East Coast Rapper, Bizzy hits hard with the release of his latest single, “The Anthem”

Bizzy is a burgeoning artist with a special focus on the hip-hop scene. His songs bring a modern twist to the genre, but they also have an old-school soul. Bizzy was born in 1991, and he worked quite hard to perfect his craft, creating one dope tune after another. Hailing from Camden, NJ, Bizzy experienced many hardships growing up, including the harsh nature of life on the streets, and many other tribulations. He was even spending a lot of time on the streets himself, breathing in all the dangers and chaos of that life. However, he took a sharp turn and eventually decided to change things around and finally focus on one of his biggest passions in life: music! Through hip-hop, Bizzy was not only able to express himself in full, but he was also able to connect with many other people out there, creating catchy hooks and spicing them up with valuable and insightful lyrics.


Bizzy returns today with his latest single “The Anthem”. A hard-hitting song, the lyrics contain emotionally rich teaching in the negative and unforgiving reality of the streets. All while dealing with an adverse environment, jealous friends, and law enforcement. Through it all he’ll never bend, break, or fold. The production of his music is also astonishing, as Bizzy spares no time and energy to ensure that each and every single beat hits just as it should! “The Anthem” is available now through Loyalty Over Royalty Records on digital retailers and streaming platforms everywhere.









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