Blue Ghost Records’ International Artist, Yamatto releases his debut EP, “Antwerp Scum”

YaMatto is a rising young rapper with a revolutionary world view and a sinister sense of humor. Emerging from the concrete slums of Hoboken, Antwerp -he delivers elegant tracks that are equal parts thought-provoking, stimulating, and head nodding. At only 20 years old, the Belgian artist raps without a filter, transforming his everyday stories of struggle and triumph into wildly entertaining songs.


For his debut EP, “Antwerp Scum”, he has teamed up with kindred spirit in British producer- Blue Ghost and is creating masterpieces together.


Blue Ghost started as the pseudonym of Sonny Dhanowa.

The purpose was to release his various productions, instead, it quickly grew into an umbrella organization. This is to provide a home for an increasingly eclectic collection of innovative music and striking visual art. The name is inspired by Sonny’s wandering, explorative nature, making YaMatto the perfect fit for this inspiring collection of creative individuals. Together, the two are bringing their unbridled passion to the modern music world, determined to make their names known to music fans around the globe. Be sure to connect with YaMatto on all social media and digital music platforms.








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