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Yvng Swag releases his latest single, “2020” during his promo tour run

YVNG SWAG starts the first quarter off with a bang. The new single, “2020” is a great introduction to what we can expect from the Millennial Hip-Hop Artist. The Celebrity Dancer and Entertainer was born and raised in Maryland is on the rise towards success. With more than one million followers on Instagram, he is one of the best well-known entertainers in the Maryland/DMV areas who has taken the social media world by storm.

YVNG SWAGAt 19 years old, Yvng Swag is considered to be one of the top hip-hop dancers and entertainers in Maryland. In the beginning, he receives social media attention with his dancing videos on Vine and soon becomes a viral superstar. The video of him dancing to a remixed version of the song “Big Green Tractor” by Jason Aldean gains over 20 million views.

While Yvng Swag continues to grow a huge fan base, his mix of dancing and music videos gains attention on Instagram, Worldstar Hip-Hop, MTV.com, and Vine. Yvng Swag begins a music career in 2016 and leads with his debut single, “Fall in Luv.” During its national debut, the song caught the attention and likes of Nick Cannon’s N’Credible Entertainment Company.

In the year of 2017, Swag follows up with his second single “Hit My Phone” then releases his debut EP “32 Teeth” on November 16. In 2018, he joined the Seasons 11 and 12 casts of Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out on MTV. Unlike any other artists, Yvng Swag is consistently dropping EPs like “Small Town Act” and singles like “NasCar.”  He has proven that he’s a contender amongst the others and that he is here to stay. Be sure to stay tuned and connected with Yvng Swag to remain in touch with every move.




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FMINC Entertainment Company presents the official music video for CaZe’s hot track “Sonto”


Nigerian Hip-Hop Artist and CEO of FMINC (Fresh Movement Inc.), CaZe aka Habeeb Opeyemi Kazeem was born in Surulere, Lagos. Bred and battered in Lagos makes him truly a city boy. During his adolescent years, he attended primary school in Lagos then later moves to Federal Government College located in the Idoani, Ondo State for high school. 

CAZECaze continued with his education at Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University in Malaysia, where he studied Multimedia. He decides to pursue his musical career and was offered an opportunity to perform at Club 1145-one of the largest clubs in Malaysia. After an amazing reception, Caze moves on to dominate the Asian club scene. He gains popularity and is recognized as having numerous one-man shows in the country. 

Shortly, Caze intends to sign more African acts to Fresh Movement Inc. This will give them the exposure needed on an international spectrum. Meanwhile, CaZe’s latest single, “Sonto” was produced by Mystro and music video was directed by Clarance A Peters. Be sure to connect with CaZe on all social media and digital music platforms.











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East Coast Artist, Cocky Streetz serves his latest single, “Pounds” to the hip-hop masses


Cocky Streetz is a hip-hop artist from Rockingham, North Carolina. His sound is direct, punchy and energetic, with a charismatic flow that reminds of the greats of the genre including Tupac, Money Man or even Jay Z, just to name a few.


Inspired by the world’s most successful CEOs and moguls, Cocky Streetz is all about setting the bar higher, one song at a time! Cocky stands out for tunes that are a great example of his uncommon lyrical prowess, as well as his ability to turn a beat into a massive explosion of heavy grooves and infectious melodies. This skilled wordsmith knows a thing or two about creating dope rhymes, and he’s here to kill it- one verse at a time. Passion is the first element in his mix of genuine lyrics and powerful beats, and listeners will certainly notice from the get-go.


Don’t miss his recent release, “Pounds”, a dope track that shows off his talented and massive lyrical skills. Be sure to connect with Cocky Streetz on social media and digital music platforms. Press that play button to hear “Pounds”














East Coast Rapper, Your Friend Jaden releases his latest single, “Perspective”


Your Friend Jaden is a 14-year-old artist coming from the rural parts of New Jersey. At the age of 12, Jaden begins to have an interest in music and starts to play the guitar. Playing the guitar piqued his interest in other genres of music including Metal, HipHop, Alternative Rock, and Indie music. 

Your Friend JadenOriginally, Your Friend Jaden strives to be a singer and would consistently write songs that were not good enough in his eye. Suddenly at a moment, he’s drawn to rapping instead of singing.

In February of 2019, Jaden finally decides to rap and dives deeper into Hip-Hop and Rap. He would listen to artists ranging from Eminem to Tyler, The Creator. 



Your Friend Jaden has always had a passion for making music that isn’t the traditional sound that you would hear on the radio. His goal is to offer his fans something different from what other rappers and singers are doing. Often, Jaden makes music that will test the limits of his creativity. He wants to be known for something that will change people’s lives and the way they view the world. The eccentric part of him isn’t surprising because he has always felt like he was a little different than his peers. Most of his childhood, he tried to fit in with other kids- he eventually gives up and just begins to be himself. 

Your Friend Jaden has a pretty good chance to meet his goals. All the things such as- getting what he wants in his life and reach that goal no matter what. Even though Your Friend Jaden is a young artist, he will continue to enjoy his craft, make good music and hopefully, it will bring him success in his future.

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Hip Hop Artist and R&B Singer, Natalie Nichole is back with another single titled “Tell Him”


Natalie Nichole is an American singer-songwriter, actress, etc. She was born in Lubbock, Texas but raised in San Antonio, Texas. At a very young age, she was involved with dancing groups, talent shows, TV Shows, Commercials, and youth organizations such as NYA and HYPE. With NYA (Network for Young Artists).  Natalie gained experience throughout San Antonio, TX performing at local rodeos and festivals.

Natalie NicholeNatalie Nichole moved to California for 2 years and rubbed elbows in the studio with the likes of; Smitty Soul (Credits: Chris Brown, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, etc.), Ron Aniello (Credits: EMPIRE, Bruce Springsteen, Shania Twain.), Pusha Rod (Credits: YG, Dreezy.) and Rita Wilson. Also, she gains even more experience in songwriting in sessions for artists like Disney Star CoCo Jones.

“Use all our gifts and never stifle yourself”~Natalie Nichole

In 2017, Natalie auditioned for Nick Cannon’s #SignMeToNCredible Challenge via Instagram and she WON! Natalie has been apart of Nick Cannon’s Projects Titled “Calling All Models (The Prequel)” and has also released her latest single titled “Tell Him” off of her upcoming 2020 EP coming soon to all platforms! Natalie would like her legacy to be for her storytelling/testimony because she pulls from her own life experiences to create. Be sure to connect with Natalie Nichole on all social media and digital music platforms.



East Coast Rapper, Bizzy hits hard with the release of his latest single, “The Anthem”

Bizzy is a burgeoning artist with a special focus on the hip-hop scene. His songs bring a modern twist to the genre, but they also have an old-school soul. Bizzy was born in 1991, and he worked quite hard to perfect his craft, creating one dope tune after another. Hailing from Camden, NJ, Bizzy experienced many hardships growing up, including the harsh nature of life on the streets, and many other tribulations. He was even spending a lot of time on the streets himself, breathing in all the dangers and chaos of that life. However, he took a sharp turn and eventually decided to change things around and finally focus on one of his biggest passions in life: music! Through hip-hop, Bizzy was not only able to express himself in full, but he was also able to connect with many other people out there, creating catchy hooks and spicing them up with valuable and insightful lyrics.


Bizzy returns today with his latest single “The Anthem”. A hard-hitting song, the lyrics contain emotionally rich teaching in the negative and unforgiving reality of the streets. All while dealing with an adverse environment, jealous friends, and law enforcement. Through it all he’ll never bend, break, or fold. The production of his music is also astonishing, as Bizzy spares no time and energy to ensure that each and every single beat hits just as it should! “The Anthem” is available now through Loyalty Over Royalty Records on digital retailers and streaming platforms everywhere.










Las Vegas native, Lil Tronny Dump releases his latest single, “Make America Twerk Again”

“Make America Twerk Again” (M A T A) was put together by Lil Tronny Dump, a very talented artist. He is no stranger to creating new and refreshing sounds for music lovers. The curve of hip-hop is constricted to any standardized rules of composition where artists can express their wisdom and insights through the lyrical excellence of their skills. Lil Tronny Dump is currently making waves across the scene with his ethereal take on musical senses, arrangements, lyrical deconstruction, and the very essence of creative stance in hip-hop.

Lil Tronny Dump’s newly released song on Spotify and other platforms “Make America Twerk Again” is a reflection of himself that ventures into the premises of his sagas, journeys, and experiences. Sometimes emotional, sometimes as harsh as an indispensable element of life, “Make America Twerk Again.” The single is an assortment of his stories that have carved out the person that he is today.

Lil Tronny Dump’s career is just starting with another hit to his name, “Make America Twerk Again”. As he expands his soundscape, this promising artist is making a mark in the regional hip-hop circuit. His creative accomplishments are sure to reach every corner of the world. Follow him on YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Shazam to interact and listen to the lovely work. Be sure to connect on all social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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