This Story Behind HeIsTheArtist Will Intrigue You

Heistheartist is not your average singer/songwriter. His music roots are deep within folk and pop, with a sound that reminds of artists like John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, or Sheryl Crow, only to mention a few!

HeIsTheArtistHeIsTheArtist’s first encounter of success is in the porn industry, becoming a sought-after star! Later, he takes on a modeling gig after singing with Frost Models. However, he was always passionate about making music, and this is exactly why he focused on becoming a singer! Recently, he records a stunning rendition of “Confidently Lost,” as made famous by Sabrina Claudio. What’s special about this song? It relates to the artist’s background in the porn industry, making for an engaging and compelling story!

If you heard a jazzy spin to HeIsTheArtist’s vocals, you are quite correct because he started as a jazz singer. As LeeMann Bassey, he peaks at number 7 on the Itunes Jazz France Charts with his rendition of the Jazz standard “Summertime.”


He vows to be an all-genre artist with a vast amount of released singles in Gospel, Rock, R&B, Jazz, Country, EDM and Hip-Hop. His all-genre initiative is inspired by his idol Nicki Minaj’s multi-genre chart dominance.

HeIsTheArtist is currently embarking on an East Asian musical venture. His latest single “Luck” just dropped in Japan and China and will soon be released on January 21st in Korea by the highly-regarded Korean music distributor- Sound Republica.

The single is about the importance of teamwork, having people in your corner that you truly can depend on, and an idea that will play important during this upcoming Olympics in Tokyo.

HeIsTheArtist’s EP “I Can Do Bad All By Myself” makes its debut on April 1st and it includes his single “Luck.” The EP has a mixture of Hip-Hop, Jazz, and R&B songs all in the Neo-Soul tradition. Be sure to connect with HeIsTheArtist on social media and digital music platforms.







Hip Hop Artist and R&B Singer, Natalie Nichole is back with another single titled “Tell Him”


Natalie Nichole is an American singer-songwriter, actress, etc. She was born in Lubbock, Texas but raised in San Antonio, Texas. At a very young age, she was involved with dancing groups, talent shows, TV Shows, Commercials, and youth organizations such as NYA and HYPE. With NYA (Network for Young Artists).  Natalie gained experience throughout San Antonio, TX performing at local rodeos and festivals.

Natalie NicholeNatalie Nichole moved to California for 2 years and rubbed elbows in the studio with the likes of; Smitty Soul (Credits: Chris Brown, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, etc.), Ron Aniello (Credits: EMPIRE, Bruce Springsteen, Shania Twain.), Pusha Rod (Credits: YG, Dreezy.) and Rita Wilson. Also, she gains even more experience in songwriting in sessions for artists like Disney Star CoCo Jones.

“Use all our gifts and never stifle yourself”~Natalie Nichole

In 2017, Natalie auditioned for Nick Cannon’s #SignMeToNCredible Challenge via Instagram and she WON! Natalie has been apart of Nick Cannon’s Projects Titled “Calling All Models (The Prequel)” and has also released her latest single titled “Tell Him” off of her upcoming 2020 EP coming soon to all platforms! Natalie would like her legacy to be for her storytelling/testimony because she pulls from her own life experiences to create. Be sure to connect with Natalie Nichole on all social media and digital music platforms.



Florida Native, J-High releases his latest single, “Whole Notha Ball Game”


Multi-talented artist, J-High Is one of the most influential independent artists on Orlando’s music scene. He’s released over 8 albums and countless mixtapes.


His single, “Whole Notha Ball Game” is bringing gritty lyrics and street truth.

“This ya boy, Mr. No Breaks on the clock 24 wit no break!”

Throughout his entire career, J-High has worked with over 50 different artists. Most recent work has been with Rod Wave, Loose Kannon Take-Off, OD Rugrat and a few more. He’s performed overseas several times and toured through the US and the Caribbean.

J High isn’t just an artist, He’s also a film director, audio engineer, and photographer.

Be sure to connect to J-High’s social media and digital music platforms,










Calvin Peake recently sat down with 17-year-old South Carolina music producer DTM Life to discuss a variety of things such as: who he has worked with, who he would like to work with, his influences, and other things.

“Everybody rap about the trap, charge crazy for features, but nobody wants to buy a beat.”~DTM LIFE

Watch the interview on YouTube and be sure to connect with him on social media.








[NEW MUSIC] JRS3- “RUN” | @whoisjrs3

Texas native, JRS3 delivers his latest single. “Run” on most Digital music platforms


Independent hip hop artist JRS3 (Johnny, Raymond, Sanford, The Third) is no stranger to the music industry. Born in Lawton, Oklahoma, JRS3 is the eldest of six siblings. Throughout his adolescent years, JRS3 lived in both of his parents’ homes in Texas. After three years of college, JRS decided to get into music. His music library consists of hits like”We Can Party”, “Why”, “Shutdown”, and his current single “Run.”

JRS3JRS3’s songs quickly gain national attention with charting mediabase urban top 100, national top 200 and record world top independent charts. “We Can Party” has become one of the most requested songs with internet radio receiving over 5k plays and eight weeks of consecutive charting.
“When you have nothing or no one, remember what that feels like when you think you have it all”

JRS3’s fresh, new single, “Run” introduces a popping drum loop, seasoned by hi-hats, lush kicks, and a sparkling snap. Eventually, an electronic synth buzzes into the mix and slithers across the percussion with the Fort Wayne rapper’s rhymes in tow. On this record, JRS3 flexes his penchant for metaphors.



With his dark, doggish delivery, the Texan is relentless; detailing countless ways by which we should “Run” from his lyrical onslaught. It’s sinister, yet experimental; borrowing the attitude of horrorcore for its verses, and energy of heavy rock throughout the chorus. Sharp, riotous guitar chords blaze underneath the hook of this song, making “Run” a cyborg of genres, with JRS3 at its creative helm. Very much so, by the end of the three minutes and thirteen second run time, this Southern emcee proves just how comfortably he exists outside the conventions of hip-hop. He is unorthodox and unpredictable; traits that will guarantee him an iconic “Run” in the incredible realm of underground rap.



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[MUSIC VIDEO] LUCKY EZY – “HOOD” | @luckyezy

Multi-talented East Coast Artist, Lucky Ezy releases the visual to his single, “Hood”

Lucky Ezy is an emerging artist hailing from Bowie, MD. Born in Oakland, California as Lucky Ezemobi was raised by two loving parents. His musical journey begins in 2015 making beats before making music with several projects in 2019. Lucky loves Afrobeat, Rap and R&B.

Lucky’s first Ep titled “Of You” with others following such as “Regime” and “Roots” which he released with Bentley Records and Rage. When you are a true servant to GOD, the outcomes are great. Be sure to connect with Lucky Ezy on social media and your favorite digital music platforms.