What’s in the future for the Midwest Artist YelleSavage

YelleSavage born Donnielle Savage is an entrepreneur, singer, and aspiring model who hails from St. Louis, Missouri. The Webster Groves High School alumni used to be heavy in the customer service and healthcare field and is eager to explore other options. Savage’s boss mindset believes that if someone wants something, you are the person who is going to make that happen for you. 

“Most people think I’m really angelic and just this graceful person but I’m so clumsy and awkward. And I love that about myself. I’m always thinking about how I can get a laugh out of someone just so they can smile. People do not do that enough.”


From a young age, Savage knew that she had the “it” factor and how to use it in the world. YelleSavage plans to capture moments and make a difference in the world with her music. But first, the social media influencer is focusing on building her platforms on Instagram and TikTok for starters without losing sight of her first love- performing. 

“I have been performing since I was very young. I feel most comfortable sharing my gifts because it makes me feel connected with anyone and everyone I can reach”

YelleSavage recognizes everything in her life and is learning how to apply that in her craft. “No matter what form the canvas takes, pain is a very strong feeling, but at the end of the day, there’s always going to be some type of love fighting and persevering for better times. No matter how bad it gets, we all still have love, and that’s what I hope people pick up within my arts,” says YelleSavage. YelleSavage is currently working on her music catalog while expanding her knowledge of marketing and business. Be sure to connect with YelleSavage on her social media to remain in tune. 







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