Lua Monet is a Mesmerizing Voice in Music

Lua Monet releases her 5-Track EP on Major Music Streaming Platforms

From the opening notes it’s easy to find yourself drawn into the epically beautiful voice of Lua Monet. Her vocal range is beautiful and engaging as it invigorates listeners. Her delivery of her strong and evocative words can easily fit the mold of myriad situations. ‘Your Smile’ from the album ‘Historia de Amores’, is a song for the ages as it has the capability to fill one’s heart and soul with an overwhelming sense of love and beauty.

To sharpen and shape one’s own vision can be a daunting task if they don’t know their own voice. However. Lua Monet has strengthened their own voice from a very early age as they decided the goal was to touch people’s hearts while evoked strong emotions through their creation of music best described as indie alternative with sentimental melodies. To create musical compositions that are both grand and breathtaking as they have the capabilities to inspire you to dance as if no one is watching, or to instill an inner calmness that you’ve be lacking.


All in all, Lua Monet’s music is created to fill you with love and admiration as you adore the beauty of her lyrics and vocal delivery and ‘Your Smile’ is THAT SONG. Her love of melody is a driving factor in her creating energetic original work and it allows her to compose genuine lyrics for her songs and ‘Your Smile’ is proof positive of that. It is musical perfection if there ever was such a thing. A song that sticks to your bones and grips your soul long after you’ve pressed “stop”. The melody continues long after inside your head. It has become a part of you, as that is what great songs are supposed to do. This is that great song. A song that you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t give it-it’s just due.

She has proven time and again that she is no one trick pony as she further stretches her creative fingers into the realm of experimental alternative indie fare, where she incorporates Música Cebolla (Latin-American 70,s music gender) into it thus creating a beautifully inspired hybrid that moves people. Her music has the capability to draw listeners out of situations that might have them feeling uneasy and transport them to a wonderful place filled with wonder and beauty.