The First Lady of BGA, Mazeray releases her debut single, “No Hoe in Me”


Mazeray, The First Lady of BGA is Mazeray Andrews also known as the “Lingerie Shorty”-Lou Cane. The 20-year-old artist, born in Fort Stewart, Georgia along with two Brothers, her Mom, and Dad. In 2012, she moved to South Carolina to start new beginnings. In 2014, Mazeray attends Crest Wood High School and has visions of becoming a Psychologist- but along the process, she discovers that she has a natural-born talent to write and make music that people actually like enjoy.


Releasing her first single under the label BGA, Mazeray is taking off in a major way! She delivers a message to all females that are in relationships; you will have ups and downs but it’s about sticking through the hard times and focus on the good times! Mazeray has a lot of content and work to show the world.


During 2020, she states that we can expect new videos, music, features, and performances! Be sure to connect with the first lady of BGA and the first Official Lady Rapper for Sumter, SC!


Instagram- @officialmazeray



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