Savarre (@savarreofficial) – “Blood Under The Bridge”

Song Review: Blood Under The Bridge 

Shannon Denise Evans, an acclaimed singer, songwriter, composer, dramatist, and novelist who characterizes herself in one word — “a storyteller” — fronts the New York-based band Savarre. 

Savarre’s 2021 track “Blood Under The Bridge” depicts curiosity as a driving force that eventually leads to one’s true path in life.

Shannon’s natural and passionate voice brings the song’s words to life with an excellent blend of sound mixed with the tension of edgy rock and vivid narrative. A perfect example of spectra rock that is committed to expressing the full spectrum of emotions.

The song starts with a haunting tone, and it makes the listeners believe that something heavy is coming. This elevates when the drumming starts and reaches its peak when the guitar solo begins. Shannon showcases the power of her voice when she sings the lines –


“So I won’t forget all the things you said and did. Cause its blood, blood, blood under the bridge.”

The lyrics of “Blood Under The Bridge” portray an emotional storyline that the band wants to be openly interpreted by individual listeners. This helps build a bond between the music and the listeners, making the brand even more lucrative. And we all know how important it is to build your reputation in today’s music industry. With music like this, SAVARRE is looking to be right on track. Be sure to connect with Savarre on her website, social media, and digital music platforms.