Jintior Sieni

Jintior Sieni – “Stay Woke” Ft Yanelis

Sieni Entertainment Presents Jintior Sieni – “Stay Woke” Ft Yanelis

Jintior Sieni is a Songwriter, Artist, Video Director and Fashion Designer. Coming from a family where entertainment is a lifestyle, Jintior is one of the Sieni Brothers INC, a Music Powerhouse based in Cameroon, the Pioneer of Sieni Entertainment INC and Sieni Clothings INC.

Jintior Sieni

Born and raised in Victoria Cameroon, Jintior Sieni moved to the USA in 2010. He is currently based in Clearwater, Florida as a Multi-platform Systems Engineer. Jintior loves making music, producing and directing music videos. The artist enjoys playing soccer, football, swimming and going out for adventures.

Currently working on his first debut album titled “Illegal Alien,” Jintior Sieni is getting ready to share with the world a few masterpieces from his library. His songs range from genres like Hip hop, Rap, Afrobeat, Pop, Reggae to Trap and Mboko Rap. Jintior is multi-lingual, and demonstrated fluently as he has tracks in French, English, Spanish, Franc-Anglais and Pidgin English.

Jintior Sieni is very passionate about his craft, and plays a variety of musical instruments which includes Piano, Drums, Flute, and Xylophone. Currently, Jintior is learning how to play the Guitar. Full of energy and life, he enjoys every moment on a production set and working with other creatives. Jintior is always trying something new. Be sure to connect with him on social media and music platforms.