Honcho Eazy – Get Treeshy X Flex

Honcho Eazy showcases Drippy type of sound on new EP ‘Blue Magic’ 

BRONX, NY – Milton McDonald’s story is your story. Surrounded by concrete jungles and glorified street life, the artist who goes by Honcho Eazy was determined to monopolize any opportunity he was given. His ambitions come from the same place as legends like Jay-Z, Fabolous and DMX. Growing up in a single-parent home with multiple siblings encouraged him to be the “one who made it.” He’s an inner-city child with Hollywood dreams, and he’s living out those dreams with a fast-rising and successful music career. 

His latest EP “Blue Magic” is causing quite a buzz in the music industry and gaining and ever-widening global audience thanks to its blend of unique sounds and styles. Self-described as “Drippy type of music” Honcho Eazy’s brand incorporates the pain and poverty of the projects alongside a modern and catchy sound that is undeniable. He makes Drippy, dance-ready music that captures the pain of life’s hardships but simultaneously helps you forget your worries. 

“I’m very creative and different,” he said. “My content is real-life things that have happened, but I’m able to create a different feeling and tell a different point of view of poverty. I have a different, Drippy, unique sound. When people hear my music they’re going to know I’ve overcome a lot of situations and now I’m a person who lives like a boss and overcomes like a boss and aims like a boss.” 

With “Blue Magic,” Honcho Eazy showcases four songs that display this unique sound and style. It starts with “Love Standards,” which has a groove that many of the ladies have loved since its release. He calls it his “proclamation of my standards on love,” and an exploration of what it takes to love yourself first before entering into a healthy relationship with someone else.  

This is followed by “Drip Step,” featuring his younger brother Q-God. He said “everything about this song is different,” and as such it’s a track that lets people know that he’s coming different with his music. It’s a hype song that turns pain into something good, while presenting a different point of view on the world.  

The third track on the EP is “Allstar,” which is Honcho’s most bragadocious single on the project. It’s literally a song that shows how confident he is with his craft. As a display of raw talent and ability, “Allstar” is the perfect single to put himself on display. 

The single that’s been getting the most attention, however, is the last track on the album called “Get Treeshy X Flex.” Honcho said it’s really two songs in one, and combined they make for the most hype energy on the entire EP. It has a more “popular” sound, he said, with a party vibe that will certainly get audiences up on their feet and dancing.  

“Treeshy can be related to many different things,” he said. “Everyone in New York knows what the word means, so I decided to get more creative and crafty with the word – putting my own style of Drip to it and giving it more feeling and meaning. And then I paired it with ‘Flex,’ which is more of an empowerment type of song. Ultimately it’s me talking about how I got to where I got to and inspiring other people to do the same.” 

Honcho said “Blue Magic” is actually only one of three EPs and a full album that he has complete and plans to release this year. “83 With A 30” will be the next release, which should drop before the end of the summer.

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Instagram: _drip_83honcho 

Snapchat: Honcho_Yeezy 

Souncloud: Honcho_Eazy

Alxndr Blue – Seasick (Feat. Don Quez)

Stand-out producer showcases his own music with new double-single release 

STOCKTON, CA – Eric Alexander Hall – better known by his stage name Alxndr Blue – is an American singer, songwriter and producer. For the last few years he’s carved out a niche within the music industry as one of the standout producers currently working in the game, operating under the name OFASHO. He’s collaborated and worked with many big artists in California, and now he’s ready to showcase his own artistry with a handful of new singles. 

His first official showcase of his sound to the world will be a double-single release of “Right Now” and “Seasick.” Though different in tone and vibe, the two songs play off one another with content. Alxndr Blue calls them a duality of love, with “Right Now” focusing on the positive and happy sides of a relationship with a woman, while “Seasick” focuses more on the toxic things that can come with an unhealthy relationship.  

“I wanted to display some versatility and range with this release,” Alxndr Blue said. “Both of them are similar in a way because they’re summer songs. They’re different but similar. I wanted to put them together because it’s like opposites attract. One of them you could play riding in the car, and the other you could play at a party.” 

Alxndr Blue said “Right Now” has more of a Pop/Alternative feel to it, whereas “Seasick” has more of a mellow, moody vibe. Both of those styles are indicative of the sounds he has perfected as an artist, though they merely scratch the surface when it comes to the bevvy of genres and mashups he brings to the table as an artist.  

Like many musicians, Alxndr Blue started on his journey of becoming a professional musician when he was a child. He would create raps in his bedroom, and had his own little setup for recording. What started as experimenting with Garage Band grew to become a full-fledged producing and songwriting career in his late teens and early 20s. He has since built up a name for himself on the production side over the past decade. But he’s always had the itch to create his own music, and today he’s finally taking that opportunity to show the world what he’s got. 

“I think I can go any direction with my music,” he said. “I really want to dive into so many different lanes. I want to do Pop and Hip-Hop and R&B – you name it, I want to dive into it. There are no boundaries. There are no labels. I’m just an all-around artist who uses music to make people feel emotions. If it’s a time when they’re going through something sad, they can listen to a sad song. If they need something to make them happy, they can listen to one of my happier songs. That’s what music has always been for me. And I’ve always gravitated toward the artists who are more vulnerable. I want to be that for other people. I want to be the artist that someone grows up listening to and becomes a fan forever. I want my music to live longer than me.” 

Alxndr Blue said he has a number of songs he plans to release this year, and will next be offering acoustic versions of his already released singles before the end of the summer.

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Listen to “Right Now” on Spotify 

Listen to “Seasick (feat. Don Quez)” on Spotify 



Willy Mateo – Alt. Facts

Willy Matéo encourages others to embrace their individuality with new EP ‘Denim’ 

PITTSBURGH, PA – Like many artists around the world, Willy Matéo turns to music as an outlet for all the things he can’t communicate in his normal, everyday life. His latest EP “Denim” is a perfect example of how this Pop and R&B artist uses music to pour out raw emotion in ways that are intriguing and connecting with fans all over the world. His songs are youthful with a grown and sexy tone, and his natural vibrato will give you chills. It’s impossible not to catch a vibe to his melodic rhythm and ballads, and “Denim” perfectly showcases a variety of flavors that fit many different vibes. 

“Ultimately it’s a project that lets me get out all the things I couldn’t before,” Matéo said. “I’m usually the bigger person in situations and so I normally don’t say how I feel. This EP gives me closure on what happened with relationships in the past – on things I did wrong and others did wrong. And it’s a way to explore how I can make my next relationship better.” 

Across five tracks, Matéo brings a mixture of R&B and Pop alongside a deep, rich voice that pairs perfectly with his witty wordplay. Sometimes he introduces an affected rasp into his music for a more gravelly edge, while other times he lifts his vocals into a higher range for a falcetto feel.  

The stand-out single from the project is a song called “Alt. Facts.” It’s a song about calling someone out on their lies. Matéo said it has a cool and laid-back vibe that feels like it was pulled from the upbeat jazzy atmosphere of the 1960s. But the lyrics on the song are aggressive, and the way he sings is aggressive. He’s letting people know what he thinks and how he feels.  

Ultimately Matéo said he wants to connect with anyone who feels like they’re different or “weird.” His music and art is meant to inspire others and help them embrace their individuality. With a voice and sound that’s unique in and of itself, his music is definitely the kind that connects with people who consider themselves to be on the fringes of society. 

“The message I want to put out there for all is that it’s OK to be different and weird,” he said. “It’s OK to be the person that nobody understands. You’re different for a reason. Just because you think and are different doesn’t make you any less of a person. I’ve had life experiences where I’ve always been the outcast and the loner, and with my music I want to inspire people to dare to be different.” 

Matéo’s music is currently available across all streaming platforms.

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Claudia Lopez – Thinkinn

Claudia Lopez releases gorgeous debut album as a reflection of grief 

MIAMI, FL – Claudia Lopez is a Cuban-American artist who has been in love with music since day one. With a soulful sound that draws from a variety of artistic influences, she is able to truly create magic. Her most recent release is her debut album created to tell the loved one she’s lost all about the time they have spent apart. This album digs deep into the mind and heart of its creator to show something that is simply untouchable. “Running Out of Time” is truly a gorgeous album with an amazing story and message.  

After the passing of her cousin Jennifer Cordero, who she often refers to as her sister, she suddenly became a pillar for her family, having to pick up the pieces of a heartbroken family. This never gave her the chance to grieve the loss of someone so close to her, it was not until the forced pause that COVID-19 brought on did she really have the chance to sit down and explore her emotions, which were later turned into songs and finally a full album. “I found myself in the midst of a global pandemic, just wishing that I could fill her in on this crazy life right now. Then it clicked for me. This is how I was going to tell her what was going on, and include how much I needed her and what a hole I had, because she was gone.” This was truly a beautiful and inspiring way for Lopez to share not only her story but her love for someone so important to her. 

“Running Out of Time” is truly an album to show the importance of time and using it to your every advantage. “Right after she passed, the very first song that I wrote was “Next Life,” because I just feel like we didn’t have that conversation. We never thought that we needed to have that conversation where I was like, ‘If there is an afterlife, I need you to choose me again, as your sister.  I need us to be us again’. We never had that talk because we were so young, but, I suddenly felt like we didn’t make this clear, and if I had just one more day with her, I would have told her ‘Please choose me in your next life, because I’m going to choose you’. Not only does the album discuss the importance of using your time well, it shares the growth that Lopez has seen in the four years since losing her loved one.  

It is truly obvious that Lopez’s entire heart went into creating this album. From the writing to the performance and production, she has put her love and care into creating every bit of this album, and you can hear it in every track. This album is something that you experience your own grief through, no matter what that may be. It is simply an amazing project.  

Leading up to the release of the album, Lopez plans to drop a few singles to help get people excited about the hard work and dedication that she has put into this project. Be sure to keep an eye out for these releases and be ready for the release of “Running Out of Time” in August 2021. 


Check out Claudia Lopez on social media and stream her music via the links listed below.  





Bl@ke – A1 (Superbomb)

‘Thank God She Slid In My DMs’ is what songster, Bl@ke, is crooning with his new hit single  ‘A1 (Superbomb)’ 

TARZANA, CA – A new wave of R&B and Pop sounds is hitting the industry with fresh new singles from Altadena-based artist Bl@ke. His latest single “A1 (Superbomb)” is a sultry love song with a smooth vibe and a Pop edge that caters to a mainstream audience. Featuring fellow West Coast artist Neesin, the song tells the story of that special someone sliding into a person’s Direct Messages after trading glances across the room. Displaying his signature sound and stand-out vocals, “A1 (Superbomb)” is the perfect example of how this young artist is making a name for himself in the industry and why his manager Benny Robinson of The Individual Collective Entertainment is excited to introduce Bl@ke to the World. 

“It has been said that his music is reminiscent of Chris Brown and Eric Bellinger,” Robinson said. “But he has his own unique sound, as well. He’ll be a breath of fresh air in this R&B game.”  

In addition to “A1 (Superbomb),” Bl@ke is set to release two follow-up singles “Not Stressed” and “Chill Vibez.” The first is a celebratory summer banger about hitting the city with the fellas while living that stress-free life and linking with the ladies. The music video for the single is set to take place on the beach boasting jet skis, barbecues and bikinis – all things that capture the upbeat essence evoked when listening to the song. “Chill Vibez” is more of a laid-back, introspective track that talks about moving on after a heartbreak. Together with “A1 (Superbomb)” the trio of singles showcase the unique sound and style from this rising young talent. 

Born with a mic in his hand and a dream in his heart, Bl@ke began performing and captivating audiences as a young child. He started performing at the age of 6 when he was given the opportunity to premier his talents at Prince’s LA-based hot spot, Glam Slam. After that inaugural performance, he was able to secure the opening act for notable artists like Coolio and Teena Marie, and it also landed him the opportunity to dance on stage with Usher. It was evident at a young age that Bl@ke had the ability to command the attention of a crowd – not just with his vocal performances, but with his dancing abilities and larger-than-life stage presence.  

Over time, Bl@ke’s musical talents have been inspired by many artists, but none more so than the late great Nipsey Hussle. It’s in Hussle’s Marathon mantra that Bl@ke finds his own work ethic rooted in the take the stairs approach and eliminating the middleman. Bl@ke is the consummate creative, allowing the process to mold him into, not only a better artist, but a better man. 

“I believe in uplifting and encouraging people through my music,” Bl@ke said. “I want to inspire others if I do nothing else. I want to create music that blesses and encourages the audience; to give other people opportunities that I wasn’t handed. I hope this world remembers me for my heart – for how I love people and how I made good music.” 

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SaadiFour – I Can’t

Raw emotion takes center stage on new music from 19-year-old artist Saadifour

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Money, power, respect and loyalty are the four things that are of utmost importance to up-and-coming young artist Saadifour. At only 19-years-old, this fast-rising star from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is already making a name for himself in hip-hop circles and is set to become an international artist with his latest hit single “I Can’t.” 

It’s clear from the opening bars that Saadifour pours his deepest feelings into everything he creates. As he weaves stories from his current status in life, this freestyle master pours out emotional pain and moments of frustration in ways that will immediately relate with a wide range of audiences all around the world.  

“It’s a song that says, ‘I know it’s gonna be OK, but I can’t make like I’m cool with everything that’s going on,’” Saadifour said. “I’m freestyling about what’s going on in my city, and some of the stuff I go through on the regular. But despite many setbacks, I will never be the one to give up. I have a 1-year-old son and a family at home that’s depending on me to make a difference. To my greatest ability, I will use my talent that Allah has given me, and one day it will be my turn to prove to the world that I’m one of the greatest artists out of Philly.” 

Saadifour said rap has always been something that has come natural to him. Since he was a young kid it’s been something he’s been good at. He first learned from his father, who was also a rapper and would often get together with Saadifour’s uncles to create music. As he grew older, Saadifour began to study some of his favorite artists – rappers like Meek Mill and Lil Uzi Vert – who came from his same neighborhood. He started freestyling with friends and would get a lot of high praise from anyone who heard him, and in 2018 – at the age of 16 – he started recording some of his music. In the years since he’s created more than 100 songs and developed a sound and style that is unique and catchy. 

“Every time I hit the beat I do it off the top of my head,” he said. “It’s what I really feel. Some people make music for other people, but I do it for myself as well as for other people. I do both. My music is insane. My voice is unique. I can jump on any type of music and I can do every type of flow. A lot of people out there only have one flow and can’t jump on multiple lanes like I can. I want people to know that I’ve got everything they want. However you’re feeling, I’ve got it. If you’re down, or you want something up-tempo, I’ve got everything. And you’re gonna feel that emotion every time.” 


Saadifour said he has a new mixtape called “Phases” that is set to drop before the end of August that fans can look forward to, and he might drop another single before that.

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Instagram/Twitter- @Saadifour  


Salazar – Gone (feat. North Star “Da General” & Agony “The Secret Weapon)

 Poignant new song ‘Gone’ captures sentimentality of pain and loss 

MIAMI, FL – A lot of people have lost loved ones over the past year-and-a-half. Whether through complications with the COVID virus, or through street violence, or police brutality, or any number of other situations – the world has dealt with a lot of loss recently. Cuban-American hip-hop and trap artist Salazar is no different. In 2002 he found his best friend murdered in his own house, and in the years since the feeling of loss and melancholy has been almost overwhelming at times. To help himself and others cope with that pain and mourn in healthy ways, he reached out to fellow artists and longtime friends North Star “Da General” and Agony “The Secret Weapon” to pen the new song “Gone.” Together – with other artists from South Florida – they formed the collective known as Common Ground. With the help of producers Marc French and Dicee of Savoir Faire Entertainment, they created a poignant, almost film-like vibe that is reverberating in powerful ways all around the world. 

“It’s tragic,” Salazar said of the loss so many have experienced this year. “A lot of people I mention in the song are friends we lost – people we played baseball with in little league. The common ground the three of us on this track have is we all lost loved ones and friends to police brutality and street violence. We’ve all known each other for 20 years, and it really hits too close to home when we have fallen soldiers. Unfortunately it’s something people can really relate to right now.” 

Salazar said other credits on the single include Miguel Profile Castro – who has producer credits in the past with super hip-hop duo Mobb Deep – and Steven Fabian Dorce, AKA “Mic Rippa” – a Miami hip-hop pioneer who was signed to an independent label by the name of Rolly Roll Records and was scooped up to work with the Beatnuts in the early 1990s. 

“That’s what makes this song a staple to the Miami hip-hop community,” he said. “These guys were local legends. Miguel would let us in the Miami Dade Community College midi lab, and even if we weren’t matriculated in the school he’d let us be in there working and learning and keeping us out and away from trouble. He’s the reason we met and why we still make music to this day.” 

Born in Miami, Florida to Cuban-American parents, Salazar’s childhood dream was to follow in his father’s footsteps and play professional baseball. In 2016 he began to pursue a solo career, focusing on the surging popularity of trap music – a style that he had perfected in the early 2000s before it became a popular sub-genre of hip-hop. His first song after coming back was a single called “Soy Trapero,” which is a made-up slang term for anyone who loves trap music. To say the single put him on the map is an understatement. It’s a song that created its own movement – from clothes and hats to being the No. 1 artist on ReverbNation for Miami. That movement has expanded over the past three years to encompass two unique brands – Soy Trapero and Chico Mobb, with clothes and apparel in Spanish and English, respectively. 

Salazar has also worked to create amazing visuals for all his music over the past few years. One of the more recent music videos that has gained a lot of traction is for his hit single “Whippin That Work.” Tens of thousands of viewers have already streamed the video, and the reviews that Salazar has been getting have been impressive. A video for “Gone” is slated to drop on July 13, as well, and Salazar said it will offer visuals that will only serve to elevate the poignancy of the song even more. 

“We shot in a cemetery and in a church and by some railroad tracks at sunset – somewhere heavenly with sunlight in the background,” he said. “The images themselves will help you see and feel what we’re trying to bring with this song. We went even to one of the tombstones of one of our homeboys that we’re talking about in the song. They’re amazing visuals that match the song perfectly.” 

To listen to Salazar’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 

Gone links:  

Spotify: Gone
Soundcloud: Gone by salazar305
YouTube Official Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExD-QyEHiso  

Youtube Lyric Video: Salazar “El Tabaquero” “Gone” feat North Star “Da General” & Agony “The Secret Weapon” Lyric Video 










Spotify: Salazar El Tabaquero 


Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-201853585 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/n_o_r_t_h_305/ 

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/N_O_R_T_H_305 

North Star Da General Spotify: 



Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/agony305 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/agony305/ 

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/agony305 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/agony305 

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/agony305 

Bandcamp: https://agony305.bandcamp.com 

Agony The Secret Weapon Spotify:  

Agony “The Secret Weapon” 

JHN.K – Legends Never Fall

JHN.K inspires others to never quit with epic new track ‘Legends Never Fall’ 

ELIZABETH, NJ – JHN.K is an artist from New Jersey who’s music is an illustration of his past, present and future. His vision is displayed vividly through his top-tier lyrical prowess and versatile songwriting. Every song he creates is a release of intense emotion focused on captivating the listener. His latest single, “Legends Never Fall,” is no exception. 

Created with the intention of feeling like you’re pushing for so long for something and then finally gain that success, “Legends Never Fall” is the kind of inspirational track that audiences all over the world will be using to motivate themselves for years to come. Inspired by the legendary DMX – one of JHN.K’s favorite artists – the song uses some dark undertones as a foundation as he brings an aggressive flow that showcases his ability to sing and rap. Overall the vibe of the song feels epic – with ethereal synths in the background that make it feel big and cinematic. 

“It’s a song about admitting to myself that I’ll never allow myself to quit,” JHN.K said. “I won’t ever stop. I’m acknowledging that the gifts I have put me in a certain place, and now I’m trying to prove myself to the world. It has an upbeat tone but there are definitely some darker undertones to it, and that’s because of the inspiration of DMX – who passed a few months after we did the record. A few of the lines in there are quotes from his second album. Overall the song has an inspirational message behind it.” 

JHN.K is an artist who has been developed his signature sound since he was a kid. He started writing poetry when he was about 11 years old, and the first artist who ever caught his attention was Mos Def. His knowledge of hip-hop grew as he studied other legends from the early 2000s, and one day he started putting his poems to beats. He said many people who listen to his music today can recognize the inspirations he’s used over the years to develop his craft, but ultimately his sound is like nothing else that has ever come before. The combination of vibes that he brings through his music makes him stand out – from his voice to his writing to his high-quality production. 

For “Legends Never Fall” JHN.K said he worked with IdiomSounds as the main producer, while his long-time co-producer LES also helped on the track. He’s worked with them on other projects in the past and said they bring another level of quality to the table that music lovers will definitely appreciate. He’s also working on more music with them, and has a bunch of singles ready to drop later this year as things progress. His high-quality videos also showcase an amazing talent and take his brand to a whole other level. 

To listen to JHN.K’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 



Social Media: 

IG: Instagram.com/jhn.k_91/ 

FB: Facebook.com/JHN.L.K.LME 

Twitter: Twitter.com/JHNK_LME

Randy Hannah ­- Hands of Time

Professional balladeer Randy explores lost love with acoustic piano ballad ‘Hands of Time’ 

ROCHESTER, NY – Music has a power to bring people together – whether for the first time, or through reuniting people who have been apart. This is especially true of love songs, and for New York based balladeer Randy, his love ballad “Hands of Time” – set to be released across all streaming platforms this June – is the kind of song that can lead to healing for a lot of people around the world.  

The acoustic piano ballad from this seasoned songwriter and professional musician is told from the point of view of a man who is trying to save his relationship with the woman that he loves. After a bad breakup, she’s left him and he is distraught. He cries himself to sleep because he’s so sorrowful, and he goes into a dream that Randy describes as an almost Wizard of Oz type environment. In this dream the man asks the hands of time to rewind and take him back to a place when the woman was his and things were good between them.  

“He believes he can get to the hands of time and convince them to rewind on his behalf,” Randy said. “It’s a forbidden type of thing, almost – but he’s desperate. I’m a balladeer, and this definitely falls into that category. That’s my thing. I don’t believe love or romance is dead. What you have in today’s market is a lot of sex – too many artists tend to get right down to the sex, and the era I came from the romance came before the sex. You wanted to woo a woman into the bed. That’s the gist of my approach musically. I don’t believe chivalry is dead.” 

Randy has always been that kind of a songwriter and performer. As a child growing up in the 1980s, he studied a lot of the R&B legends of the day – from Baby Face to Michael Jackson to the Isley Brothers and especially Marvin Gaye. He dug deep into the music, and it wasn’t long before he started writing poems to match the songs he was playing on the piano. And along the way he found a purpose and a motivation to the music he was creating. 

“I want to be known for bringing people back together,” he said. “Music is a way to open the door. It’s something that people can use to rekindle their love, or find love for the first time if they’re looking for it.” 

Randy said “Hands of time” is part of a bigger album that he plans to release later this year. Before that, however, he’s planning to release another single called “Do All Lives Matter” sometime in mid-June.  

To listen to Randy’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 






Kendall Day – Fallback

 R&B artist Kendall Day drops bouncy new groove ‘Fallback’ to kick off the summer 

ATLANTA, GA – A lot of professional musicians can recall the moment in their lives when they found music, but for Kendall Day it was the other way around. 

“Music found me,” said the singer and Atlanta resident whose new single “Fallback” has been making waves since its recent release across all streaming platforms. “When I got into music, I didn’t know exactly what to do. I was an athlete. I played baseball, basketball and football. I was always in music as well. I couldn’t shake it. I’m pretty diligent and I work hard at everything I do, and when I finally committed to music I started taking it to a whole new level. And once I got to that level, I just stayed persistent, I didn’t stop.” 

Today, the R&B star who originally hailed from Detroit is making a strong case as the next artist to bring R&B back to the city of Detroit – a city best known for its many rap stars. With roughly 10 years invested in his career, Day is now a member of the Songbook Entertainment brand and has been working closely with Grammy award winning executive producer Troy Taylor. His new summer banger “Fallback” – produced by super producers Inigo Sane and Troy Taylor – has been creating buzz in plenty of circles and is currently making its way from Atlanta to Detroit and all across the U.S. 

“I like it because it has that bounce I like. It has that Bay Area vibe to it” Day said. “I like my music with some bounce. We’re in a dance era. I Love it.  – everyone is dancing right now – and I wanted that one record that everyone could dance to. It’s a song about falling back from a toxic situation with a girl that you know isn’t healthy for you but you have to learn to let go. Just as certain things come up in life to try to test you, and you gotta stay focused. There are some things you gotta fall back from. Old ways. Bad habits. Sometimes you even fall back and then get back on and then fall back again. Ultimately, though, improvement is a journey, you gotta stay steadfast and focus on your goals.” Fallback is that. Getting back to your best self.  

Day said his ability to adapt to new sounds and styles throughout his career has been one of the main things to set him apart from others in the industry. He also presents a very youthful vibe, even though he has an old soul that is apparent through his lyricism. His influences range from artists such as Chris Brown, Drake and Young Thug to Brandy, Anita Baker and John Mayer. He said even more than that, however, he’s influenced “by all the creativity happening around the world. It’s everywhere right now.” At the end of the day he said he wants his music to be recognized for having substance and for having a positive influence. 

“I want my music to touch people in a way that gets them through whatever situation,” he said. “I don’t really make non-substantial songs. Most of my songs are talking about something. I hope people take a little bit of something every time they hear it, or every time they feel it.” 


A video for “Fallback” is slated to drop later this summer, and Day said he may also release a remix of the song. To listen to his music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kendallday/?hl=en
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KINGKendallDay/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kendallday?lang=en