[NEW MUSIC] WILLOCZ – “100 STACKS ” | @WilLocz_

Miami Native, WilLocz releases his latest single, “100  Stacks” on all digital music platforms


WilLoczWilLocz has delivered once again! This time it’s his new single, “100 Stacks” produced by Roni DaVinci. This talented individual was born on a small island off the coast of Haiti. In 1992, he came to America right after hurricane Andrew hit Miami, Fl. WilLocz wrote a lot growing up, wrote stories, wrote poems, wrote songs he was better at writing than speaking in his opinion.

WilLocz made his temper known throughout his early years, always in fights and getting in trouble. Born in a family of seven kids, him, one brother, and 5 sisters, it was tough for him growing up father always at work and mother trying to maintain. In high school, WilLocz occasionally began ditching school and missing out on football practice to go record music. He was in a music group called NMC, though they were talented and began picking up recognition throughout Florida, being recognized and having their single on 99 Jamz radio station opening for Billy Blue, Cashout, Brisco, and occasionally hang out with Trick Daddy infamous Miami clubs but the group soon broke up.

After the break up of this group, he began going solo with the support of his team. He had to keep doing music but it was time to get out the streets, he was losing a lot of friends and family to violence. In the streets, they built a reputation that started to catch up and it was time to leave it behind. Through it all, he never quit.

Telling his stories, and inspires others through his music. WilLocz is a unique factor in the music industry. His music represents his visions – good times, dreams, nightmares, how music saved his life, and why he can’t quit. Be sure to connect with him on social media and digital music platforms.






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►Subscribe to WilLocz on YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UC0DBcrbVp-FZIUiYkAwtfZw

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