jacksonville, Florida. Listening to all types of music and it shows in his body of work. He began rapping in the summer of 1991 when he entered his boys & girl club annual talent show (then rapping as Kid Duce). In 1993 Lil Unfufu won first prize at the same talent show winning a chance to be on BET’S teen summit, but a drug arrest and conviction sidelined his opportunity. However, he continued to write and rap in juvenile detention eventually, after meeting local producer Dru, he decided to do a 3 song demo that never made it out of the studio because he was arrested and sentenced again for drug possession.

Upon his release in 1997, he released his first single entitled “Thug T.K.O”. Later connecting with childhood friend and producer/rapper B.A. Barakas (Tavaris Thomas), the two joined forces and started their own independent label (BANG’EM ENTERTAINMENT) in 1997, releasing 2 projects in one year “Bang’em Where We Hang’em the Compilation” and “Murderer” his debut album, then rapping as Mr. Murder. The two albums did so well locally that their Bang’em Entertainment imprint landed an independent distribution deal through bankrupt distributor Southwest in 2002, to be distributed regionally.

Since his release though in 2011 he has been working harder than ever releasing his first mixtape “Still I Bang” a book entitled “Scandalous”, and a song a day mixtape series via the internet and countless other records. Also, in 2014 he released his RNR mixtape hosted by Dj Bigga Rankin.
Unfufu’s visual for his new single “A 1000’s Onez” from the forthcoming album entitled “A Song A Day Vol.6” is available now on all major platform.
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LIL Unfufu

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International recording artist, Tocarra delivers her new hit single., “Crazy”

Invigorating and energetic international recording artist, Tocarra (a.k.a. TK), has quickly become one of the most popular artists in the music scene. With her astounding melodic rapping abilities, lyrical content and rising popularity, her musical ambition continue to grow as her distinctive style developed. She is ready to take the world by storm with her new single “Crazy” produced by certified platinum producer Earl “LC” Robinson (founder and original member of R&B group Public Announcement).

TOCARRATocarra is more than just a typical female from the small town of Kankakee, IL, where she grew up in a low-income single-parent home. Desiring to utilize her full array of extraordinary gifts and abilities, she hastily began to tap into her musical talents and began to pursue her dream of becoming a noteworthy artist. Due to her tireless work effort, Tocarra always believed her ultimate dreams would come to a reality. Her mission in music is simply to become the leading recording artist, not just for ladies, but for the entire music industry. Her electrifying songs and lyrics provide a combination of excitement and energy while having a melodic rhythmic delivery.

Being in love with music for as far back as she can remember, Tocarra’s unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influences including TLC and Salt and Pepa. The stimulating artist grew up listening to the likes of New Edition, Monifah, Tony Toni Tone, then later Lil Kim, Beyonce, Destiny’s Child, and Lauryn Hill. Growing up, she always had a passion for rhyming, as she would often write poetry in her spare time as a youth. Her love for writing has played a major role in her success in the music industry.

Outside of music, Tocarra is a remarkable journalist and is also extremely passionate about giving back to the community, as she volunteers her time to a multitude of nonprofit organizations and community initiatives. She is the Executive Director of Still I Rise nonprofit organization, and is also a driving force behind a large number of successful innovative businesses in her community. While promoting her positive energy, she has worked alongside and been in the company of a massive amount of industry greats including Nelly, Bow Wow, India Arie, Scarface, Ja Rule, Murphy Lee, Tanay Jackson, Jon B., Fred Hammond, Donald Lawrence, and a host of more.

Tocarra has worked with a wide array of music producers and artists. She has recently teamed up with international DJ “DJ Slugo”, to release her hit single “So Hot (feat. Comprehend)” produced by DJ Slugo, while steadily growing momentum, as she is well on her way to revolutionizing the sound of music. Representing a sexy, exquisite and tasteful look that sets her majorly apart from the masses, this music sensation has a following stretching across the map, as she is rapidly blazing her own trails to musical dominance. With her distinctive voice and fearless, but fun delivery, Tocarra is swiftly cutting an eccentric dash through the competitive music industry.









Hip-Hop Artist and Producer, Chill300 drops the visual to his latest single, “Hide”


Multi-faceted artist, Chill 300 has been interested in music since he was a youngster. Chill’s dad is the inspiration that piques his interest in beats. His dad was a DJ and was always working to provide for his family. When he was home, Chill would watch how his dad and DJ friends worked on the turntables playing music.

“My music is everything in my life right now it’s all that I have to release my inner feelings.” ~ Chill 300

Chill 300 slowly fell in love with the many facets of music which includes songwriting. and beatboxing. Briefly, it was a fascination but soon discovered that he could rhyme words instead.

Many artists are inspired by many mainstream artists, Chill isn’t one of those. His influences are not a specific person, thing or place. Oddly, his influence is the underdog whomever that might be.
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[MUSIC] jAY STORMZ – ” K.E.M.S.” | @Godkingjayjr

New York Native, Jay Stormz delivers his latest EP, ” K.E.M.S.”


East Coast Artist, Jay Stormz is an aspiring beatmaker and producer from Albany, NY. The young artist has been receiving positive reviews for his latest project, K.E.M.S. The titled acronym stands for “Kill Em With my success. At an early phase of his career, Jay’s influences are mostly 90s hip hop with a bit of a 2000s twist on it. The artists in that era include KYLE, Biggie, 2Pac, Ice Cube, and T.I.

Jay Stormz

Jay Stormz has noticed that his singles have gained traction on various music platforms. He is looking forward to the next phase of his career along with the movement Y.A.C.(Young and Crazy). Additionally, Jay Stormz is a member of the group, SOD.

Jay Stormz is looking forward to releasing another project in October. The next project will be titled “Mercury” which will be an out of space and out of this world experience. Following, Jay’s rap partner, Kayes Senaria will be dropping his project “Permission to Stare.” That project will drop in November 2019. Be sure to connect with JS on social media and digital music platforms. 518 STAND UP!!!








[NEW MUSIC] Hall Jr – “Paris Saved Me (Im Not Perfect)”| @Halljr2026

Augustus, Georgia native, Hall Jr releases his debut project, ” Paris Saved Me (I’m Not Perfect)”


With nowhere to go but up, Augusta, GA rapper Hall Jr has crafted his rocky journey into a catalog of street tales – songs that speak to those struggling for a better way. With little of a support system. to build his brand and record label 2026 Music Group.

Hall JrQuinton Hall (Born May 25, 1994), Known professionally as Hall Jr 2026 is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, A&R, record producer. Born and raised in Augusta Georgia. Quinton first became involved in music at the age of 17. After releasing his first album Survived My City, he became a part of the Music Industry. were he was nicknamed Hall Jr. after creating his first professional album in 2018, Hall Jr 2026 created his own record label, 2026 Music Group which helped launched Hall Jr imprint in the music industry. Hall Jr joined The Breakfast Club (Show), after releasing his album in 2018.


“Music has always been in my blood,” But it wasn’t until later I thought about being an artist.” ~Hall JR

On July 17, 2019, Hall Jr released his third consecutive Album/ Ep called Paris Saved Me (Im Not Perfect), immediately after releasing his album former the former celebrity engaged in a Hip-hop vibez interview which increased his momentum in the music industry. According to the Billboard music chart. The American rapper/ songwriter landed number 35 on the charts in 2018, with all of his success Hall Jr 2026posted on google that Epic records will be a preferred partnership on his following album set to be released in November of 2019. Be sure to connect with Hall Jr on social media and digital music platforms.








[NEW MUSIC] MIKE EZE – “DEMONZ”| @MikeEzeOfficial

Boston’s very own, Mike Eze releases his latest single, “Demonz” on Digital music platforms


East Coast artist, Mike Eze is a poet in his own right. Although his roots consist of continuous free-flowing rhymes and complex wordplay, Eze grew up listening to the ATL sound. With influences like Travis Scott and Desiigner, Eze’s edgy approach to music is described as an abstract of those mentioned. His passion for music is deeper than an average fan and often caught vibing to the sounds of Atlanta’s very own artists like Lil Baby, Future or Gunna.

As an independent artist, Mike Eze offers East coast bars like Cassidy and his truth like Meek Mill or Dave East. Ultimately, he is fluidly versatile and can vibe out to whatever is given to him.

“I am not above any subgenre and I’m open to working with any and everyone to make history and achieve success” ~Mike Eze

Eze has a lot of music for his fans. Currently, he has an EP and his latest single titled “Demonz.” The single was produced by Benihana Boy. Additionally, a collab mixtape is in the works with a close relative who is an artist himself. Mike Eze is looking forward to booking shows. But for right now, building a library is a priority. Be sure to build with Mike Eze on all social media and digital music platforms.