[NEW MUSIC] SMOOVE – “TIK TOK”|@nfmsmoove09

Artist Smoove has something to prove with newest single “Tik Tok” featuring Jay Foreixn

The current social media craze in Tik Tok has been the focus of a lot of people’s entertainment for a while now. The platform is known for its dance challenges, memes, and also known for being the starting point of many of the industry’s newest artists. It is people like Smoove that are utilizing the platform for inspiration, expanding what the platform has to offer further.


For Smoove, he feels that creating a song relies heavily on how he connects with the beat. After listening to the beat for “Tik Tok” again and again, the chorus naturally spoke to him. It started with “lil shorty on Tik Tok” and the rest came together from there. Being close friends with Jay Foreixn, the single’s featured artist, Smoove asked for him to be included on the track. With that, the new cultural anthem “Tik Tok” was born for all to enjoy!

Smoove brings an energy that most don’t to his work. Performing at events such Imminent Breakthrough in collaboration with Hip Hop Weekly Magazine, he has demonstrated consistent growth and talent on stage. He is always eager to make his next record and share his passions with his audience. With infectious hooks and memorable lyrics, his music is sure to continue making waves.

Check out the anthem below: