International Singer, Franco Spurs Releases Amazing Visuals for His Debut Single – “Move”


The singer Franco Spurs launched his charismatic debut single – “Move” last week. The single intrigues and captivates the vibe of all the dancing ladies in the club. Keeping the finger on the pulse of what feels like falling in love, the song is a fitting release where spending money, drinking and partying never ends.

Switzerland-based Franco Spurs along with his team has been on the grind to capture these crazy visuals for his latest video. He set the mood by voyaging all the way to Barcelona, Spain to hint to the exotic yet familiar vibe of the club.

“I was inspired to make music because of rappers like Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Akon, Wiz Khalifa and more,” said Franco, revealing his inspiration for music.

“Also, I get inspired by friends who kept pushing me despite me not speaking well English at the time. I started taking music seriously ever since the jerk scene spread and I was given the opportunity to record my own songs,” He adds.

Franco emphasizes his passion to make headways in the music industry as well as his relationship with Jamiie Black.“In 5 years I see myself as one of the top-selling artists with my partner Jamiie Black. I also want to become someone who inspires and can help upcoming artists to push their stuff.”

Be sure to connect with Franco on most social media and digital music platforms.







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